Soldier of Fortune System Requirements

Based on the popular magazine of the same name, Soldier of Fortune delivers the most realistic, covert-operative themed shooter experience ever created. You are John Mullins, the world's deadliest soldier of fortune and your mission is clear: Survive. Track your prey across the globe in a series of secret missions to take down a fanatical terrorist organization before it takes you down. Maintain cover as a covert warrior in a startling variety of explosive missions ranging from sabotage to stealthy assassination to full front assaults where skill marks the difference between the hunter and the hunted. Welcome to the secret world of the mercenary.
How well optimised is Soldier of Fortune for PC? 6.7
Where does Soldier of Fortune rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Shooter
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Soldier of Fortune System Requirements

HDD Space

Soldier of Fortune PC Release Date:

27 Mar 2000

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