Musou Orochi Z System Requirements

As Musou Orochi Z is a combination of the first two games, the gameplay follows the standard set by the first Orochi; the player selects three characters and uses them in one stage. However, certain aspects of the gameplay have been upgraded.For the first time, the second player can choose their own separate team of three characters, unlike the previous two games where both players use the same characters.Dream Mode too has been changed; 12 stages have been added, giving a total of 40 Dream mode stages. Unlike Warriors Orochi 2, characters outside the Three Kingdoms and Sengoku periods are included as well.
How well optimised is Musou Orochi Z for PC? 10
Where does Musou Orochi Z rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Action
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Musou Orochi Z System Requirements

HDD Space

Musou Orochi Z PC Release Date:


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