Silent Dawn System Requirements

Silent Dawn is a top down shooter game which plays the character of a survivor, waiting for a month for help to arrive whilst defending his barricade. As the days progress you collect more money from the zombies you kill per each day. You can then spend that money on unlocking weapons, items and additional survivors to aid you.Silent Dawn is a game that was released a few years back in 2007. I managed to pick up my old source and began working on it again. The origonal 'engine' of the game took about 5 days to write (when I was a bit newbie at it all). When looking back at the code of the game, it was completely unoptimised! Since working on the game again I've added a few extra features into the game. I've added some explosives (which was one of the things that was requested when it first came out). I've also taken out a few extra things like online highscores and other stuff I didnt need. Along with that I've added Xbox 360 controller support (I highly urge you to try i
How well optimised is Silent Dawn for PC? 10
Where does Silent Dawn rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Shooter
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Silent Dawn System Requirements

HDD Space

Silent Dawn PC Release Date:


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