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As a Marines Special Forces Recon operative, you respond to a distress signal sent from a secret military base in Antarctica. Upon entry, you learn that a rampaging virus has mutated all life within the base, and nothing is safe from its toxic grasp. Although equipped with an assault rifle that has many shot variations, you'll need more than just firepower to survive. With limited resources and few means to stay warm in the below-zero frigid environments, you'll have to withstand an onslaught of weather and creature assaults in an attempt to unravel what mysteries lie at the heart of this threat.
Extermination GPU Performance Comparison Graph

Extermination GPU Analysis
Comparing Extermination PC system requirements to all GPUs shows that Extermination is going to need a graphics card that is capable of .

To get the best visual graphical experience on Extermination, aim to have a GPU that has at least MB GPU RAM.

Most bottom end graphics cards currently available today, will probably allow you to play Extermination

We are advised that -51 year old graphics cards should be able to run Extermination , but there could be a few exceptions to this rule.

Note that most games do not officially support laptop graphics cards, but nowadays many laptop graphics solutions are capable of running modern games. Whether desktop graphics cards or laptop, try searching for your graphics card to compare against the Extermination graphics card requirements chart below.