Rallisport Challenge System Requirements

RalliSport Challenge puts you into the seat of one of 29 different licensed rally cars to compete in 4 different rally race types: Hill Climb, Ice Racing, Rallycross and traditional Rally.The cars range from classic Group B cars to modern day Hill Climb monsters and include such unique vehicles as the Beetle Rally Cup Car and the Pikes Peak winning Toyota Tacoma.Tracks are located in 8 different locations around the world and each location is highly realistic with modeled objects, swaying trees and grass, moving clouds, animated crowds and animals, breakable and movable objects, bushes that bend when you drive over them, and much more.Custom ripped music from your CD collection, an intense Career Mode, 4 player split screen multiplayer, modifiable car settings, car damage/dirt, great sound effects, wide-screen support, Dolby 5.1 support, and more special features.
How well optimised is Rallisport Challenge for PC? 10
Where does Rallisport Challenge rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Sim
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Rallisport Challenge System Requirements

HDD Space

Rallisport Challenge PC Release Date:

5 Mar 2002

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