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When one of APE TV's satellites crashes on the Funzini family's house, the studio owner, Gus Pacho, invites them to live on his studio lot. But there's a catch: as long as they're living there, they have to star in a wide swath of crazy TV shows and compete for the grand prize: THE HOME OF THEIR DREAMS!In this irreverent, wacky challenge/adventure funfest, players have to compete against each other in a slew of game modes that promise the most awesome, most hilarious, over-the-top PlayStation®Move motion controller experience of their gaming lives. Lights, Camera, Party! boasts a frenetic, family-friendly gameplay for up to 8 players sharing a single controller. They will find themselves catapulted through a cavalcade of insane mini-games, including a full story mode, 3 party modes, 50 mini-games, 5 playable characters, 150 challenges, over a dozen trophies and 200 in-game achievements!

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