Title Description Release Genre
007: Quantum of Solace 007: Quantum of Solace is a first-person shooter (third-person shooter for... Oct-31-08 Shooter
1942: Joint Strike 1942: Joint Strike takes inspiration and influence from the 194X series of... Jul-23-08 Shooter
4Story The world composed with three Kingdoms with very different characteristic a... Jan-01-08 Online
7.62 High Calibre 7.62 is a tactical action game, sequel to Brigade E5, similar to such class... Sep-12-08 Strategy
9th Company 9th Company Roots of Terror is an action-oriented real-time strategy game b... Jan-15-08 Strategy
A Vampyre Story Deep within the walls of a gloomy castle in the equally gloomy land of Drax... Nov-21-08 Adventure
Abobos Big Adventure Abobo's son has been kidnapped and now it's up to you to help Abobo fight h... Jan-01-08 Arcade
Aces of the Galaxy Aces of the Galaxy is a downloadable rail shooter, developed by Artech Stud... Jun-04-08 Shooter
Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl is a 2008 computer game which runs on the ZDoom... Aug-22-08 Action
Adventure Quest Worlds Instead of turn-by-turn basis battles (as in previous Artix Entertainment g... Jun-02-08 RPG
Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is a massively-multiplayer online role-pl... May-23-08 Online
Airport Mania: First Flight Airport Mania: First Flight is a game that was created by Reflexive Enterta... Apr-15-08 Adventure
Alarm for Cobra 11-Burning Wheels Burning Wheels (or known as the Crash Time II) is the second sequel of the... Nov-28-08 Sim
Alarm for Cobra 11-Highway Nights Alarm für Cobra 11: Highway Nights (also known as Crash Time III) is a rac... Nov-18-08 Action
Alone in the Dark: Central Dark The gameplay in Alone In The Dark differs greatly from other games in the s... Jun-20-08 Adventure
American McGees Grimm Grimm is sick of happy endings, bloodless romances, blind obedience, insipi... Jul-31-08 Action
Aquadelic GT Take to the water in Aquadelic GT, a funky new boat racing game with an emp... Feb-22-08 Sim
Armored Core: For Answer Armored Core: For Answer is a 2008 3D mecha-based video game for the PlaySt... Sep-16-08 Action
Army of Two Army of Two is a third person shooter video game developed and published by... Mar-04-08 Shooter
Ascension to the Throne Valkyrie As a result of treacherous conspiracy the ruler of Airath Alexander was dep... May-24-08 RPG
Assassins Creed Jerusalem, 1191 AD.<br /> Experience the power of a feared Assassin. Your... Apr-11-08 Sandbox
Astro Avenger 2 Astro Avenger 2 is a stunning comeback of the classic space scroller that l... Mar-26-08 Shooter
Atlantica Online Atlantica Online is a free to play 3D massively multiplayer online role-pla... Oct-30-08 Strategy
AudioSurf Ride your music.<br /> Audiosurf is a music-adapting puzzle racer where yo... Feb-15-08 Arcade
Avernum 5 The latest game in the award-winning Avernum series. Travel into the strang... Feb-18-08 RPG
Baja: Edge of Control Baja: Edge of Control is the ultimate offroad driving<br />simulator. Learn... Sep-26-08 Sim
Ball of Doom all of Doom is a game made by Frostblood Studios (not listed on moddb). It... Nov-22-08 Adventure
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts The game takes place following the conclusion of Banjo-Tooie, in which Grun... Nov-11-08 Adventure
Barbie Fashion Show: An Eye for Style With plenty of creative and customization options, the possibilities are vi... Sep-23-08 Strategy
Battle Fantasia There was once a time when the world was engulfed in darkness. Mankind foug... Sep-16-08 Action
Battle Rage: The Robot Wars Take control of a giant robot and smash your opponents! Battle Rage is a t... May-27-08 Shooter
Battlefield Bad Company Battlefield: Bad Company is a first-person shooter developed by EA DICE, re... Jun-23-08 Shooter
Battlestrike : Force Of Resistance Battlestrike is a long-running videogame franchise of City Interactive, a P... Jul-29-08 Shooter
BC Kings BC Kings features several new elements that you might not have experienced... 2008 Strategy
Beijing 2008 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games Live the Olympic dream, in the only official video game of the Beijing 2008... Jun-27-08 Sport
Bejeweled Twist It’s a brilliant new way to play! Rotate jewels to set up electrifying co... Oct-27-08 Puzzler
Ben There Dan That! ‘Ben There, Dan That!’ is a knockabout point-and-click comedy game, in... Jul-14-08 Adventure
Bigfoot: Collision Course Bigfoot: Collision Course is a driving video game released for Microsoft Wi... Oct-27-08 Sim
Bionic Commando Rearmed Classic side-scrolling gameplay is reporting back for duty with Bionic Comm... Aug-15-08 Arcade
Blitz: The League II Blitz: The League II is an American football video game in Midway's Blitz s... Oct-13-08 Sport
Bolt In the game, the player follows and controls the superdog Bolt and Penny on... Nov-18-08 Adventure
BoneTown BoneTown is an adult adventure video game developed and published by D-Dub... Jan-01-08 RPG
Boogie Superstar Boogie Superstar is a rhythm video game by Electronic Arts. It is the seque... Oct-14-08 Platformer
Boom Blox Boom Blox is a puzzle video game for the Wii console, mobile devices and N-... Jul-17-08 Platformer
Brain Challenge The game is also structured like Big Brain Academy in that puzzles are divi... Mar-12-08 Adventure
Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is the third entry in the Brothers in Arms... Sep-26-08 Shooter
Bully: Scholarship Edition All the mayhem, pranks, nerds, jocks, crushes, clueless professors and desp... Oct-24-08 Sandbox
Buzz! Quiz TV Frustration, concentration, celebration…with a quiz game this good, you can... Jul-04-08 Arcade
Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2009 Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 is a hunting video game published by Activisi... Sep-23-08 Sport
Cake Shop Cake Shop bakes up its own special brand of Time Management fun! Slap toget... Oct-10-08 Arcade
Call of Duty 5: World at War The rules of engagement are changed by redefining WWII gaming and thrusting... Nov-14-08 Shooter
Children of the Nile: Alexandria Children Of The Nile: Alexandria includes a new campaign, new monuments and... Aug-28-08 Sandbox
Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual Meet one of the darkest secrets in history! Unriddle the mystery dating bac... Nov-11-08 Adventure
Chuzzle Deluxe Chuzzle is a tile-matching puzzle video game created by Raptisoft Games, an... Feb-18-08 Strategy
Civilization IV - Colonization Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization is the third offering in the awar... Sep-26-08 Strategy
Clutch A hobo former mechanic known as "Clutch" finds a new home in the camp of th... Aug-29-08 Action
Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island is the sequel to the first-person shoote... Aug-31-08 Shooter
Collapse: Devastated World Dynamic fights with large amount of enemies: Use melee weapons together wi... Sep-25-08 Action
Combat Arms EU The game offers many different modes of play, including One Man Army, Elimi... Oct-26-08 Shooter
Combat Arms USA The game offers many different modes of play, including One Man Army, Elimi... Oct-26-08 Online
Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath In the name of Kane! The Command & Conquer™ series continues to thrive with... Mar-28-08 Strategy
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 EA is traveling seven years back in time to bring back the most-beloved ser... Oct-31-08 Strategy
Condemned 2: Bloodshot Condemned 2: Bloodshot takes place eleven months after the events of the fi... Mar-11-08 Action
Conflict: Denied Ops Conflict: Denied Ops is the fifth game in the Conflict series. Originally,... Feb-13-08 Shooter
Cosmic Sunder: Elements Take charge of a futuristic vessel, smashing your way through the galaxy in... Aug-14-08 Adventure
Counter Strike Online Counter-Strike Online (CSO or CSOL) is a Counter-Strike game targeted towar... Jul-24-08 Shooter
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Oh, yeah! He's back! AND he's ready to rumble! It's a whole new adventure w... Feb-07-08 Action
Crash Commando Crash Commando, is a side-scrolling multiplayer shooter game pitting two co... Dec-18-08 Shooter
Crash: Mind over Mutant Crash: Mind over Mutant is a platform video game published by Sierra Entert... Oct-07-08 Adventure
Crazy Machines 2 Crazy Machines 2 takes you on an incredible world tour and put your skills... Jun-20-08 Arcade
Crowne Plaza Raceway Free expansion pack, featuring stars of touring cars. Together with Crowne... Aug-01-08 Sim
Crusaders: thy Kingdom Come It all happened in the darkest century of the medieval Europe, when a visio... Mar-27-08 Strategy
Crysis Warhead Crysis Warhead updates and refines the gameplay of the original game throug... Sep-19-08 Shooter
CSI: NY As with the previous CSI games, there are five cases to work on. However, t... Jan-16-09 Adventure
Dark Eden DarkEden is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing comput... Jan-03-08 RPG
Dark Horizon Dark Horizon is a space combat adventure game that takes place in an atmosp... Sep-26-08 Sim
Dawn of War: SoulStorm Strategic warfare in the 41st Millennium takes to the skies as each army ga... Mar-07-08 Strategy
DCS world Feel the excitement of flying the Su-25T "Frogfoot" attack jet and the TF-5... Oct-17-08 Sim
Dead Frontier Dead Frontier is a free, browser-based massively multiplayer online game op... Apr-21-08 Online
Dead Space The player takes the role of Isaac Clarke, an engineer who must fight his w... Oct-24-08 Shooter
Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm Experience first hand the extreme world of Deadliest Catch, the Discovery C... Jun-17-08 Sim
Defense Grid: The Awakening A strategy game where players place defense fortifications (towers) to stop... Dec-08-08 Strategy
Dekaron The time of the resurrection of the human race was not a time of ultimate r... May-19-08 Online
Destroy All Humans! In Destroy All Humans!, players assume the role of Cryptosporidium 137 (Cry... Sep-15-08 Shooter
Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon (also known as Destroy All Humans! 3)... Dec-01-08 Shooter
Devil May Cry 4 Devil May Cry 4 is the fourth installment of the Devil May Cry series. In... Jul-11-08 Action
Diamonds in the Rough Features:<br /> A 3rd person, point & click adventure game<br /> A us... Mar-18-08 Adventure
Dimensity DIMENSITY offers a unique 3D fantasy world with its own environments and in... Dec-08-08 RPG
Disaster:Day of Crisis Disaster: Day of Crisis is a video game developed by Monolith Soft and publ... Oct-24-08 Action
Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Disgaea 3 is a tactical RPG; most of the game involves battles on isometric... Aug-26-08 RPG
Don King Presents: Prizefighter Don King Presents Prizefighter is equal parts sports simulation and true bo... Jun-13-08 Sport
Dracula 3: Path of the Dragon September 1920, the Vatican appoints Father Arno Moriani, the "Devil's Advo... Aug-21-08 Adventure
Dracula: Origin Dracula: Origin is a point-and-click adventure game for the PC based on the... Jun-06-08 Adventure
Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit The game is a fighting game that allows the player the opportunity to let t... Jun-10-08 Action
Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze Locked away within the Ancients' Place by Lilith, Fairy Queen of Dreams, Fa... Feb-14-08 Adventure
DROD RPG: Tendrys Tale Tendry's Tale takes the DROD franchise in a new direction by combining the... Sep-12-08 RPG
Dungeon Runners Explore an exciting realm of magic, adventure, and giant icky monsters! Dun... Jul-02-08 Online
Dwarf Fortress The deepest, most intricate simulation of a world that's ever been created.... Aug-30-08 Strategy
Dynasty Warriors 6 Based on the epic novel, Romance of The Three Kingdoms, the genre-defining... Oct-24-08 RPG
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 DYNASTY WARRIORS:GUNDAM® 2 combines the devastating power of the Mobile Sui... Dec-18-08 RPG
Elefunk Fancy a challenge of elephantine proportions? In Elefunk you become head of... Jul-17-08 Arcade
Empire of Sports Empire of Sports combines the depth of role-play and the competitive dynami... Jul-30-08 RPG
eRepublik eRepublik is a global massively multiplayer online game where players can p... Oct-21-08 Sandbox
Eternal Sonata The game is centered on the Polish romantic pianist and composer Frédéric C... Sep-17-08 RPG
Euro Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator is a truck simulation game set in Europe. The player m... Aug-29-08 Sim
Europa Universalis III: In Nomine The expansion starts in October 1399, at the coronation of Henry IV of Engl... May-28-08 Strategy
Europa Universalis: Rome Experience one of the most defining periods in world history in an experien... Apr-18-08 Strategy
Europa Universalis: Rome - Vae Victis The dynamics of the characters that live in the Republic will come to life... Nov-19-08 Strategy
Eve Online: Empyrean Age EVE takes place in a cluster of stars far from mankinds original habitat, p... Jun-10-08 Shooter
Eve Online: Quantum Rise EVE Online surges forward with both breakthrough core performance upgrades... Nov-12-08 Shooter
Exodus from the Earth The Exodus from the Earth is an action-packed shooter. The game utilizes al... Oct-24-08 Shooter
Fable II Fable™ II is the true sequel to the wildly successful original that sold m... Oct-24-08 Sandbox
FaceBreaker FaceBreaker has a "cartoony" artistic style (similar to Punch-Out!! and Rea... Nov-11-08 Sport
Fallout 3 Vault-Tec engineers have worked around the clock on an interactive reproduc... Oct-31-08 RPG
Far Cry 2 Far Cry 2, the next-generation first-person shooter from Ubisoft, will take... Oct-24-08 Shooter
Farm Frenzy 2 There's nothing wrong with indulging in a little "fowl play" when it's Farm... Jul-01-08 Arcade
Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Zero :Mask of the Lunar Eclipse") is a survival horror video game developed... Jul-31-08 Adventure
Fate: Undiscovered Realms Your valor has won freedom for the people of Grove, and the manxome scourge... Jul-17-08 RPG
Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli is a racing game developed by Eutechnyx an... Jan-26-08 Sim
FIFA 09 FIFA 09 was released on 3 October 2008 in Europe and 14 October 2008 in Nor... Oct-03-08 Sport
Fifa Manager 09 The match engine features more sounds, new pitch textures and new player fa... Oct-30-08 Sport
Fifa soccer 09 Step onto the pitch and play professional football your way in FIFA 09. Exp... Oct-03-08 Sport
FIFA Street 3 FIFA Street 3 is a video game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo... Feb-18-08 Sport
Fishdom Build up and develop your Fishdom! Progress through challenging boards and... Jun-18-08 Adventure
FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage is the third game in the FlatOut demolition racin... Aug-01-08 Shooter
Florensia Florensia is a free-to-play role playing game and a fantasy game with islan... Oct-16-08 RPG
Football Manager 2009 This years match engine has seen more testing than ever before having been... Nov-14-08 Sport
Football Superstars Football Superstars is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online football... Dec-31-08 Online
Ford Racing: Off Road Ford Racing: Off Road is the fourth and most recent game in the Ford Racing... Sep-23-08 Sim
Fracture Fracture is a third-person shooter video game developed by Day 1 Studios fo... Oct-07-08 Shooter
Frets on Fire Frets On Fire is the number one computer guitar game. With inverted keyboar... Nov-05-08
Frontlines Fuel of War Frontlines: Fuel of War is set in a dystopian 2024 in the midst of a global... Feb-29-08 Shooter
FSR: French Street Racing Once again you are challenged by the best of the best. This time you need t... Jan-25-08 Sim
Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor (3) The game begins as the Drengin continue tearing each other apart to decide... Apr-30-08 Strategy
Gears of War 2 Gears of War 2 is a third person shooter with an emphasis on the tactical u... Nov-07-08 Shooter
GetAmped GetAmped is a 3D MMO Action Fighting Game which enjoys growing number of re... Nov-02-12 Online
Ghajini The Game Ghajini The Game is the first 3D third person shooter, action game based on... Dec-25-08 Action
Go! Sports Skydiving The game relies heavily on the PlayStation 3's Sixaxis motion controls. The... Feb-07-08 Sport
God of War: Chains of Olympus God of War: Chains of Olympus is a third-person single-player video game vi... Mar-04-08 Action
Golden Axe: Beast Rider Golden Axe: Beast Rider is a third-person action/adventure video game for t... Oct-14-08 RPG
Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Once more you take on the role of the nameless Hero and again you have to r... Nov-21-08 RPG
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (&#12464;&#12521;&#12531;&#12484;&#12540;&#12522;&#... Feb-15-08 Sim
Grand Theft Auto IV What does the American Dream mean today?<br /> For Niko Bellic, fresh off... Dec-05-08 Sandbox
GRID Racedriver GRID is a hybrid between arcade and simulator of mainly tarmac racing that... May-30-08 Sim
GTR Evolution The most beautiful GT’s. Extreme versions of the already spectacular Worl... Sep-01-08 Sim
GUILTY GEAR 2 -OVERTURE- Guilty Gear 2 - Overture is a melee fighting game in 3D instead of its 2D p... Mar-31-16 Action
Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Hero World Tour (initially referred to as Guitar Hero IV or Guitar H... Oct-26-08 Arcade
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is a music video game developed by Neversoft and dis... Jun-26-08 Arcade
Gyrostarr Killer arcade shooter with 50 levels of intense action and 1-4 player mayhe... Jun-23-08 Shooter
Hacker Evolution Untold The world's computer capacity, connectivity and intelligence have breached... Dec-12-08 Sim
Hail to the Chimp Hail to the Chimp is a video game developed by Wideload Games and published... Jun-24-08 Arcade
Harvest: Massive Encounter It's a space gold rush! You have decided to take part in a race for space,... Mar-05-08 Strategy
Haze The game takes place over a three day period as Mantel battles a group of r... May-20-08 Shooter
Heileen Heileen, cute 18 years old english girl. She has a quiet life, without a... Dec-17-08 Adventure
Hellboy: The Science of Evil Hellboy: The Science of Evil is a video game based on the comic book charac... Jun-24-08 Action
Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia Build a city from the ashes of a fallen civilization and rule your people w... Nov-30-08 Strategy
High School Musical 3: Senior Year High School Musical 3: Senior Year is a 2008 Nintendo DS video game based o... Oct-21-08 Sandbox
Hinterland Your goal is to lead a handful of peasants to establish a small haven in th... Sep-26-08 Strategy
Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge The unofficial successor of the cult series Jagged Alliance.You are at the... May-29-09 Strategy
Hunting Unlimited 2009 Hunt your way across North America's most breathtaking environments. It's a... Aug-30-08 Shooter
IJI Iji is a freeware videogame featuring platform and shooting elements, devel... Sep-01-08 Platformer
Ikaruga Shoot! Dodge! and... Get hit!? Ikaruga is a vertical shoot 'em up that f... Feb-18-14 Shooter
Imperium Romanum The city builder strategy game Imperium Romanum is set in the time-honoured... Feb-22-08 Sandbox
Insecticide The game takes place in the crime-ridden city of Troi in a world where inse... Jun-13-08 Adventure
International Cricket Captain 2008 International Cricket Captain 2008 is the most realistic and in-depth crick... Jun-27-08 Sport
Iron Grip: Warlord Grab your weapons and head to the battlefield to stop an army from taking c... Nov-05-08 Shooter
Iron Man Based on the blockbuster movie by Marvel Studios, Iron Man blasts onto all... May-06-08 Shooter
Ironclads: Schleswig War 1864 The Danish government wanted to annex the duchy of Schleswig to the Danish... Oct-30-08 Sim
James Bond: Quantum of Solace The core gameplay in Quantum of Solace will be that of a first-person shoot... Oct-31-08 Action
Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009 Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2009 is a video game developed by 3G St... Oct-21-08 Sport
Journey To The Center of the Earth: Adventure Classics <br />2005: somewhere in the skies above Iceland. Ariane, a young reporter,... Dec-11-08 Adventure
Karoshi Karoshi is a series of puzzle platformer games in which the goal is to die.... Mar-01-08 Arcade
Karoshi 2.0 Karoshi 2.0 adds another 50 levels and an epic boss fight. Again, the goal... Apr-01-08 Arcade
Kings Bounty: The Legend An exciting blend of role-playing adventure and tactical battles reviving g... Sep-26-08 RPG
Knytt Stories In Knytt Stories, each level is its own little adventure. One level is incl... Apr-19-08 Adventure
Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda is a game intended mainly for children based on the movie Kun... Jun-27-08 Adventure
La Tale La Tale is a 2D side-scrolling online game developed by Actoz Soft. Gamers... Sep-18-08 Online
Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead pits four human playable or AI controlled survivors of an apoca... Nov-21-08 Shooter
Legendary Myths. They were just stories; tall tales to explain the unexplainable. But... Nov-21-08 Shooter
Lego: Batman The game stars Batman and his sidekick Robin fighting crime and villainy in... Oct-10-08 Arcade
Lego: Indiana Jones The game follows the storylines from the original Indiana Jones films: Raid... Jun-06-08 Arcade
Line Rider 2: Unbound Line Rider was originally created by Boštjan Cadež, a Slovenian universit... Sep-23-08 Sandbox
Linger in Shadows Linger in Shadows is a Demoscene project by the Polish demogroup Plastic, r... Oct-09-08 Action
Lips Lips is a video game for the Xbox 360. Lips was developed by iNiS and publi... Nov-18-08 Sport
LittleBigPlanet LittleBigPlanet, commonly abbreviated LBP, is a puzzle platformer video gam... Oct-21-08 Sandbox
Lost Empire: Immortals The game is set in the year 4620. There are seven major civilizations in sp... Mar-11-08 Strategy
Lost Odyssey Lost Odyssey is a role-playing video game developed by Mistwalker and feelp... Feb-28-08 RPG
Lost: Via Domus Lost: Via Domus (also known as Lost: The Video Game in Europe) is a video g... Feb-29-08 Action
Lunia: Record of Lunia War Lunia: Record of Lunia War (often referred to simply as Lunia) is a pseudo-... Feb-18-08 RPG
Luxor - Quest For The Afterlife Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife (known as Luxor 4) is the sequel to Luxor, L... Nov-11-08 Strategy
Mabinogi Mabinogi is a revolutionary 3D cartoon-rendered MMORPG, offering gamers a t... May-26-10 Online
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa A video game based on the film and the game of the original film, was made... Nov-04-08 Adventure
Madden NFL 09 Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation and counting, Madden NFL 09 delivers its... Aug-12-08 Sport
Mafia Wars Mafia Wars is a multiplayer Social network game created by Zynga. In Mafia... Apr-04-08 RPG
Major League Baseball 2K8 Major League Baseball 2K8 or in shorter terms, MLB 2K8, is a MLB licensed b... Mar-04-08 Sport
Marine Sharpshooter: Locked And Loaded Marine Sharpshooter: Locked and Loaded is the sequel to Marine Sharpshooter... Jul-28-08 Shooter
Mark of Chaos: Battle March NAMCO BANDAI Games and Deep Silver have announced details regarding the new... May-16-08 Strategy
Mass Effect The galaxy is trapped in an endless cycle of extinction. Every 50,000 years... Jun-06-08 RPG
Mass Effect: Bring Down The Sky A batarian extremist group has hijacked a mobile asteroid station in the As... Jul-29-08 RPG
Mega Man 9 Mega Man 9, is a video game developed by Capcom and Inti Creates. It is the... Sep-25-08 Action
Memento Mori Memento Mori is a classic person point & click adventure set in the popular... Oct-31-08 Adventure
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Countries rich in oil have found new power in a world that relies on oil to... Sep-05-08 Action
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a video game developed by Kojim... Jun-12-08 Shooter
Metal Slug 3 Metal Slug 3 is a run and gun video game for the Neo-Geo console/arcade pl... Jan-02-08 Arcade
Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Gold Edition Microsoft Flight Simulator X is the culmination of nearly 25 years of the l... Sep-19-08 Sim
Microsoft Tinker He's little, he's metal, and he's lost.<br />Being a small robot isn’t alwa... Sep-23-08 Arcade
Midnight Club: Los Angeles Midnight Club: Los Angeles (often shortened to Midnight Club: L.A. or MCLA)... Oct-24-08 Sim
Mightier Mightier is an independent puzzle action game developed by Lucas Pope and K... Dec-13-08 Platformer
Monopoly The game plays by the same rules as the standard board game, and allows for... Oct-24-08 Strategy
Monster Madness: Grave Danger Monster Madness: Grave Danger is a video game for the PlayStation 3. Develo... Sep-05-08 Shooter
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe MK vs. DC features a story mode, playable from two different perspectives.... Nov-21-08 Adventure
Moto GP 08 MotoGP 08 features all the riders, bikes and tracks providing the definitiv... Oct-24-08 Sim
MotorStorm: Pacific Rift The game moves away from the desert environments of the original title and... Nov-07-08 Sim
Mount and Blade War has come down on Calradia and war attracts its own bunch of misfits. Me... Sep-19-08 Sandbox
Multiwinia Challenge your opponent to a game of stick-man slaughter and witness devast... Sep-19-08 Strategy
My Horse & Me Almost every girl at some point in their life, dreams of riding or owning a... Feb-19-08 Sport
My Sims With a little creativity and some help from the locals, you can make your s... Oct-31-08 Sandbox
MySims Kingdom The Wii version of MySims Kingdom takes a departure from The Sims franchise... Oct-28-08 Adventure
N Plus N+ plays with only three buttons and the directional pad, used to control a... Feb-20-08 Arcade
Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy As Nancy travels to the home of her bride-to-be friend, Kyler Malloy, a gho... Oct-16-08 Sandbox
Nancy Drew: The Phantom Of Venice The Phantom of Venice is the 18th installment in the Nancy Drew video game... Jul-11-08 Adventure
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm retains many of the gameplay elements from ear... Nov-04-08 Action
NASCAR 09 NASCAR 09 takes you inside the sport like never before. Put yourself in the... Jun-10-08 Sim
NBA 09 : The Inside NBA '09: The Inside is a basketball simulation game developed by SCE San Di... Oct-07-08 Sport
NBA 2K9 The undisputed NBA franchise is back for its 10th season. Last year, NBA 2K... Oct-21-08 Sport
NBA Ballers: Chosen One NBA Ballers: Chosen One is a video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.... Apr-21-08 Sport
NBA Live 09 NBA Live 09 is the 2008 installment in the NBA Live series, developed and p... Oct-07-08 Sport
NCAA Football 09 Feel the electricity of Big Play Saturday with NCAA Football 09! Powered be... Jul-15-08 Sport
Need for Speed: Undercover The game's story mode sets the player in the story as a police officer goin... Nov-21-08 Sim
Neopets Puzzle Adventure It could best be described as a pseudo-sequel to the game Puzzle Quest: Cha... Apr-22-09 Arcade
Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir A land of adventure and intrigue awaits in Storm of Zehir. Shipwrecked on t... Nov-18-08 Sandbox
New Star Grand Prix New Star GP is a top-down racing game inspired by classic games such as Sup... Nov-30-08 Sport
NFL Head Coach 09 The concept behind the game puts the player in the position of a head coach... Sep-02-08 Sport
NFL Tour NFL Tour is an arcade football video game. It was released on January 8, 20... Jan-08-08 Sport
NHL 09 Similar to "road to the show" in the MLB series and "Superstar" in the Madd... Sep-13-08 Sport
Night Shift Code Take a mysterious and sometimes dangerous journey from an ancient history m... May-21-08 Adventure
Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals As Nikopol you find yourself in a suspenseful adventure to find your father... Sep-20-08 Adventure
Ninja Reflex Ninja Reflex is a video game developed by Sanzaru Games, and co-published b... Mar-04-08 Action
No More Heroes Fight your way to the top in this HD remaster of everyone's favorite assass... Jun-09-21 Action
Novastrike As mankind extended their reach into space they eventually discovered a lar... Jun-05-08 Shooter
Obscure 2 Two years after the events of ObsCure, the survivors have had to move on wi... Sep-07-07 Shooter
On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode 1 Our tale begins in New Arcadia, 1922. An enormous gear-driven roboid and a... May-21-08 RPG
Out of the Park 9 Set your line-ups. Replace that aging veteran with a rookie from your minor... Jun-18-08 Sport
Outcry Assume the role of a middle-aged writer who receives a strange invitation f... Mar-26-09 Adventure
Overclocked: A History of Violence The game begins when five amnesic college-aged teens suddenly appear with g... Apr-21-08 Adventure
Overlord: Raising Hell Overlord: Rising Hell is the official expansion pack to the original Overlo... Feb-18-08 Adventure
Pacific Storm: Allies Man the battle stations! Dazzlingly recreating World War II’s most heate... Jan-08-08 Shooter
Peggle Nights Peggle Nights is a Windows, Mac OS X and Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade downloa... Sep-16-08 Arcade
Penny Arcade - Precipice of Darkness, episode one On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness is an RPG-Adventure game set in the... May-21-08 RPG
Penny Arcade - Precipice of Darkness, episode two The madcap Penny Arcade experience continues. Meet all-new characters from... Oct-29-08 RPG
Penumbra: Black Plague Penumbra: Black Plague is the second installment of the Penumbra series of... Feb-12-08 Shooter
Penumbra: Requiem The game starts as the last one ends, with Philip sending the 'kill them al... Aug-27-08 Shooter
Pirates of the Burning Sea Pirates of the Burning Sea (abbreviated PotBS) is a massively multiplayer o... Jan-22-08 RPG
PixelJunk Eden PixelJunk Eden is a video game developed by Q-Games for the PlayStation 3 a... Feb-02-12 Action
PlayStation Home PlayStation Home (also marketed and referred to as Home) is a virtual 3D so... Dec-11-08 Online
Portal A single player game from Valve. Set in the mysterious Aperture Science Lab... Apr-11-08 Adventure
PowerUp Forever The player controls a ship, with dual analog controls similar to Robotron 2... Dec-10-08 Shooter
Prince of Persia (2008) The gameplay in Prince of Persia will retain a very similar feel to the "Sa... Dec-12-08 Adventure
Prince of Persia Classic Prince of Persia is an action-adventure and platforming video game develope... Dec-02-08 Adventure
Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax is a business simulation computer game for the PC... Aug-29-08 Sandbox
Pro Cycling Manager 2008 Pro Cycling Manager 2008 is a cycling management video game. It was release... Jun-27-08 Sport
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Critically acclaimed, multi-million selling and still the most respected fo... Oct-26-07 Sport
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Gameplay has been improved for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, with key addition... Oct-17-08 Arcade
Pro Yakyuu Spirits 5 Professional Baseball Spirits 5 is a baseball video game published by Konam... Apr-01-08 Sport
Pure Pure is an off-road, quad-bike trick-racing video game Sep-26-08 Sim
Pyroblazer a futuristic combat racing game. Set amidst the awe-inspiring locations of... Nov-13-08 Sim
Quest of Persia: Lotfali Khan Zand The story happens in 17th century when the Agha Mohammad Khan Ghajar contro... May-05-08 Adventure
Rapala Fishing Frenzy 2009 Rapala Fishing Frenzy 2009 is a video game of the fishing sports genre deve... Sep-02-08 Sport
Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty The story of Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty is focused on Ratchet... Aug-21-08 Arcade
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Minigames in Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 are played by entering a mode known as... Sep-16-08 Arcade
Resistance 2 Resistance 2 is a single-player campaign, with the player controlling prota... Nov-28-08 Shooter
RHEM 3: The Secret Library The player again arrives into the city of RHEM, with a note from Zetais who... Feb-28-08 Adventure
Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches Legends, myths, and magic spill into reality as an ancient battle for reve... Oct-05-08 Adventure
Robert Ludlums The Bourne Conspiracy Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy is a third-person shooter stealth vid... Jun-03-08 Shooter
Robombs Robombs is a free multiplayer bombing game in 3D. It takes the basic concep... Dec-16-08 Arcade
Rock Band 2 Rock Band 2 is a music video game developed by Harmonix Music Systems. It i... Sep-14-08 Arcade
Rock Revolution Rock Revolution is a music video game developed by Zoë Mode and HB Studios... Oct-15-08 Arcade
Rock University Presents: The Naked Brothers Band Rock University Presents: The Naked Brothers Band The Video Game is a 2008... Oct-20-08 Strategy
Rocketmen: Axis of Evil Rocketmen: Axis of Evil is a downloadable top-down shooter developed by A.C... Mar-05-08 Shooter
Rohan: Blood Feud In the beginning God created the world in seven days. Edoneh was born from... May-28-08 Online
Romance of the 3 Kingdoms XI Exquisitely detailed 3D world map, beautifully rendered in classical Chines... Sep-05-08 Strategy
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI, also known as Sangokushi 11, is the 11th... Sep-09-08 Strategy
Runes of Avalon 2 Take a fantastic journey through a magical world as you match the runes to... Aug-30-08 Strategy
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky The in-game Zone is a reconstruction of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant a... Sep-05-08 Shooter
S4 League S4 League is a fun fast paced sci-fi MMO shooter. With fast paced gameplay,... Aug-10-08 Shooter
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel In SACRED 2 - FALLEN ANGEL you assume the role of a character and delve int... Nov-07-08 RPG
SAGA SAGA is a persistent world RTS in an epic fantasy setting. Players collect... Mar-04-08 Online
Sam and Max Beyond Time and Space Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space, originally released as Sam & Max: Season T... May-16-08 Adventure
Sam and Max: Season 2 <b>Episode 1:</b> He's the most ancient and powerful opponent they've ever... Apr-11-08 Adventure
Samurai Warriors 2 Samurai Warriors 2, Sengoku Musou 2 in Japan) is a sequel to the original S... Jun-27-08 RPG
Savage 2: A Tortured Soul Savage 2: A Tortured Soul is a fantasy and science-fiction themed video gam... Jan-16-08 Shooter
Savage Moon Savage Moon is a tower defence game in which the player must develop strate... Dec-24-08 Strategy
SBK-08 Superbike World Championship SBK 08 is the official videogame of the Superbike World Championship and it... Jun-26-08 Sim
Secret Service Secret Service Secret Service agent's role is a player whose job is to prot... Mar-13-09 Shooter
Sega Superstars Tennis Sega Superstars Tennis is a tennis video game developed by Sumo Digital and... Mar-17-08 Sport
Shadow Assault: Tenchu Tenchu, the world-famous ninja action game, is now on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Con... Oct-08-08 Action
Shattered Suns One brave captain defies an empire as billions hunger for liberty. As hope... Aug-22-08 Strategy
Shaun White Snowboarding There are six mountains in Shaun White Snowboarding, including Alaska, Park... Dec-31-08 Sport
Sherlock Holmes - Versus Arsene Lupin After coming face-to-face with the mythical Cthulhu in his previous adventu... May-09-08 Adventure
Sid Meiers Civilization Revolution The main game of Civilization Revolution begins in 4000 BC, with a lone set... Jun-13-08 Strategy
Silent Hill: Homecoming Silent Hill Homecoming follows Alex Shepherd, a soldier wounded in combat a... Feb-27-09 Action
Silverfall Silverfall is an immense, intensely paced role-playing/action game within a... Mar-09-08 RPG
Sinking Island Walter Jones, a billionaire, is found dead at the bottom of a huge Art Deco... Aug-12-08 Adventure
Sins of a Solar Empire In the future, the survival of humanity stands on the edge of utter ruin as... Jun-20-08 Strategy
SIREN: Blood Curse A TV crew from America arrive to research and film an exposé on the urban m... Jul-24-08 Action
Skyscraper Wednesday night at Tigra Group: Chemical Researcher Chris Wilson finds hims... Aug-25-08 Action
Sniper: Art of Victory Become a sharpshooter and take part in the turning points of the WW II. Eli... Oct-16-08 Shooter
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Confrontation focuses on online play. The game features several playable sp... Oct-14-08 Shooter
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, later released in Japan as Sonic Riders: Shooti... Jan-08-08 Action
Sonic Unleashed Sonic Unleashed is a video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series developed... Nov-20-08 Action
Soulcalibur IV The world’s premier weapon based fighting game franchise returns to showcas... Jul-29-08 Arcade
Space Chimps Space Chimps is a video game based on the film of the same name. The game w... Jul-15-08 Adventure
Space Shuttle Mission Simulator The Space Shuttle Mission Simulator (tm) is the most exciting space shuttle... Aug-20-10 Sim
Space Siege Space Siege takes place on a massive space colonization ship under attack b... Aug-22-08 Action
Space Trader - Merchant Marine In the far future, humanity is ruled by The Ministry of Accounts, an oppres... Oct-23-08 Strategy
Spectraball Spectraball combines elements of platforming, puzzle solving, addictive gam... Oct-20-08 Puzzler
Spectromancer In Spectromancer, an online fantasy card game, players participate in a mag... Oct-01-08 Strategy
Speed Racer: The Videogame Speed Racer: The Videogame is a racing video game developed by Sidhe Intera... May-09-08 Arcade
Spelunky Spelunky is an action adventure game centered around the exploration of a s... Dec-21-08 Arcade
Spiderman: Web of Shadows Web of Shadows allows free-roaming action, and players will be able to cust... Oct-24-08 Action
Spore Spore is a multi-genre massive single-player online metaverse developed by... Sep-05-08 Strategy
Spore: Creepy and Cute The Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack (Spore: C&C) includes over 100 new creat... Nov-21-08 Strategy
Stand OFood 2 When you're craving gameplay that's hotter than a Texas barbeque, where can... Aug-07-08 Arcade
STCC The Game Presenting the intense and high profile Swedish Touring Car Championship th... Aug-01-08 Sim
Steelfury: Kharkov 1942 Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 is based on real-life events that took place from... Dec-05-08 Sim
Stranded II Stranded II is a survival sandbox game in-which you are placed on an island... Mar-12-08 Sandbox
Strange Attractors 2 Use your ship's gravity drive to navigate and escape from complex labyrinth... Dec-31-08 Arcade
Strong Bads Cool Game: Episode 2 - Strong Badia the Free When Strong Bad fails to obey the King of Town's totally unfair email tax,... Sep-15-08 Adventure
Strong Bads Cool Game: Episode 3 - Baddest of the Bands Rock and roll! Hurting for cash, Strong Bad sets out to dominate the Battle... Oct-20-08 Adventure
Strong Bads Cool Game: Episode 4 - Dangeresque 3 Move over, James Bond! Strong Bad's here to show you how it's done in his h... Nov-17-08 Adventure
Strong Bads Cool Game: Episode 5 - 8 Bit is Enough Trogdor must be stopped! The beefy-armed dragon of legend has broken free f... Dec-15-08 Adventure
Stronghold: Crusader Extreme Stronghold: Crusader Extreme is an updated version of 2001's Stronghold exp... May-27-08 Strategy
SunAge SunAge is real-time strategy video game developed by Austrian company Verte... Jan-31-08 Strategy
Super Mario Forever Galaxy The game is offering many ship models and many types of weapons with 10 upg... Aug-08-08 Shooter
Super Smash bros. Brawl Engage the rage with Super Smash Bros. Brawl! The third instalment of the i... Jun-26-08 Action
Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars is a vehicle sports game re... Oct-09-08 Action
Supreme Ruler 2020 The original Supreme Ruler was a text-based economic strategy game released... Jun-17-08 Sandbox
Tactical-Shift: Arena Overview :<br />Free multi-player turn based strategy game in 2D. It oppose... Aug-10-08 Strategy
Tag: The Power of Paint The creators of Tag describe it as "a first-person puzzle platformer which... Jan-01-08 Shooter
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World is a role-playing video game deve... Nov-11-08 RPG
Tales of Vesperia Vesperia takes place on the planet Terca Lumireis. The people of Terca Lumi... Aug-26-08 RPG
Tales Runner Tales Runner is a Massively multiplayer online game created by the South Ko... Oct-16-08 Online
Tank Universal Tank Universal is a computer game developed by Dialogue Design and publishe... Aug-21-08 Shooter
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian The game features a basic hack & slash style gameplay, with several puzzles... May-15-08 Action
The Club The Club is a radical departure for Bizarre Creations. As a studio traditio... Feb-08-08 Shooter
The Golden Horde The Golden Horde takes you back to a place in time where the heirs of Dschi... Mar-27-08 Strategy
The Graveyard The Graveyard is a very short computer game. You play an old lady who visit... Mar-21-08 Adventure
The Guild 2: Venice The Guild 2 Venice will show the fascinating ambience of Venice. Small Side... Nov-28-08 Sandbox
The History Channel: Civil War - Secret Missions When it comes to making historical events and moments approachable, the His... Apr-11-08 Shooter
The Incredible Hulk One of Marvel®’s most powerful Super Heroes® unleashes epic destruction thi... Jun-27-08 Action
The Last Guy The Last Guy is a PlayStation Network title for the PlayStation 3. It is av... Aug-28-08 Strategy
The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon is the 3rd and final installment in... Oct-21-08 Action
The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Master your destiny by wielding legendary items of your own design. Play t... Nov-14-08 Online
The Lost Crown: A Ghost Hunting Adventure There is an ancient treasure, hidden out there in our haunted landscape...b... Jul-01-08 Adventure
The Political Machine The Political Machine is a PC strategy game in which players run for Presid... Jun-24-08 Strategy
The Sims 2 Double Deluxe For the first time ever, get The Sims™ 2, The Sims™ 2 Nightlife Expansion P... Apr-18-08 Sandbox
The Sims 2: Apartment Life Your Sims are moving into a brand-new apartment, and their lives will never... Aug-26-08 RPG
The Sims 2: Free Time Now your Sims can rediscover the joys of leisure time! Awaken your Sims' tr... Feb-26-08 RPG
The Sims 2: Ikea Home Stuff Give your Sims' home a makeover with new furniture and décor items based on... Jun-23-08 RPG
The Sims 2: Kitchen & Bath Redesign your Sims' essential living areas into the most luxurious of space... Apr-15-08 RPG
The Sims 2: Mansion & Garden Stuff Design impressive estates and meticulous gardens for your Sims with three a... Nov-17-08 RPG
The Sims: Castaway Stories Help your Sims build a life from scratch after washing ashore on a deserted... Jan-29-08 Sandbox
The Spiderwick Chronicles When Jared, Simon, and Mallory Grace move into the Spiderwick estate, they... Mar-14-08 Action
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition The atrocities of war are only bettered by those of its aftermath, when tho... Sep-19-08 RPG
The Wonderful End Of The World A joyous trek around the Earth to gather everything you can before it’s eat... Jan-25-08 Strategy
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Tiger Woods’ coach is now your coach! In Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 09, Hank Han... Aug-26-08 Sport
TNA IMPACT! TNA Impact! is the first video game released by the professional wrestling... Sep-09-08 Sport
Tom Clancy Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 Explore brand-new Vegas hotspots for the first time by day. Whether it’s... Apr-18-08 Shooter
Tom Clancy Splinter Cell: Double Agent The game begins in September 2007, shortly after the events of Tom Clancy's... Oct-02-08 Action
Tomb Raider: Underworld Differences from previous iterations in the series are that Lara's environm... Nov-21-08 Adventure
Too Human Too Human is an action role-playing game developed by Canadian developer Si... Aug-19-08 Action
Top Chef The Game Summary: Take on the role of a contestant in Top Chef the Game as you compe... Nov-12-08 Sim
Top Spin 3 Top Spin 3 is the third title in the Top Spin series of video games. The ga... Jun-23-08 Sport
Touhou Hisouten: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Touhou Hisouten ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. (&#26481;&#26041;&#32203;&#2481... May-25-08 Arcade
TrackMania Nations Forever On 7 October 2007, Nadeo announced that they were working on updated versio... Apr-15-08 Sim
TrackMania United Forever TrackMania is the most entertaining car racing game ever. Millions of playe... Apr-05-08 Sim
Trainz Classics Volume 1 & 2 Trainz Classics is the latest in the long running Trainz game titles and is... Jun-15-08 Sim
Trainz Classics Volume 3 Produced in conjunction with the team who brought us Hawes Junction; Trainz... Jul-23-08 Sim
Trials 2: Second Edition Trials 2: Second Edition is an arcade style racing game developed and produ... Mar-01-08 Arcade
Turning Point: Fall of Liberty The game takes place in an alternate history in which Winston Churchill die... Feb-26-08 Shooter
Turok Turok is the 2008 installment in the first-person shooter Turok video games... Jun-13-08 Shooter
UEFA EURO 2008 UEFA EURO 2008 captures the look and feel of the journey from qualification... Apr-18-08 Sport
Universe at War It begins in 2012 when an alien race (The Hierarchy) lands on Earth to stri... Jan-25-08 Strategy
Universe at War: Earth Assault Universe at War: Earth Assault is a real-time strategy game originally to b... Jan-25-08 Strategy
Valkyria Chronicles Valkyria Chronicles is a tactical role-playing game developed and published... Nov-11-14 Strategy
Viking: Battle for Asgard Viking: Battle for Asgard is an action adventure/hack and slash video game... Oct-17-12 Action
VIP Casino Blackjack V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack is a WiiWare blackjack video game developed by Hig... May-12-08 Strategy
WALL-E WALL-E is the video game adaptation of the movie of the same name. The game... Jun-24-08 Adventure
Warfare Saudi Arabia, one of the world's leading oil suppliers and a key U.S. ally,... Nov-20-08 Shooter
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is a Realm versus Realm (RvR) game compr... Sep-19-08 Online
Warriors Orochi The story is told in four separate but related subplots. Each subplot start... Mar-28-08 RPG
Warriors Orochi 2 Warriors Orochi 2 (&#28961;&#21452;OROCHI&#39764;&#29579;&#20877;&#33256; M... Sep-19-08 Action
Weapon of Choice Weapon of Choice is a high-energy, side-scrolling action game with tons of... Sep-23-15
Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier After the settlement of Hope River is destroyed, fleeing residents deliver... Sep-04-08 Adventure
Winning Post 7 Maximum 2008 Winning Post 7 Maximum 2008 is a multiplatform horse racing simulator publi... Mar-13-08 Sport
Wizard 101 Wizard101 is an online, Wizard school adventure with collectible card magic... Sep-02-08 Online
Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 is a downloadable game developed by Bac... Jun-05-08 Shooter
Wonderland Online Wonderland Online is a story of a group of shipwreck survivors stranded on... Apr-09-08 RPG
World of Goo World of Goo is a physics based puzzle / construction game. The millions of... Oct-13-08 Strategy
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King The Lich King Arthas has set in motion events that could lead to the extinc... Nov-13-08 Online
World War One World War One is a 2008 strategy video game, developed by AGEOD and publish... Nov-14-08 Strategy
Worldshift In the 21st century, a mysterious object lands on Earth ending all known ci... Apr-01-08 Strategy
Wrestling MPire 2008: Career Edition The most finely tuned statistics yet ensure that every percent counts when... Jan-01-08 Sport
WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 is a professional wrestling video game developed... Nov-09-08 Sport
X-Plane 9 X-Plane 9 runs on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux platforms. It ships on six dua... Apr-18-08 Sim
X3: Terran Conflict a brand new, stand-alone game set in the universe of X³. It is the culmina... Oct-17-08 Shooter
Yakuza Kenzan Because it is the third installment in the Yakuza series it was often refer... Mar-06-08 Action
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Beginning of Destiny Continuing its tradition of events, the Duel Academy has decided to hold a... Jan-08-08 Platformer