Haunted System Requirements

Embark on a spectral treasure hunt to find your long-lost sibling and save the spirit world! Since losing her little sister Emily in a fateful train crash, Mary's nights are haunted by visions of her long-lost sister. Is it possible that Emily is still alive? The thought won't let Mary rest; so she sets out in search of the truth following the signs she has seen in her nightmarish visions. In the darkness, you are never really alone. As Mary's search plunges her ever deeper into an eerie world of the supernatural - she encounters fiendish opponents that would do her harm. Along the way, meet up with an obscure professor, an ax-wielding henchman, and a variety of ghostly friends and foes as you journey through 19th century London, Scotland, Transylvania and other locations! Reveal dark secrets from Mary's past, as you embark on a furious chase to solve all the spooky puzzles and creepy challenges before it's too late!
How well optimised is Haunted for PC? 10
Where does Haunted rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Adventure
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Haunted System Requirements

HDD Space

Haunted PC Release Date:

11 Dec 2012

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