Games Lunch Rush HD System Requirements

Snowy the Bear is ready to take on the competition with the help of his pal Browny. Get in the game and play through 60 days to win the annual contest in Lunch Rush HD, the addictive time management game. If you've ever wanted to be in the restaurant business, this is your perfect opportunity. Try your skills at keeping the customers happy by delivering the best service.This active, one-step-ahead game keeps you on your toes and makes you laugh as you take orders, serve food, collect cash, clear tables, and make your customers smile. The business grows every day and the hungry masses return for more. Do your best to please the patrons, earn money, match colors, and execute combo actions to improve your digs and earn highest achievements. Note:Developer: Gamehouse / Publisher: Alias Worlds
How well optimised is Games Lunch Rush HD for PC? 10
Where does Games Lunch Rush HD rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Strategy
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Games Lunch Rush HD System Requirements

HDD Space

Games Lunch Rush HD PC Release Date:

25 Jun 2013

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