Miner Wars Arena packshot image
Fast-paced arcade game inspired by the PC gaming classic, Tunneler, with state-of-the-art top-down view, 2.5D gameplay in a fully destructible environment, and on the edge split-screen out of the box.
Enjoy unlimited gameplay variation by adjusting arena settings, such as terrain, map size, number of AI-controlled bots, technology level...
Fully destructible environment
Fast, adrenaline-pumping action!
Intuitive controls
Skirmish, Tournament & Split-Screen (2 Players on 1 PC), Protect The Generator (Special Edition only)
10 awesome upgrades and power-ups
Compete for high-scores & unlock various achievements!
Earn up to 12 military ranks!
DRM free
Miner Wars Arena GPU Frames Per Second Chart

Our objective is to build an accurate Miner Wars Arena frame rate chart that lets PC gamers select from any Nvidia or AMD graphics card series. In this beta feature we provide Miner Wars Arena FPS data, displayed based on a default screen resolution of 1080p.

Premium members can adjust the charts game graphics settings and select multiple graphics card series for frame rate comparison. For example, if you want to quickly compare frame rates for Miner Wars Arena between AMD Radeon RX-500 Series versus FPS for Nvidia’s GeForce 20 Series, then you can see those results displayed below.

Miner Wars Arena Frame Rate Chart Options
Select a Graphics Card Model To Compare
* Premium Features
Miner Wars Arena User Submitted Frame Per Second Results

Our next development is focused on incorporating our bespoke machine learning code that continues to enhance these Miner Wars Arena frames per second results as more and more of you (PC gamers) submit your own frame rates. Submitted frame rates will automatically be processed, removing anomalies and building increasingly reliable game FPS from all the good data until the performance graph above is pinpoint accurate. The more benchmarks you submit, the more confident we can be in the FPS prediction data across all games and hardware.

No user submitted FPS scores for Miner Wars Arena yet.

By the first to submit one by using our add FPS feature