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Console System Analysis for Police Tactics
This game is about a police action simulator in a small city, mixing genres of action, adventure and RPG. The player control the life of a police officer in a sandbox world, taking many kind of missions and at same time try to develop its career, building a non-linear open story.The player needs to eat, rest and complete his objectives as a cop, evolving with time, filling attributes points like a similar RPG system. The damage will be more to the real world, where a single shot can kill or leave the officer bleeding until dies. Items like bullet proof vests and better guns will help the player in many situations. Also, the player can use communication skills to deal with different situations and quests, gaining experience points e growing in his career. There will be day and night system realtime, where the player, as a police veteran, will have to use the blue/black for some days and can rest the rest of weeks days, using it for explore town, maybe finding some easter eggs.

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