Switchball System Requirements

The game puts the player in the role of a marble, which is guided through a narrow winding course suspended in mid-air in five different environments: Skyworld, Iceworld, Caveworld, Cloudworld and Lavaworld.Using PhysX as its core physics engine, the marble can be "morphed" into different balls with unique physical properties, like a Marble Ball, a Power Ball (which can be charged and have an accelerated "dash", a "jump" ability or switchable "magnetism" properties), a Steel Ball (which can push heavy objects around), and so forth. Each course contains obstacles and traps, such as wooden blocks, sheets of cloth, spinning fans, magnets, and cannons. The game uses physics-based puzzles as well, such as moving boxes or weighting ramps; also, different balls react differently to the environment; Steel Balls, for example, will tear cloth platforms.
How well optimised is Switchball for PC? 10
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Genres: Adventure
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Switchball System Requirements

HDD Space

Switchball PC Release Date:

26 Jun 2007

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