Stand OFood 3 System Requirements

STAND O’FOOD EXTENDS TO TINSELTOWN! The most popular burger-serving game gets a much-awaited sequel! The classic fast-paced, simple and addictive game play mechanics of the first game are reinforced with more abilities to satisfy hungry customers. Riding the wave of success in his hometown, Ronnie the Chef extends the operations of Stand O’Food chain to Tinseltown, where he meets Nikki and Mr. Clarence, and disrupts revenge plans of evil Mr. Torg. SERVE FAST AND HEALTHY FOOD ON 75 LEVELS! Open restaurants around Tinseltown, and serve clients fast and healthy food including fresh-made burgers, pies, lasagnas, French fries, coffee, ice cream and soda. Play over 75 levels and 12 bonus levels to unlock over 33 achievements and obtain expert status. Enjoy the storyline told through beautifully-drawn comic-style pictures. IMPROVE YOUR RESTAURANTS LIKE NEVER BEFORE! Purchase over 33 upgrades to make your customers happy and your restaurant chain prosperous. Master new game mecha
How well optimised is Stand OFood 3 for PC? 10
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Genres: Arcade
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Stand OFood 3 System Requirements

HDD Space

Stand OFood 3 PC Release Date:

19 May 2011

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