Roadworks Simulator System Requirements

You are responsible for the streets and roads in your city. Under certain circumstances you get contracts for plaster work, the creation of pedestrian and bike paths, or the replacement of gas, water and power lines in existing roads. With so many people in a city, there is always the need for new living space, which has to be opened up with roads. In addition, the residents ask here and there for wider and faster roads.During the game you receive more and more new tools, machines and experience points. In addition to the linear career mode, the level can be selected individually and high scores for this certain level can be stored, once you have accomplished all tasks. Thus, on the hunt for the high score, the game can be played with friends too. Lots of machines waiting for you like the jackhammer, dumber, digger, street roller and road steeper.
How well optimised is Roadworks Simulator for PC? 10
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Genres: Sim
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Roadworks Simulator System Requirements

HDD Space

Roadworks Simulator PC Release Date:

22 Jul 2011

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