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Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is an open-world, pure story game. We see it as the natural follow-on to Dear Esther. Rather than a linear environment, the whole games takes place in one large world. We're experimenting with dynamic, adaptive storytelling and audio as the backbone for the game, and re-introducing more interactive elements to the experience. We're currently working in CryEngine3, and at the moment are finalising the world design and gameplay elements, ready to start detailing up the world and creating the large number of audio assets it will require.
The story is still very much in development, but the key concept is this: many games set their action in a post-apocalpytic world. We want to try and create a game that takes place at the moment of apocalypse itself. What happens when time ceases to exist, when the world becomes empty. How do normal people respond to the end of the world itself?
Everybodys Gone to the Rapture GPU Performance Comparison Graph

Everybodys Gone to the Rapture GPU Analysis
Comparing Everybodys Gone to the Rapture PC system requirements to all GPUs shows that Everybodys Gone to the Rapture is going to need a graphics card that is capable of DX 11 or OpenGL 4.5.

To get the best visual graphical experience on Everybodys Gone to the Rapture, aim to have a GPU that has at least 2.048 GB GPU RAM.

Only top performance graphics cards currently available today, will probably allow you to play Everybodys Gone to the Rapture

We are advised that 7 year old graphics cards should be able to run Everybodys Gone to the Rapture , but there could be a few exceptions to this rule.

Note that most games do not officially support laptop graphics cards, but nowadays many laptop graphics solutions are capable of running modern games. Whether desktop graphics cards or laptop, try searching for your graphics card to compare against the Everybodys Gone to the Rapture graphics card requirements chart below.