Title Description Release Genre
18 wheels of steel american long haul <br /> 18 Wheels of Steel<br />American Long Haul<br />Your American... Dec-03-07 Sim
8 Kingdoms Theme of the game 8 Kingdoms is inspirated by the world of fantasy. Players... Feb-22-07 Strategy
911: First Responders In 911: First Responders®, become the head of operations in a fictional res... Jun-22-07 Sandbox
9Dragons *Engage in the first authentic martial arts massively multiplayer online ro... May-09-07 Online
Abra Academy Wanda has always wanted to be a witch. She and her friends have made it all... Mar-13-07 Adventure
Absolute: Blazing Infinity Blazing Soul is a tactical role-playing game developed by Idea Factory for... Mar-27-07 RPG
Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation Fly through war zones rendered in photo-realistic detail. Witness the high... Oct-23-07 Arcade
Aegis Wing Aegis Wing is an Xbox Live Arcade game developed by three Microsoft interns... May-16-07 Arcade
Agarest:Generations of War Agarest: Generations of War is a turn-based Strategy Role-Playing Game (SRP... Oct-03-07 RPG
Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun Become the famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot in this latest video gam... Oct-16-07 Adventure
Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasities The Asian Dynasties brings the triumph and turmoil of some of history's gre... Oct-16-07 Strategy
Age Of Japan 2 Age of Japan 2 continues oriental theme, that you like so much. Classic mat... Dec-06-07 Arcade
AGEODs American Civil War: 1861-1865 The Blue and the Gray AGEOD’s American Civil War: 1861-1865 – The Blue and the Gray is a historic... Sep-15-07 Strategy
Alarm for Cobra 11-Crash Time Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit (known in the United Kingdom as Crash Time and... Nov-02-07 Sim
All-Pro Football 2K8 All-Pro Football 2K8 (abbreviated as APF2K8) is a football game for seventh... Jul-16-07 Sport
Alpha Prime The State Business Federation has discovered an asteroid dubbed Alpha Prime... May-25-07 Shooter
Alvin and the Chipmunks Alvin and the Chipmunks is a video game based on the film of the same name.... Dec-04-07 Action
Americas Army: True Soldiers America’s Army: True Soldiers is a first-person shooter video game develope... Nov-15-07 Sim
Ancient Wars: Sparta Ancient Wars: Sparta<br /> Recreate the epic history of Spartans,Persians... Apr-20-07 Strategy
Angel Love Online Angel Love Online is a free-to-play PC and PlayStation 3 2D massively multi... Dec-31-07 Online
Ankh: Battle Of The Gods Ankh: Battle of the Gods (also known as Ankh 3 and Ankh 3: Battle of the Go... Nov-15-07 Adventure
Ankh: Heart of Osiris This time he will not fail. This time Osiris will show the world of humans... May-18-07 Adventure
Aquaria Aquaria is a 2D sidescrolling action-adventure computer game designed by Al... Dec-07-07 Action
Aquatopia Aqua Vita (renamed Aquatopia in the North American market) is an interactiv... Oct-25-07 Action
Arkadian Warriors Arkadian Warriors is an action role-playing game developed by Wanako Studio... Dec-12-07 RPG
ArmA Armed Assault The campaign in Armed Assault takes place on the fictional Atlantic island... Feb-16-07 Shooter
Armageddon Empires In the year 2025 human civilization makes first contact with not one but tw... Jul-16-07 Strategy
Armored Core 4 Armored Core 4 (&#12450;&#12540;&#12510;&#12540;&#12489;&#12539;&#12467;&#1... Mar-20-07 Action
Arthur and the Invisibles Arthur and the Invisibles (known in Europe as Arthur and the Minimoys)is a... Jan-09-07 Arcade
Artificial Girl 3 Artificial Girl 3 (&#20154;&#24037;&#23569;&#22899;3?) is a Windows 3D erog... Nov-30-07 Arcade
Ascension To The Throne Ascension to the Throne is a turn-based strategy game with RPG elements. In... Mar-14-07 RPG
Assault Heroes Assault Heroes is an arcade-style, top-down shooter video game developed by... Oct-23-07 Shooter
Attack on Pearl Harbor In development by Legendo Entertainment, Attack on Pearl Harbor is an aeria... Aug-06-07 Shooter
Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Burning Earth (known as Avatar: The Legend... Nov-12-07 Action
Avencast: Rise of the Mage In the magic kingdom of Aldgarth, demons tore up a dimension portal and inv... Nov-16-07 RPG
Axy Snake AxySnake is a 3D action game based on the famous Snake game. By giving the... Jan-01-07 Action
Band of Bugs Band of Bugs (formerly known as Bugs of War) is a turn-based tactics video... Dec-03-07 Strategy
Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory Battle of Britain II “Wings of Victory” recreates the fierce and famous air... Nov-30-07 Action
Battlestations: Midway Battlestations: Midway is a video game developed by Eidos Studios Hungary a... Jan-30-07 Strategy
Bee Movie Game As Barry B. Benson, players take on an adventure to save the bees' producti... Oct-30-07 Adventure
Beowulf: The Game You are Beowulf, legendary Norse warrior with the strength of 30 men. Arrog... Nov-13-07 Action
Bioshock Genetically enhanced action-adventure, survival horror first-person shooter... Aug-24-07 Shooter
BlackSite: Area 51 BlackSite: Area 51 (BlackSite in Europe) is a horror science fiction first-... Nov-12-07 Shooter
Blackwell Unbound The year is 1973. The sound of a lone saxophone drifts over the Roosevelt I... Sep-04-07 Adventure
Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War is a historical fantasy video game for t... Aug-30-07 Strategy
Blazing Angels 2 Secret Missions of WWII Developed by Ubisoft’s Romania studio, Blazing Angels Secret Missions is... Sep-07-07 Action
Blitzkrieg 2: Fall of the Reich Blitzkrieg 2: Fall of the Reich is the first official expansion for the pop... Feb-22-07 Strategy
Blitzkrieg 2: Liberation Blitzkrieg 2: Liberation is a stand-alone expansion to the critically-accla... Oct-12-07 Strategy
Blockland Blockland is an online multiplayer game where you build things with bricks.... Feb-24-07 Sandbox
BMW M3 Challenge Start the ignition to see just what the V8 high-rev engine is capable of. S... Sep-11-07 Sim
Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 (BLIC 07) is a cricket computer game... Mar-23-07 Sport
Broken Sword: The Angel of Death The story begins, when George Stobbart down on his luck, is working for a B... Sep-15-06 Adventure
Bullet Witch It is a shooter video game for the Xbox 360 developed by Cavia<br />... Mar-06-07 Shooter
Burn Burn is a first-person shooter computer game released in 2007 developed by... Mar-30-07 Shooter
Burnout Dominator Burnout Dominator is a racing game developed and published by Electronic Ar... Mar-06-07 Sim
Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars is a 2007 action RPG video game originally d... Jun-26-07 Action
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare A first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published... Nov-09-07 Shooter
Call of Juarez Call of Juarez is a First Person Shooter for PC, inspired from the greatest... Sep-15-06 Shooter
Calling All Cars! Calling All Cars! is a downloadable game on the PlayStation Store created b... Mar-10-07 Action
Cars Mater-National The game focuses on the first ever Mater-National race held in Radiator Spr... Oct-29-07 Sim
City Life: 2008 Edition 60 more buildings, bringing the total to 360, including famous structures s... Nov-23-07 Sandbox
Civilization IV - Beyond the Sword Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword is the second expansion pack... Jul-20-07 Strategy
Clive Barkers Jericho Clive Barker’s Jericho is a terrifying squad-based horror FPS game based on... Nov-02-07 Action
Code of Honor - The French Foreign Legion In Code of Honor: The French Foreign Legion the player takes the role of Cl... Mar-27-07 Shooter
College Hoops 2K8 College Hoops 2K8 is a video game by Visual Concepts and 2K Sports. It was... Nov-19-07 Sport
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars In 2047, Tiberium has blanketed the Earth, which is now divided into zones... Mar-26-07 Strategy
Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Opposing Fronts introduces two new single player campaigns. They feature ca... Sep-28-07 Strategy
Crackdown Crackdown takes place in the fictional metropolis of Pacific City, whose se... Feb-23-07 Shooter
Cradle of Persia Build up the glorious heart of Ancient Persia in this engaging puzzle game!... Nov-30-07 Arcade
Crash of the Titans Crash of the Titans is a platform video game published by Sierra Entertainm... Oct-03-07 Adventure
Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit (known in the United Kingdom as Crash Time and... Nov-07-07 Sim
Crusader Kings Deus Vult Aim to create the most powerful dynasty of medieval Europe in the period of... Oct-04-07 Strategy
Crysis Earth, 2019.<br /> A team of US scientists makes a frightening discovery o... Nov-16-07 Shooter
CSI: Hard Evidence CSI: Hard Evidence is a computer game based on the CSI: Crime Scene Investi... Sep-26-07 Adventure
Culpa Innata Culpa Innata (Latin: Innate Sin or Innate Fault) is a third person point-an... Oct-23-07 Adventure
Darkness Within Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder is a first-person 3D adventure... Nov-06-07 Adventure
Dawn of Magic Dawn of Magic is an action role-playing computer game developed by SkyFalle... Oct-16-07 RPG
Dawns Light Harvey is struggling to adapt to his post adventure life. Days and nights n... Sep-30-07 Adventure
Def Jam: Icon Def Jam: Icon is a fighting game, and is the third in Electronic Arts's Def... Feb-06-07 Sport
Defender of the Crown: Heroes Live Forever The beloved Cinemaware classic returns! Battle five cunning lords for contr... Jun-26-07 Strategy
Democracy 2 Democracy 2 is the ultimate political strategy / simulation game. The game... Dec-07-07 Strategy
Depths of Peril Depths of Peril is a single player action RPG (role playing game) with stro... Sep-05-07 Online
Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors is a first-p... Jul-12-07 RPG
Dream Chronicles the lines between reality and fantasy no longer exist. Follow subtle clues... Jun-12-07 Adventure
Dream of Mirror Online Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO) is a free-to-play MMORPG game with storylines... Nov-12-07 Online
Driver: Parallel Lines Diverging from previous Driver games, Parallel Lines takes place in just on... Jun-28-07 Shooter
DROD: King Dugans Dungeon This is where Beethro's delvings really got started. Go deep into King Dug... Jan-11-07 RPG
DROD: The City Beneath Our third major release in the DROD series will take you further inside a w... Apr-01-07 RPG
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Powered by Omega Force, the legendary creators of Dynasty Warriors, Dynasty... Mar-01-07 RPG
Empire Earth III Empire Earth III, also called EE3, is a real-time strategy computer game de... Nov-06-07 Strategy
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Quake Wars is a class-based, objective focused, team-oriented game. Teams a... Sep-28-07 Shooter
escape from HELL escape from hell is my first game ever made the goal is to escape from a so... Apr-30-07 Shooter
Escape From Paradise City Paradise City drops players into a dystopian world that combines a dark und... Oct-24-07 Strategy
Eschalon: Book 1 Reveal your identity and realize your destiny! Eschalon: Book I is a classi... Nov-19-07 RPG
Europa Universalis III Europa Universalis III delves deeply into the areas of exploration, trade,... Jan-26-07 Strategy
Europa Universalis III: Napoleons Ambition The expanded timeline to 1820, encompasses the wars of the French Revolutio... Aug-22-07 Strategy
European Street Racing Seven hometown street race champions are looking for a new challenge, and f... Sep-21-07 Sim
Everyday Shooter Everyday Shooter is an independent video game developed by Canadian program... Oct-11-07 Shooter
F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate The game follows the exploits of a new player character, a member of a seco... Nov-16-07 Shooter
Fairway Solitaire Fairway Solitaire presents users with a modified type of solitaire card gam... Dec-01-07 Strategy
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is a video game based on the film... Jun-15-07 Action
Fantasy Wars Fantasy Wars is a turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy world. Combinin... Nov-08-07 Strategy
Farm Frenzy Slip into a pair of overalls and try your hand at running a farm! From tend... Nov-01-07 Strategy
Fatal Inertia Fatal Inertia is a futuristic hovercar racing game from Koei.<br />The game... Sep-11-07 Sim
Fiesta Online Fiesta Online is another interesting MMORPG published by Outspark. The gam... Nov-07-07 Online
FIFA 08 FIFA 08 introduced a major new game mode called "Be a Pro", in which the pl... Sep-20-07 Sport
FIFA Manager 08 FIFA Manager 08 is the 2008 edition of EA's Football management series "Fif... Nov-02-07 Sport
Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess Players begin the game as residents of one of these three main countries, S... Nov-22-07 Online
Folklore Folklore is an action-adventure role-playing video game developed by Game R... Jun-21-07 Adventure
Football Manager 2008 The world's most complete and in-depth soccer management game, Worldwide So... Oct-18-07 Sport
Forza Motorsport 2 This critically-acclaimed and bestselling sequel to one of the greatest rac... May-29-07 Sim
Freak Out Ride the snow fast and enjoy it. Make tricks, stunts and jump over huge gap... Aug-28-07 Sport
Freak Out: Extreme Freeride In Freak Out: Extreme Freeride, the player can control six different playab... Aug-28-07 Sport
G1 Jockey 4 2007 G1 Jockey 4 2007 is a horse racing simulator published by Koei for the Play... Nov-01-07 Sport
Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar (2) Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar is the expansion pack for Stardock's... Feb-14-07 Strategy
Galactic Dream Rage of War In the 24 century humanity is racing toward space on the wings of hope, mov... Aug-15-07 Strategy
Gears of War Gears of War is a tactical third-person shooter. Gears of War takes place o... Nov-09-07 Shooter
Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade is a 3D Real-time strategy game set i... Mar-20-07 Strategy
Genji: Days of the Blade The year is 1187 and the scattered Heishi clan are gathering their forces.... Nov-16-07 Action
Get Up and Dance Get Up And Dance is an upcoming dance video game scheduled for release for... Nov-17-07 Casual
Go! Sports Ski Go! Sports Ski is a skiing simulator that harnesses the SIXAXIS™ wireless c... Oct-04-07 Sport
God of War 2 God of War II is an action-adventure game developed by SCE Santa Monica Stu... Apr-27-07 Action
GSR: German Street Racing Five hometown streetrace champions are looking for a new challenge, and fou... Apr-16-07 Sim
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is a music video game, the third main inst... Nov-12-07 Arcade
Hacker Evolution Stock exchanges. Central banks. Satellite uplinks. Transoceanic fiber optic... May-07-07 Sim
Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Half-Life 2: Episode Two is the second in a trilogy of new games created by... Nov-16-07 Shooter
Halo 2 A science fiction first-person shooter video. The game features a new game... Jun-08-07 Shooter
Halo 3 The epic saga continues with Halo 3 as<br />Master Chief returns to finish... Jul-14-20 Shooter
Hard Time In a bleak future where there are more criminals than citizens, one prison... Apr-25-07 Sandbox
Hard to be a God A computer role-playing game of the same title, based on the book, was deve... Sep-30-07 RPG
Hard Truck Apocalypse: Rise of Clans Become part of one of these clans in the apocalyptic world of the first off... Jun-17-07 Sim
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix The game presents the player with a large part of the Harry Potter universe... Jun-25-07 Shooter
Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law With five cases going to trial, mind-taking judges and attorneys armed with... Jul-22-07 Arcade
Heavenly Sword Heavenly Sword is a video game developed by Ninja Theory exclusively for th... Sep-14-07 Action
Helldorado Santa Fe in the late summer of 1883. Lester Lloyd Goodman is dead and burie... Jun-01-07 Strategy
Hellgate: London London: 2038. In a time when man had become dependent on science, believing... Oct-31-07 Online
Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East For the first time, play as the Orc faction and recruit heroes, build armie... Oct-12-07 Strategy
High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition is a downloadable game on the... Sep-13-07 Arcade
High Velocity Bowling High Velocity Bowling varies from other bowling games by introducing a chal... Dec-06-07 Sport
Hospital Tycoon Develop your own hospital drama and manipulate the results to your best adv... May-06-07 Sim
Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Everybody's Golf 5 (Everybody's Golf: World Tour in Europe, Hot Shots Golf:... Jul-26-07 Sport
Hour of Victory The game advertises itself as letting players "fight the famous battles of... Jun-28-07 Shooter
Hunting Unlimited 2008 The ultimate PC hunting experience is back... bigger and better than ever!... Mar-30-07 Shooter
IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 Oleg Maddox’s world famous IL-2 Sturmovik series of flight simulators conti... Jan-07-07 Action
Imabikisou Imabikisou is a visual novel developed by Chunsoft for the PlayStation 3. I... Oct-23-07 Adventure
Infernal Infernal (formerly Diabolique: License to Sin) is a third person action gam... Feb-23-07 Action
INSURGENCY: Modern Infantry Combat Grab your rifle, join your team mates, and enter the fight. Take to the mod... Oct-23-07 Shooter
Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos is a video game developed by TikGames for... Sep-05-07 Strategy
Jack Keane Jack Keane is a 2007 adventure game developed by Deck13 Interactive, publis... Aug-01-07 Adventure
Jack Orlando: Directors Cut 1933 will go down in the history books as the year America passed the 21st... Jun-04-07 Adventure
Jade Empire Step into the role of an aspiring martial arts master and follow the path o... Mar-02-07 RPG
John Woo Presents Stranglehold Stranglehold is John Woo's first foray into videogames. Whether Woo was int... Sep-18-07 Shooter
Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights The game starts off in a night club where the player selects their characte... Sep-28-07 Sim
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a dark and gritty drama featuring two men, one is... Nov-23-07 Shooter
Knights of the temple 2 Twenty years after Paul closed the Gate to Hell, he realises that his visio... Feb-23-07 Action
Lair The player assumes the role of a dragon-riding knight named Rohn Partridge.... Aug-31-07 Action
Last Chaos Long before war ravaged the lands of Iris, Eres, the God of Darkness joined... Nov-20-07 RPG
Legend: Hand of God Thousands of years ago, the ancient people reached the land Aris. The wild... Sep-28-07 RPG
Lineage 2 Lineage® II offers the world’s elite Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playin... Oct-28-07 Online
Lineage 2: Gracia Epilogue About the game : Starting to play, players incarnate in your avatar (chara... Dec-17-07 Online
LocoRoco Cocoreccho All new LocoRoco game exclusively for PS3! Play as a butterfly and guide th... Sep-20-07 Arcade
Loki An incredible journey through four great mythologies, Loki allows the playe... Sep-28-07 RPG
Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal The Evil Dr. Frankenbeans has built robots of extraordinary power. Dr. Fran... Oct-09-07 Action
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a third-person shooter video game develop... Jun-29-07 Shooter
Luxor 3 Luxor 3 is an action-puzzle computer game released by MumboJumbo. It is a s... Oct-30-07 Strategy
Madden NFL 08 Madden NFL 08 is the 2008 edition of the American football video game serie... Aug-14-07 Sport
Maelstrom Maelstrom: The Battle for Earth Begins. Is a futuristic real-time strategy... Feb-20-07 Strategy
Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom is a board game available from the PlayStatio... Mar-07-07 Arcade
Making History: The Calm & The Storm Making History: The Calm & The Storm is a World War II grand strategy compu... Mar-13-07 Strategy
MapleStory In the game, players travel the "Maple World", defeating monsters and devel... May-11-05 Online
Marine Sharpshooter III May-28-07 Shooter
Mario Strikers Charged Football The gameplay of Mario Strikers Charged is similar to that of the original g... Jul-30-07 Sport
Marvel Trading Card Game A game based on Upper Deck Entertainment's best-selling Marvel Trading Card... Jun-08-07 Arcade
Mass Effect The galaxy is trapped in an endless cycle of extinction. Every 50,000 years... Jun-06-08 RPG
MechQuest MechQuest is an online flash based single-player sci-fi role-playing video... Oct-01-07 RPG
Medal of Honor: Airborne In Airborne, the player assumes the role of Private First Class (later prom... Sep-07-07 Shooter
Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is a first-person shooter game for the Wii and the... Nov-13-07 Shooter
Medal of Honor: Vanguard Players take on the role of Cpl/Sgt. Frank Keegan, a member of the 82nd Air... Mar-26-07 Shooter
Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms is the expansion to the 2006 PC game Mediev... Aug-31-07 Strategy
Meet the Robinsons The game begins with Wilbur doing some time-traveling of his own, risking b... Mar-27-07 Action
Megazone 23: Aoi Garland Megazone 23: Aoi Garland is a Japanese Video Game based on the anime series... Sep-13-07 Action
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is a first-person action-adventure game. The pl... Oct-26-07 Shooter
Mist of Chaos Mist of Chaos is a strategy role-playing game co-developed by Idea Factory... Mar-22-07 Strategy
MLB 07: The Show MLB 07: The Show, produced by SCE San Diego Studio, is a baseball video gam... May-15-07 Sport
Monster Hunter Frontier Online Monster Hunter Frontier Online is a massively multiplayer online role-play... Jun-21-07 Action
Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia is a video game for the Xbox 360 and W... Jun-12-07 Action
Mortal Kombat: Deception Mortal Kombat: Deception is a fighting game developed and published by Midw... Oct-04-07 Action
MotorStorm The events of the game take place at the fictional MotorStorm Festival in M... Mar-06-07 Sim
MX vs. ATV: Untamed MX vs. ATV: Untamed is an offroad racing game developed by Rainbow Studios,... Dec-17-07 Sim
My Animal Centre in Africa Pawly Pets: My Animal Hospital is a video game by Ubisoft and Focus Multime... Sep-27-07 Action
Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate These days the Chestnut Lodge Asylum is abandoned and forgotten, but many y... Nov-07-07 Adventure
Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull Legend of the Crystal Skull is the seventeenth installment in the Nancy Dre... Oct-08-07 Adventure
Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek White Wolf of Icicle Creek is the sixteenth in the Nancy Drew computer game... Jun-07-07 Adventure
NASCAR 08 NASCAR 08 is the eleventh installment of the EA Sports NASCAR series. It wa... Jul-23-07 Sim
NBA Live 08 Dominate in the Paint. Put the ball in the hands of your big men and have t... Oct-02-07 Sport
NCAA Football 08 NCAA Football 08 is a college football video game created by EA Sports, the... Jul-17-07 Sport
NCAA March Madness 08 NCAA March Madness 08 was the 2007 installment in the NCAA March Madness se... Dec-11-07 Sport
Need for Speed: Prostreet The game begins where a former street racer known as Ryan Cooper enters a c... Nov-23-07 Sim
Nethergate: Resurrection At last, Spiderweb Software's classic adventure of treachery and battle in... Aug-09-07 RPG
Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the betrayer The story for Mask of the Betrayer is a direct sequel to the plot of Neverw... Sep-27-07 Sandbox
Next Life Next Life is an adventure game developed by Czech company Future Games[1] a... Nov-20-07 Adventure
NHL 08 NHL 08 also includes "Goalie Mode", where users can control their goalie wi... Sep-12-07 Sport
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Ninja Gaiden Sigma, also known as Ninja Gaiden &#931;, is an action-adventu... Jun-10-21 Action
Nuclear Ball 2 There are fortresses of stone and block in front of you. It matters not. Yo... Oct-17-07 Action
Nucleus Nucleus is a puzzle-based shooting game with a dual stick control system si... May-18-07 Shooter
Obscure 2 Two years after the events of ObsCure, the survivors have had to move on wi... Sep-07-07 Shooter
Operation Creature Feature Operation Creature Feature is a puzzle game developed by SCE London Studio... Oct-25-07 Action
osu! osu! is primarily played using a mouse to click 'beats' displayed on-screen... Sep-16-07 Arcade
Overlord Overlord is set in an unnamed fantasy world, where the player takes the rol... Jun-29-07 Adventure
Ozzy Bubbles Ozzy Bubbles is a fantasy adventure set in an underwater kingdom where your... Apr-25-07 Arcade
Pacific Liberation Force Pacific Liberation Force is an all-action helicopter game that places you i... 2007 Shooter
Pain Pain is a video game in which players attempt to damage the ragdoll charact... Nov-29-07 Action
Painkiller: Overdose Another Painkiller game, titled Painkiller: Overdose, was released for Wind... Oct-30-07 Shooter
Patriots: A Nation Under Fire The game begins with a short background. Major cities of the United States... Jan-29-07 Shooter
Pawly Pets: My Animal Hospital Pawly Pets: My Animal Hospital is a video game by Ubisoft and Focus Multime... Sep-27-07 Action
Peggle Peggle is a casual puzzle video game developed by Sukhbir Sidhu and Brian R... Feb-27-07 Arcade
Peggle Extreme Peggle Extreme was packaged with the Windows version of The Orange Box, fea... Oct-09-07 Strategy
Penumbra: Overture Penumbra: Overture is the first in a series of episodic first-person advent... Mar-30-07 Shooter
Petz Dogz 2 Pick a puppy pal from a pack of fuzzy and adorable puppies in Petz Dogz 2!... Nov-13-07 Sim
Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus is the first expansion of... Nov-20-07 RPG
Pinball FX Pinball FX is a pinball machine video game for the Xbox 360. It was develop... Apr-25-07 Arcade
Pirates of the Caribbean Online Pirates of the Caribbean Online is a MMORPG created by the Walt Disney Comp... Oct-31-07 Online
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End The game follows the events of Dead Man's Chest and At World's End, and als... May-25-07 Action
Piu - space wars Piu is a mix between a 2d real time strategy singleplayer game and a space... Jul-09-07 Strategy
PixelJunk Monsters PixelJunk Monsters is a game developed by Q-Games for the PlayStation 3. It... Dec-06-07 Shooter
PixelJunk Racers PixelJunk Racers is a puzzle, racing game developed by Q-Games for the Play... Sep-13-07 Sim
Piyotama Hidden deep within the Hotai forest lives a family of playful and mysteriou... Sep-08-07 Arcade
Pocket Tanks The fastest game of artillery you'll ever play. Pocket Tanks is designed to... Nov-16-07 Strategy
Pokemon Battle Revolution Features-<br />Grab a Rental Pass, customize your Trainer, and battle your... Jun-25-07 RPG
Power Rangers: Super Legends Power Rangers: Super Legends is an action-adventure video game based on the... Nov-06-07 Action
Prison Tycoon 3: Lockdown Crack that Whip! Take reigns of a privately run prison. You are responsible... Sep-05-07 Strategy
Pro Cycling Manager 2007 Pro Cycling Manager 2007 is a cycling team management game. It is available... Jul-06-07 Sport
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Critically acclaimed, multi-million selling and still the most respected fo... Oct-26-07 Sport
Pro Yakyuu Spirits 4 Professional Baseball Spirits 4 is a baseball video game published by Konam... Mar-01-07 Sport
Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery While on a well deserved vacation, Professor Fizzwizzle's investigation of... Jun-24-07 Casual
Project Sylpheed In Project Sylpheed, players take on the role of a rookie pilot and fly the... Jul-10-07 Sim
Puzzle Quest - Challenge Of The Warlords Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is a game developed by Australian c... Mar-16-07 Strategy
Race 07 RACE 07 – The Official WTCC Game features the full FIA WTCC season of 2007... Oct-07-07 Sim
Rail Simulator Rail Simulator (Kuju Rail Simulator) is a train simulation published by Ele... Oct-12-07 Sim
Ratatouille Ratatouille is a video game based on the Pixar film, Ratatouille (2007). It... Sep-28-07 Action
Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction brings back our heroes in a brand new... Oct-23-07 Shooter
Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil 4, known in Japan as Biohazard 4, is a survival horror third-... May-15-07 Shooter
Resistance resistance is a game with really nice grapics and very realistic guns the m... Jul-23-07 Shooter
Riders World: Competition Get ready to race, ride and jump with RIDER’S WORLD COMPETITION! In this c... Aug-20-07 Sport
Rock Band Rock Band is a music video game developed by Harmonix Music Systems, publis... Nov-20-07 Adventure
Rugby 08 Rugby 08 is the 2007 release in the Rugby series by EA Sports. The game all... Jul-25-07 Sim
Runaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle unaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle (or Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle) is... Mar-09-07 Adventure
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl In S.T.A.L.K.E.R., the player assumes the identity of an amnesiac "Stalker"... Mar-03-07 Shooter
Sam and Max Episode 102: Situation: Comedy Situation: Comedy is the second adventure game in the episodic series by Te... Jan-05-07 Adventure
Sam and Max Episode 103: The Mole the Mob and the Meatball The mole, the mob and the meatball is the third adventure game in the episo... Feb-08-07 Adventure
Sam and Max Episode 104: Abe Lincoln Must Die! Abe Lincoln Must Die! is the fourth adventure game in the episodic series b... Mar-09-07 Adventure
Sam and Max Episode 105: Reality 20 Reality 2.0 is the fifth adventure game in the episodic series by Telltale... Apr-09-07 Adventure
Sam and Max Episode 106: Bright Side of the Moon Bright Side of the Moon is the sixth adventure game in the episodic series... May-10-07 Adventure
Sam and Max Save The World Sam & Max Save the World is a graphic adventure video game developed by Tel... Aug-07-07 Adventure
Sega Rally Revo There are 34 vehicles in total, which are divided into 3 groups: Premier Cl... Oct-09-07 Sim
Shadowgrounds: Survivor Shadowgrounds Survivor is a shooter game developed by Frozenbyte and the se... Nov-14-07 Shooter
Shadowrun Shadowrun is an online only (or single player with AI players) first-person... Jun-01-07 Shooter
Ship simulator 2008 Second one in the series. It includes 7 ports like New York and San Franc... Jul-13-07 Sim
Shrek The Third The storyline of Shrek the Third is based on the film: Shrek has to find Ar... Jul-20-07 Action
Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific Hunt, hide, and kill as you take command of U.S. submarines and crews and n... Mar-22-07 Strategy
Sim City Societies Build and Construct amazing cities with a wide variety of choices. Create a... Nov-16-07 Strategy
SingStar SingStar is a competitive singing game available on PlayStation3 and PlaySt... Dec-07-07 Arcade
Skate Skate is a skateboarding video game developed by EA Black Box for the Xbox... Sep-14-07 Sport
Snakeball Snakeball is a downloadable PSN game on the PlayStation Store released 20 D... Dec-20-07 Action
Soldier of Fortune: Payback Soldier of Fortune: Payback is the third installment of the Soldier of Fort... Nov-14-07 Shooter
Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer Set in the distant future, Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer is a fast and furious... Dec-14-07 Shooter
Spaceforce Rogue Universe Rogue Universe is a beautiful, open ended and innovative 3D space environme... Jun-05-07 RPG
SpaceInvasion SpaceInvasion (previously known as GalaxyDestroyers) is a free to play, tex... Apr-05-07 Strategy
Special Force 2: Tale of the Truthful Pledge Special Force 2: Tale of the Truthful Pledge is a computer game based on th... Aug-16-07 Action
Special Force Online Special Force is an online free-to-play first-person shooter developed by t... Oct-30-09 Shooter
SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm is a combination Real-time strategy and RPG game... Mar-23-07 RPG
Spider Man 3 Spider-Man 3 is an action game loosely based on the Spider-Man 3 film and r... May-04-07 Action
Spider-Man: Friend or Foe Spider-Man: Friend or Foe is a Spider-Man computer and video game based on... Nov-02-07 Action
Stand OFood Stand o' Food is an exhilarating arcade game that challenges you to feed a... Feb-14-07 Arcade
Star Defender 4 Star Defender 4 is a breathtaking space shooter that still has all the best... Sep-28-07 Shooter
Stuntman Ignition Stuntman: Ignition is the sequel to the video game Stuntman for the Xbox 36... Sep-17-07 Sim
Super Rub a Dub Super Rub 'a' Dub stars the yellow duck from technical demos (Ducks demo) f... Apr-19-07 Arcade
Super Stardust HD Super Stardust HD is a downloadable game for the PlayStation 3 video game c... Jun-28-07 Shooter
Supreme Commander For a millennium, three opposing forces of humanity--the Cybran Nation, the... Feb-16-07 Strategy
Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Humanity thinks that the Seraphim are extinct. They are wrong. When Black S... Nov-23-07 Strategy
Surfs Up As the name indicates, Surf's Up is a surfing style game (using mechanics o... Aug-03-07 Sport
Swashbucklers: Blue vs. Grey Swashbucklers: Blue vs. Grey is a Naval Action/RPG set in time of the Ameri... Nov-20-07 RPG
Switchball The game puts the player in the role of a marble, which is guided through a... Jun-26-07 Adventure
Sword 2 Sword 2 gives players more options, variety, entertainment and challenges t... Jul-10-07 Online
Tabula Rasa Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa was an MMORPG developed by Destination Games... Nov-02-07 RPG
Tales of Pirates Tales of Pirates is a fully 3D-designed multiplayer online game based on 5,... Mar-30-07 Online
Talisman Online Talisman Online is a free MMORPG which looks a bit like the popular WoW gam... Oct-01-07 Online
TARR Chronicles Defend the Galaxy! Torn by years of strife and bloodshed, the universe l... Sep-28-07 Shooter
Team Fortress 2 Like its predecessors, Team Fortress 2 is focused around two opposing teams... Oct-10-07 Shooter
Terrorist Takedown 2: US Navy Seals Terrorist Takedown 2: US Navy Seals (called simply Terrorist Takedown 2 in... May-16-07 Shooter
Test Drive Unlimited Test Drive Unlimited is an arcade-style racing game, the 9th game of the Te... Mar-30-07 Sim
Texas HoldEm Poker Texas HoldEm Poker (also known as Zynga Poker) is a social game developed b... Jul-01-07 Online
The Bigs The Bigs is an arcade-style baseball video game for the Xbox 360, PlayStati... Jun-25-07 Sport
The Darkness The Darkness is a first-person shooter video game, developed by Starbreeze... Jun-25-07 Shooter
The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles is the official expansion for Oblivio... Mar-26-07 Sandbox
The Eye of Judgment The Eye of Judgment is a turn-based card battle video game for the PlayStat... Oct-25-07 Strategy
The Golden Compass Players assume the role of Lyra Belacqua and Iorek Byrnison in Lyra's attem... Nov-30-07 Adventure
The Haunted House It is Halloween and you and your friends are out Trick-or-Treating when you... Jul-27-07 RPG
The Hell In Vietnam In The Hell in Vietnam the player takes the role of a US-soldier during the... Mar-13-07 Shooter
The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific is a historical first-person sh... Nov-30-07 Shooter
The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar is the world's first and on... Apr-24-07 Online
The Settlers: Rise of an Empire The Settlers: Rise of an Empire (original German title: Die Siedler - Aufst... Sep-28-07 Strategy
The Shield The Shield is a video game based on the television show of the same name. T... Jan-09-07 Action
The Sims 2 Deluxe Create your own houses, neighborhoods, Sims, and family dynasties-then watc... May-08-07 RPG
The Sims 2: Bon Voyage Whisk your Sims away from their everyday routines and take them on exciting... Sep-04-07 RPG
The Sims 2: Celebration Stuff Your Sims can now celebrate in style with this fun collection of furniture,... Apr-03-07 RPG
The Sims 2: H&M Fashion Stuff Your Sims can choose from contemporary fashion essentials including flirty... Jun-05-07 RPG
The Sims 2: Seasons Head outdoors for year-round fun with your Sims! New seasonal activities aw... Feb-27-07 RPG
The Sims 2: Teen Style Stuff Give your teen Sims everything they need to express their unique style with... Nov-06-07 RPG
The Sims: Life Stories The Sims Life Stories is the first release in an all-new PC product line ca... Feb-06-07 Sandbox
The Sims: Pet Stories The Sims Pet Stories is the second game in the all-new game series called T... Jun-22-07 Sandbox
The Trials of Topoq The Trials of Topoq is a puzzle video game developed by SCE London Studio f... Oct-25-07 Adventure
Theatre of War Theatre Of War is a real-time tactical strategy game centering on the decis... Apr-19-07 Strategy
Thrillville: Off the Rails Thrillville: Off the Rails is a theme park simulation video game<br />... Oct-19-07 Strategy
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Everyone Plays, Anyone Can Win! You’re facing a long putt for par on the 1... Aug-28-07 Sport
TimeShift TimeShift is a sci-fi first-person shooter<br /> The key feature of TimeSh... Oct-30-07 Shooter
Titan Quest: Gold Players take the role of a hero, fighting monsters in three ancient, mythol... Mar-02-07 Action
Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Titan Quest: Immortal Throne adds a fourth Act to Titan Quest. The gameplay... Mar-02-07 RPG
TMNT TMNT is a game with a lot of adventure and action, though the majority of t... Mar-23-07 Action
Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 The PC version gameplay is vastly different from the console iterations, an... Jul-17-07 Shooter
Tomb Raider: Anniversary Inspired by the first Tomb Raider video-game, originally released in 1996,... Jun-01-07 Action
Tony Hawks Proving Ground It features same gameplay from earlier Tony Hawk games, such as Project 8 b... Oct-15-07 Sport
Tortuga: Two Treasures Set in the Caribbean of the early 18th century, Tortuga - Two Treasures is... Mar-12-07 Shooter
Toy Home Toy Home is an exciting toy car racing game where your house becomes the ra... Nov-01-07 Sport
Transformers: The Game Transformers: The Game is the name of multiple versions of a video game bas... Jun-26-07 Shooter
Trepidation Trepidation:<br />Definition: (from Lat' trepidus, "anxious") A state of al... Jun-25-07 Shooter
Turtle Odyssey 2 Turtle Odyssey 2 is a sequel of our most famous game, Turtle Odyssey. It is... Apr-27-07 Arcade
Two Worlds A fragile peace between the civilized races and the hordes is at stake. Whe... Sep-07-07 RPG
UFO Extraterrestrials UFO: Extraterrestrials is a Microsoft Windows game aimed to be a spiritual... May-04-07 Strategy
UFO: Afterlight UFO: Afterlight is a 2007 strategy computer game and the third in Altar's U... Feb-09-07 Strategy
Ultimate Motorcross Racing on a motorbike has never been this much fun! Ultimate Motorcross is... Mar-14-07 Sim
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is an action-adventure platform video game devel... Dec-06-07 Adventure
Undercover: Operation Wintersun Undercover: Operation Wintersun is a point-and-click adventure game set in... Sep-04-07 Adventure
Universal Boxing Manager Training: You'll be able to distribute the 25 training point in the various... Jan-01-07 Shooter
Universe at War: Earth Assault Universe at War: Earth Assault is a real-time strategy game originally to b... Jan-25-08 Strategy
Unreal Tournament III Similar to the previous entries of the series, the game is primarily an onl... Nov-22-07 Shooter
Vampire Rain: Altered Species Vampire Rain is a video game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 retitled as... Jun-29-07 Action
Virtua Fighter 5 This new installment in the critically-acclaimed Virtua Fighter series pack... Oct-26-07 Action
Virtua Tennis 3 You'll take to realistic courts from around the world with the winning sign... Mar-23-07 Sport
Virtual Skipper 5 Considered to be the ultimate in nautical simulations, the Virtual Skipper... Aug-30-07 Sim
Wangan Midnight Wangan Midnight is a racing game developed by Genki for the PlayStation 3.... Jul-05-07 Sim
War Front: Turning Point What would happen if the German Dictator had been assassinated early on in... Mar-23-07 Strategy
WarRock War Rock (Korean: &#50892;&#47197;) (also commonly spelled as WarRock) is a... Feb-01-07 Shooter
Whirlwind of Vietnam On March, 8, 1965 the first troops of the US Marine Corps landed on the ter... Apr-12-07 Shooter
Wing Commander Arena Wing Commander Arena is a space combat video game developed by independent... Jul-25-07 Action
Winning Post 7 Maximum 2007 Winning Post 7 Maximum 2007 is a horse racing simulator published by Koei f... Mar-29-07 Sport
Wolfteam Wolf Team is a fast paced 3D MMOFPS that features the ability for players... Aug-16-07 Shooter
World in Conflict World in Conflict does not offer base-building or resource gathering. Inste... Sep-21-07 Strategy
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade You've taken Azeroth by storm. Now a dark frontier awaits. Beyond the Dark... Jun-16-07 Online
World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the Bracelets World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the Bracelets is a video game based... Sep-25-07 Sport
WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 is a professional wrestling video game developed... Nov-13-07 Sport
You Are Empty You Are Empty is a first-person shooter video game based in a fictionalized... Oct-16-07 Shooter
Yu-Gi-Oh! Online: Duel Evolution Yu-Gi-Oh! Online: Duel Evolution is a major update from "Yu-Gi-Oh! Online",... Jan-01-07 Strategy
Zombie Shooter Where is the line between life and death? <br /> How far can human scienc... Dec-29-07 Shooter
Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals More than 30 Extinct animals are ready to be brought back to life—just for... Oct-17-07 Strategy
Zu Online The Zu Mountain ranges in Sichuan, China are famous for their lofty crags a... Dec-14-07 Online