Shiver: Moonlit Grove System Requirements

You owe everything to Rene Malot, the man who found you as a child and raised you as his own. So when he goes missing, you're elected by the district to take his place, following in his footsteps as a doctor. On the way to your new job, a wolf attacks your carriage, forcing you to flee for shelter in a nearby village. Something here is very wrong, but the villagers aren’t talking. As you discover their secrets, you might discover something about the foster father whom you've loved so dearly. You'll need all of your wits to survive the long night in Shiver: Moonlit Grove, a chilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.
How well optimised is Shiver: Moonlit Grove for PC? 5
Where does Shiver: Moonlit Grove rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Adventure
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Shiver: Moonlit Grove System Requirements

HDD Space

Shiver: Moonlit Grove PC Release Date:


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