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The Evil Dr. Frankenbeans has built robots of extraordinary power. Dr. Frankenbeans is ready to try to destroy the Looney Tunes and he will stop at nothing! His plan is to destroy the Looney Tunes' past, causing them to not exist in the present! It is time for the Looney Tunes to fight back! Arm your Tune with looney super weapons and suits. Get ready to fight back and go through a looney adventure. So the question is; are you ready to fight back or not? The Story begins with bugs falling from the sky and flying right pas Dr. Frkenbeans lair which originally said "Evil Scientist Boo!" but was changed to "Evil Scientist Bo!". He then says "I knew I should've taken a left at Albuquerque." The Robots see him and after Marvin is slingshot to the castle, the player begins the game.

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