Lost Chronicles of Zerzura System Requirements

During the 16th Century living two very different brothers in the Moorish influenced southern Spain. Ramon is with Egyptian artifacts, always in search of the past in the dark family history. Feodor, the younger of the two lives, as something curiouser inventor mostly in his own world. The more tranquil life of the brothers suddenly takes course on stormy seas, as Ramon the true story of her family on the track comes and is kidnapped by a sinister inquisitor. To save his brother, Feodor embarks on the journey of his life and how he will learn later on a trip to the mysterious origins of its origin. On the way he meets unlikely allies, threatening enemies and traitors unpredictable until the search finds its target: The fabled desert oasis Zarzura where ancient horrors monitored powerful secrets.
How well optimised is Lost Chronicles of Zerzura for PC? 10
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Genres: Adventure
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Lost Chronicles of Zerzura System Requirements

HDD Space

Lost Chronicles of Zerzura PC Release Date:

3 Mar 2012

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