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Console System Analysis for The Mandate
The Mandate is an upcoming large-scale sci-fi RPG with various features that set in Future, where man now lives in distant galaxy far away from home earth. The Mandate is a single player or 6 players coop play game that offer rich gameplay, from real-time space ship to ship combat, Infiltrate hostile ship and turn the battle mode to X-COM/Jagged Alliance turn based combat and Interact with your crews to get quest and story. To summarize the game in few words, player will able to explore the galaxies with spaceships, player can decide what will they be in the game such as being a space trader, or a pirate that hunts and plunder unlucky merchants, its player choice. It's a large and mysterious dark space out there, so there will be more than 40 hours of game time, the sandbox feature of the game is not counted yet, so there will be nearly 100 hours or more of game time.

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