Sea Dogs System Requirements

Sea Dogs is a 2000 Russian role-playing video game for Windows developed by Akella and published by Bethesda Softworks. In it, the player is the captain of a ship and can serve as a privateer to a European power, or as a pirate. The game uses a custom 3D game engine and includes gameplay similar to Sid Meier's Pirates!, while also being a true inter-character dialog-centered RPG. The sequel, Sea Dogs II, was remade into Pirates of the Caribbean, but largely unrelated to the plot elements of the movie.The entire game takes place in a fictional archipelago, yet it is mentioned a number of times that it is in the Caribbean. French, British and Spanish colonies are present there, as well as fortified pirate hideouts.
How well optimised is Sea Dogs for PC? 5
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Genres: RPG
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Sea Dogs System Requirements

HDD Space

Sea Dogs PC Release Date:

27 Nov 2000

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