Merc Elite System Requirements

Merc Elite is a free modern warfare MOBA military game that requires all the tactical cunning and courage you have at your disposal to emerge victorious from this online shooter game that blends near-future weaponry and modern warfare in a team-based co-op game.Attention, soldier! Do you have what it takes to lead a team of expert mercenaries into heated team combat? As an ex-military mercenary your orders are to engage in team combat against a group of enemies determined to destroy you and your troops in this near-future based military game.The action is fast and furious in the online shooter game Merc Elite.Can you survive this intense online co-op game steeped in team combat and modern warfare? The MOBA military game Merc Elite lets you choose from 5 different character classes to meet your objectives: the Juggernaut utilizes near impregnable armor to enable close-quartered combat, while protecting teammates from brunt of the enemy’s attack with high-tech shields; the Assault class brandishes an array of destructive weaponry to deal damage en masse; the Recon class prefers quickness and cunning to defeat opposing forces; the Heavy Gunner takes position from a far to provide cover fire and shell the enemy from a distance; while the Tactician monitors enemy movements, implements high-tech arms and shields or calls in airstrikes to help realize your objectives.Meet your objectives in this modern warfare co-op game, you and your squad of elite mercenaries will earn the spoils of war from the online shooter game Merc Elite. Lead your team in a grueling fight to the bitter end to earn awards and medals in this free MOBA game. Join forces with others to flex your might as a mercenary trained in team combat and modern warfare! Failure is not an option in Merc Elite!
How well optimised is Merc Elite for PC? 10
Where does Merc Elite rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Shooter , Strategy , Action
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Merc Elite System Requirements

HDD Space

Merc Elite PC Release Date:


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