Pitfall: The Lost Expedition System Requirements

Pitfall Harry, the fearless treasure hunting treasure hunter from the Pitfall series returns to help a beautiful archaeologist rescue her father and thwart the evil St. Claire from claiming the lost Incan city of El Dorado, which in the game, is built upon Machu Picchu in Peru. As Harry, players encounter various animal enemies scorpions, bats, piranhas, alligators and even penguins as well as human adversaries under the leadership of the sinister St. Claire throughout your expedition in the mighty South American jungle. Numerous abilities are at the player's disposal as Harry recovers pages of the Heroic Handbook. With his various items, Harry is equipped for almost anything. Harry will also find lost explorers and be rewarded with golden idols for his trouble, which he can then use as currency with the Shaman.
How well optimised is Pitfall: The Lost Expedition for PC? 10
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Genres: Action
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Pitfall: The Lost Expedition System Requirements

HDD Space

Pitfall: The Lost Expedition PC Release Date:

15 Oct 2004

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