Mahjong Secrets System Requirements

The Princess has discovered that she has a twin sister. Where is she and what other secrets are hiding in the royal history? In Mahjong Secrets, help the Princess search for her missing sister and reveal more royal mysteries in this beautifully original mahjong game. You'll not only match pairs of graphically delightful tiles, but also pair up associated objects in puzzles with a twist on a hidden object theme.The castle holds many "mystery rooms," and this one is no different. Bored and curious, the Princess opens a door onto a trail of questions and secrets that the royal family has been keeping quiet. Can you help to unravel the mysteries and reunite the royal family by solving quests and mini-games in a variety of layouts and beautiful locations?
How well optimised is Mahjong Secrets for PC? 10
Where does Mahjong Secrets rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Adventure
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Mahjong Secrets System Requirements

HDD Space

Mahjong Secrets PC Release Date:

21 Jun 2013

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