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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dawn of Destiny is a Yu-Gi-Oh! video game exclusive to the Xbox. It is the only Yu-Gi-Oh! game to have been released on the Xbox console. The game includes many of the major characters from The second series anime.Xbox players can enjoy the unique interactive Yu-Gi-Oh! experience in the only game that brings the rules and gameplay of the popular TCG to a 3D world. A card battling game at its heart, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dawn of Destiny thrusts players into the heat of the action where they must duel against challenging foes and powerful monsters. Featuring elaborately rendered 3D graphics, the game brings the monsters from the hit franchise to life before players' eyes. Also available in the Xbox game are over 1,000 Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, including exclusive cards that have never appeared in any other Yu-Gi-Oh! video game.The basic premise of the game is to compete against other characters from seasons one and two of the anime, in either Single or Triple Mode.

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