Nekro System Requirements

In Nekro, you play as a powerful necromancer summoning hordes of undead minions to do your bidding. Unlike a standard RTS, each creature you summon within the game is not under your direct control. Each unit will exhibit a handful of special behaviors unique to its playstyle. The challenge of the game comes from picking the right combination of summons for your situation. The world you explore is generated randomly, and offers a fresh experience with each play session. Nekro takes a different approach to the way modern crafting systems are handled by allowing players to “brew” spells they use in cauldrons. These special brews augment the game rules and allow players a very direct control over their experience. In Nekro, the world is always growing, expanding and changing, offering players a different challenge every time they play the game.
How well optimised is Nekro for PC? 5
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Genres: Strategy
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Nekro System Requirements

HDD Space

Nekro PC Release Date:

Jun 2013

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