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The Wii version of MySims Kingdom takes a departure from The Sims franchise and begins with a character living in a run-down kingdom with a king desperate to bring happiness back. The kingdom's Wandoliers, wand-equipped Sims that worked to keep the kingdom in order, have disappeared and it's up to the player to become the new Wandolier and restore order. The player's job is to rebuild, or remodel, homes for the characters using scrolls given to them by the islanders, and complete tasks that the islanders assign. Players must collect essences to unlock these scrolls and gain new items from them, and then you collect "mana" used to create furniture and structures and in return are given essences, scrolls, King Points (occasionally) and outfits for their Sim. As the kingdom's happiness increases, new islands are unlocked. To unlock more places, you have to run errands for the new island until you collect enough "King Points". A second set of missions are handed out before you reach the en

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