Thrillville: Off the Rails System Requirements

Thrillville: Off the Rails is a theme park simulation video game Your self-designed character is the manager of a line of very unpopular theme parks owned by your uncle, Mortimer, who is the designer of many great theme-park-related inventions. There are five parks, and each one has three sections that all tie in to the same overall theme. For example, in Thrillville Giant, the objects in the park are all very big. Sometimes, some of the rides for the park continue the same theme. During your park's rise to fame, you have to deal with many attempts to take down its popularity, mainly from Vernon Garrison, a rival character who runs another chain of amusement parks called Globo-Joy.You need to keep your customers happy so that they don't go to Globo-Joy. Throughout the game, there are lots of mini games and missions to be played, and there is a separate multiplayer mini-game section, as well as another section where coasters can be created and saved to be used in the game.
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Genres: Strategy
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Thrillville: Off the Rails System Requirements

HDD Space

Thrillville: Off the Rails PC Release Date:

19 Oct 2007

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15:45 Feb-20-2015

Awesome game, played too much on my PS2 and on PSP emulator.