Rollers of the Realm System Requirements

Rollers Of The Realm: The pinball puzzle role-playing game!Combining the skill mastery and physics of pinball with the challenge of physics based puzzle play and the engagement of role-playing games, Rollers of the Realm offers a new yet familiar and accessible gaming experience. Supported by an epic fantasy narrative and an ensemble cast of meaningful characters, Rollers provides challenging, bite-sized game-play for the casual gamer. Incorporates physics puzzle play with a unique nudge mechanic and innovative flipper mechanics. Cast of hot-swappable characters (represented by balls) in your adventure party, each providing a different strategic role in all areas of play. Combat a variety of enemies and bosses. Gold and treasure collection supporting character and party upgrades. Story mode and arcade mode.
How well optimised is Rollers of the Realm for PC? 10
Where does Rollers of the Realm rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Arcade
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Rollers of the Realm System Requirements

HDD Space

Rollers of the Realm PC Release Date:


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