Title Description Release Genre
4x4 Evolution 4x4 Evolution (also known as 4x4 EVO, codenamed Metal Crush 3) is a video g... Oct-29-00 Sim
Airfix Dogfighter The game is based on the popular Airfix brand of plastic models. Airfix Dog... Jan-14-00 Action
Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000 Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000 features the Colonial Marine, Alien and... Mar-28-00 Shooter
American McGees Alice Shortly after her second adventure, Through the Looking-Glass, Alice's hous... Oct-06-00 Action
Arthurs Knights Arthur's Knights: Tales of Chivalry, released in 2000 under the catchphrase... Oct-31-00 RPG
Arthurs Knights: Tales of Chivalry Arthur's Knights: Tales of Chivalry, released in 2000 under the catchphrase... Oct-31-00 RPG
B17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th is the sequel to the 1992 flight simul... Dec-31-00 Sim
Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn In the beginning, the player finds out that their party was ambushed by ass... Sep-24-00 RPG
Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr The story takes place in the year 1941 and the research scientist Elspeth "... Oct-03-00 Adventure
Blair Witch Volume 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock The second installment of the game is based on a story that was related bri... Oct-25-00 Adventure
Blair Witch Volume 3: The Elly Kedward Tale The final episode of the trilogy is an original story that was not mentione... Nov-21-00 Adventure
Bugs Bunny and Taz: Time Busters Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters is the second Looney Tunes video game for th... Dec-08-00 Adventure
Cabelas Big Game Hunter 4 Feb-15-00 Adventure
Cabelas GrandSlam Hunting: North American 29 Cabela's GrandSlam Hunting: North American 29 is the first to be released i... Jun-10-00 Sport
Call to Power II Call to Power II (CTP2) is a PC turn-based strategy game released by Activi... Nov-01-00 Strategy
Carmageddon TDR 2000 The title is a homage to an inspiration for the Carmageddon series, Death R... Dec-14-00 Sim
Combat Mission Beyond Overlord Combat Mission is a 1-2 player, turn-based, simultaneous-execution 3D simul... Jun-01-00 Strategy
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Like all other Command & Conquer real-time strategy games, up until the exp... Oct-23-00 Strategy
Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun Firestorm Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun – Firestorm is an expansion pack to Tiberia... Mar-07-00 Strategy
Crimson Skies Enjoy an all-new experience in flight combat! Crimson Skies puts you in the... Sep-17-00 Action
Croc 2 The plot revolves around Croc searching for his missing parents, and saving... Feb-29-00 Arcade
Delta Force: Land Warrior Delta Force: Land Warrior features 30 missions. The game takes place in var... Nov-07-00 Shooter
Deus Ex The player assumes the identity of JC Denton, a nanotechnologically-augment... Jun-22-00 Shooter
Diablo II The storyline of Diablo II progresses through four acts, with each act foll... Jun-29-00 RPG
Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas Like its predecessor, the game features three distinct genres; a third-pers... Feb-29-00 Shooter
Dilogus: The Winds of War Dilogus - The Winds of War is a third person High Fantasy RPG action game t... Unknown RPG
Dino Crisis Dino Crisis is best described as a Panic Horror game, with the focus of the... Sep-15-00 Action
Dirt Track Racing Dirt Track Racing (or DTR for short) is a computer video game by the now de... Jan-31-00 Sim
Donald Duck: Goin Quackers Goin' Quackers's gameplay is very similar to that of Crash Bandicoot, and r... Oct-19-00 Action
Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary is a 2000 horror adventure video game based o... 2000 Adventure
Dukes Of Hazard: Racing For Home In this game you play as Bo and Luke Duke who is racing to pay off the Duke... Jun-09-00 Sim
Earth No More Earth No More opens in a small New England town quarantined due to a myster... cancelled Shooter
East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron East vs West has been cancelled.<br /> --------------<br /> The RTS/war-g... Cancelled Strategy
Egypt 2: The Heliopolis Prophecy Egypt 2: The Heliopolis Prophecy is a 2000 adventure video game by Canal+Mu... 2000 Adventure
Escape from Monkey Island Escape from Monkey Island is an adventure game that consists of dialogue wi... Nov-06-00 Adventure
Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul Evil Islands complements to the most recent, state-of-the-art genre of the... Oct-26-00 RPG
F1 2000 F1 2000 is a racing video game based on the 2000 Formula One season, develo... Mar-31-00 Sim
Fallen Frontier For various reason, Fallen Frontier had grown larger then our ideal project... Cancelled Shooter
FIFA 2001 This title had a new graphics engine which allows each team to have its own... Nov-08-00 Sport
Flying Heroes Flying Heroes is an arena based shooter game that takes place on various fl... Apr-30-00 Shooter
Giants: Citizen Kabuto In Giants: Citizen Kabuto, players take on the roles of three humanoid race... Dec-07-00 Strategy
Grand Prix 3 Grand Prix 3 (GP3) is a computer racing simulator by MicroProse. Released i... Aug-24-00 Sim
Ground Control Ground Control is a 2000 real-time tactics video game developed by Massive... Jun-01-00 Strategy
Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy Fifteen new missions, awesome new terrain, and a new playable faction add t... Dec-14-00 Shooter
Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death is the second of two exp... Mar-31-00 Strategy
Hitman: Codename 47 Hitman: Codename 47 is the first entry in the Hitman series of video games.... Sep-23-00 Shooter
Hogs of War Hogs of War is a turn-based tactics video game developed by Infogrames Stud... Nov-03-00 Strategy
Homeworld: Cataclysm Homeworld: Cataclysm was originally developed in 2000 as an expansion of Ho... Jun-30-00 Strategy
Icewind Dale Icewind Dale is a computer role-playing game developed for Windows by Black... Jun-30-00 RPG
In Cold Blood In Cold Blood is an adventure game for the PlayStation and PC released by t... Oct-20-00 Adventure
Intensity XS "The twisted Mon Saanti Empire has unleashed its destructive force in a mer... Jan-01-00 Action
Kiss: Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child The game is based on Todd McFarlane's KISS: Psycho Circus series of comic b... Jul-18-00 Shooter
Lego Stunt Rally Mr. X, a multi-billionaire and champion rally racer of his island, invites... Sep-13-00 Sim
Madden NFL 2001 Madden NFL 2001 is an American football video game. It is the third in the... Aug-24-00 Sport
Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim is a real-time strategy video game develop... Mar-21-00 Strategy
Martian Gothic: Unification Martian Gothic: Unification is a survival horror game. It was developed by... Apr-30-00 Action
Messiah As science progressed, humans began conducting daring experiments, defying... Mar-31-00 Action
Metal Fatigue The game is fully 3D, mapped by an invisible grid; vehicles tilt to meet hi... Jul-31-00 Strategy
Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Solid follows Solid Snake, a soldier who infiltrates a nuclear w... Sep-24-00 Action
Metal Gear Solid Integral Japan-only release of the original PlayStation Metal Gear Solid with specia... Sep-01-00 Action
Midtown Madness 2 Midtown Madness 2 delivers even more mad-cap racing excitement with all the... Apr-22-00 Sim
Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer is a role-playing video game dev... Mar-07-00 RPG
Motocross Madness 2 In MM2, there are six types of racing: Stunts, Enduro, Baja, Supercross and... May-25-00 Sim
Muppet Monster Adventure It's Halloween at creepy Castle von Honeydew, and some of your favourite Mu... Oct-20-00 Platformer
Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion Message in a Haunted Mansion is the 3rd installment in the Nancy Drew video... Nov-24-00 Adventure
NASCAR 2000 NASCAR 2000 is a racing simulator video game developed and published by EA... Feb-29-00 Sim
Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed gives the player the opportunity to race P... Jan-22-00 Sim
NHL 2001 Jim Hughson remains as play-by-play announcer in the game, with Bill Clemen... Sep-26-00 Sport
No One Lives Forever The Operative: No One Lives Forever (commonly shortened to No One Lives For... Nov-09-00 Shooter
Nox Nox is an action role-playing game developed by Westwood Studios and publis... Jan-31-00 RPG
Pharaoh: Cleopatra Basically, Cleopatra picks up where Pharaoh left off and lets you take comm... Sep-30-00 Sandbox
Project IGI Project I.G.I.: I'm Going In (released in Europe as simply Project I.G.I.)... Dec-15-00 Shooter
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, released in Japan as Biohazard 3: Last Escape is... Nov-24-00 Shooter
Riddle of the Sphinx: An Egyptian Adventure Dec-05-00 Adventure
Sacrifice Sacrifice is a real-time strategy video game published by Interplay Enterta... Nov-17-00 Strategy
Sea Dogs Sea Dogs is a 2000 Russian role-playing video game for Windows developed by... Nov-27-00 RPG
Shogun: Total War Shogun: Total War is a turn-based strategy and real-time tactics computer g... Jun-13-00 Strategy
Slave Zero Taking place 500 years in the future, the game tells the story of Lu Chen,... Mar-24-00 Action
Soldier of Fortune Based on the popular magazine of the same name, Soldier of Fortune delivers... Mar-27-00 Shooter
Space Empires IV Deluxe The award-winning Space Empires IV Deluxe is the latest edition in the Spac... Nov-07-00 Strategy
Star Trek Armada After a climactic battle over the Klingon homeworld, Toral is defeated. He... Feb-29-00 Strategy
Starlancer StarLancer, the latest from Digital Anvil , combines the intense action of... Mar-31-00 Sim
Stephen Kings F13 Stephen King's F13 is a collection of casual games developed by Presto Stud... Jan-18-00 Arcade
Superbike 2001 Superbike 2001 is a motorcycle racing video game developed by Milestone S.r... Oct-06-00 Sim
Sydney 2000 Sydney 2000 is the official video game of the XXVII Olympic Summer Games, h... Aug-25-00 Sport
Syphon Filter 4 The Official PlayStation Magazine in Italy reports, via Sillegamer, that Sy... cancelled Shooter
Tachyon: The Fringe Caught in the middle of a violent conflict on the fringe of the galaxy - yo... Mar-30-00 Action
Test Drive Le Mans Le Mans 24 Hours (known as Test Drive Le Mans in North America) is a videog... Mar-31-00 Sim
The Longest Journey Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. The Longest Journey is more than... Nov-17-00 Adventure
The Sims The Sims is a strategic life-simulation computer game developed by Maxis an... Feb-04-00 Sandbox
The Sims: Livin Large The Sims: Livin' Large (known as The Sims: Livin' It Up in Europe) is the f... Aug-27-00 Sandbox
Theocracy In Theocracy, the player is the leader of the Atlan tribe (a fictional trib... Mar-30-00 Strategy
Thief 2 The Metal Age Thief II: The Metal Age is a 2000 first-person stealth game developed by Lo... Mar-21-00 Adventure
Tomb Raider Chronicles The gameplay of Tomb Raider Chronicles is closely tied to that of The Last... Nov-21-00 Action
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 Oct-31-00 Sport
Tzar: The Burden of the Crown Tzar: The Burden of the Crown is a real-time strategy game for the PC publi... Mar-31-00 Action
Ultima Online: Renaissance Ultima Online: Renaissance is the second expansion to the popular Ultima On... May-04-00 RPG
V-Rally 2 - Expert Edition V-Rally 2 (is a rally racing video game and sequel to V-Rally. It was succe... Sep-29-00 Sim
Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption Christof falls in love with a nun named Anezka who tends him after he falls... Jun-07-00 RPG
Wizards and Warriors (From the back of the box) AN RPG AS VAST AS LEGEND ITSELF In an enchanted... Oct-06-00 RPG
Zeus: Master of Olympus Zeus: Master of Olympus (also Master of Olympus - Zeus) is the fifth full t... Oct-22-00 Sandbox