The Somme System Requirements

The Somme was cancelled On October 6th, 2014. The Battle of the Somme symbolized the horrors of warfare in world war one. Follow orders, fight for your country, survive in rain soaked trenches and wait for the call; the call to chargeover no man's land to fight for freedom and liberation. Equipped with your arsenal of weaponry, make haste and overtake your enemies; watch over your brothers and god speed.As a soldier in The Somme you are challenged to overtake your enemy's forces. Team work dependency is key without it you will fall to feet of your foes. Listen out for orders from your commanding officer. Which role are you? You decide; from the Medic class and being able to haul wounded allies onto your shoulders to bandage them up in your trench; to being an Officer, equipping your telescope/binoculars to spot targets and mark them for devastation with artillery barrage. Your role on the battlefield is important to the success of your country, without cooperation and support you're surely to fall victim to enemy forces.
How well optimised is The Somme for PC? 10
Where does The Somme rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Shooter
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The Somme System Requirements

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