XIII Century: Blood of Europe System Requirements


Recommended Requirements

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3600+
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon X1900 Series or NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX
  • RAM: 1.5 GB
  • HDD: 3 GB
  • DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card
1266 AD. Alexander Nevsky, the famous defender of ancient Rus' western borders, is long gone. Having licked their wounds after the Battle on the Ice, knights of the Teutonic Order are again leading their iron wedges to Pskov, a gem of the Northern Rus'. They are out for easy prey and loot. Dovmont, Prince of Pskov, is destined to become a new hope of these lands. Prepare to join his armed force to win fame worthy of the memory of the Grand Prince Alexander! Enjoy historical battles of the Middle Ages here and now. Dovmont will lead his troops against German and Livonian knights and blood of many fearless warriors will spill in the upcoming skirmishes, recreated with all the historical details.
FPS System Benchmark
200+ FPS
Graphics Card
How well optimised is XIII Century: Blood of Europe for PC? 10
Where does XIII Century: Blood of Europe rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Strategy
Can I run XIII Century: Blood of Europe
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XIII Century: Blood of Europe System Requirements

Graphics Card
1.5 GB
HDD Space
3 GB

XIII Century: Blood of Europe PC Release Date:

9 Oct 2009

Alternative Game Tags: XIII Century Death or Glory, XIII Century expansion, XIII Century Death and Glory, XIII Century: Blood of Europe, XIII Century Blood of Europe, rts, real time strategy

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