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Peter Delacour is a master thief who is hired to steal an ancient Egyptian artifact for his client: Emilio Chauncey. As it turns out, Chauncey is an alien who plans to use the ancient book's power to take over the world. Peter narrowly escapse Chauncy who tries to kill him right after receiving the book from Delacour. Chauncey gets away and shortly after, the MIB show up. Frank the Pug takes Delacour into custody and uses an MIB car in hyper drive mode to get Peter back to MIB headquarters for questioning. After interrogation, Delacour tries to stealthily escape MIB headquarters, but is caught. The MIB temporarily make Peter an MIB agent to team up with agent Katiana and agent Frank to stop Emilio Chauncey and save the world. The newly recruited Agent P must wield dangerous weapons, drive fast cars, and teach women how to love, in order to get the job done and save the world. Can he do it in time though?

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