Panzer Claw System Requirements

WORLD WAR II: PANZER CLAWS depicts the struggles of armored and mechanized units in a World War II scenario. All missions take place in Europe between 1941 and 1944. The game takes you from the German attack on the Soviet Union to other important battles on the Eastern Front and from operations in France and Italy to the German offensive in the Ardennes. In 1940, France fell before the dark tide of war. During the early days of the occupation, the French government capitulated, forming a collaborationist state. While the country was under enemy control, resistance fighters took to the hills and the cityies’ alleys. These brave souls began mobilizing for a fight against their occupiers, and misdirected government officials.
How well optimised is Panzer Claw for PC? 10
Where does Panzer Claw rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Strategy
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Panzer Claw System Requirements

HDD Space

Panzer Claw PC Release Date:

27 Sep 2013

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