Title Description Release Genre
12 Minutes 12 Minutes is an interactive thriller about a man trapped in a time loop. P... Aug-19-21 Adventure
1666 Amsterdam 1666 Amsterdam is an action adventure game from Assassin's Creed creator Pa... 2021 Sandbox
30XX Jump, shoot, and slash your way through 30XX, the roguelike action platform... Feb-17-21 Action
83 '83 is a Cold War alternative history multiplayer shooter featuring high 80... 2021 Shooter
8Doors: Arums Afterlife Adventure 8Doors is a story-driven Metroidvania-style action platformer heavily influ... Apr-08-21 Action
A Juggler's Tale Lead Abby the string puppet through a bruised, but beautiful fairy tale wor... Sep-29-21 Action
Abandoned (2021) Abandoned is an cinematic horror survival shooter that emulates realistic s... 2021 Action
Actraiser Renaissance Heaven, earth and mankind - Create and destroy everything according to your... Sep-24-21 Strategy
Adios A pig farmer decides he no longer wants to dispose of bodies for the mob. W... Mar-17-21 Adventure
After The Fall From the creators of Arizona Sunshine comes an epic VR action FPS with inte... 2021 Shooter
Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot: The First Cases Discover an untold crime story from the mysterious youth of the famous dete... Sep-27-21 Adventure
Age of Darkness: Final Stand Age of Darkness: Final Stand is a dark fantasy survival RTS where you must... Sep-15-21 Strategy
Age of Empires IV It's time to battle through history once more in the latest entry of the la... Oct-28-21 Strategy
Airport Contraband Engage in a hands-on approach to airport security. Ever wondered what it wo... 2021 Action
Airstrife: Assault of the Aviators Use different planes with upgradable parts and numerous weapons you can mou... Feb-26-21 RPG
AKIBAS TRIP: Hellbound & Debriefed Supernatural creatures are stalking the pop culture mecca of Akihabara—and... Jul-20-21 RPG
Alan Wake Remastered The upcoming remaster of the original classic from Remedy Entertainment, co... Oct-05-21 Shooter
Alaskan Truck Simulator Alaskan Truck Simulator is a simulation and adventure game centred on the A... 2021 Sim
Alien: Blackout Alien: Blackout is a rumoured new first-person shooter in development based... 2021 Adventure
Aliens: Fireteam Set in the iconic Alien universe, Aliens: Fireteam is a cooperative third-p... Aug-24-21 Shooter
Aliens: Fireteam Elite Set in the iconic Alien universe, Aliens: Fireteam is a cooperative third-p... Aug-24-21 Shooter
Almighty: Kill Your Gods Hunt demons, monsters, and gods solo or online with friends in this action... May-05-21 RPG
Ambrosia The apprentice priestess, Frode, heads to the isolated island of Cerbes, in... Jan-30-21 RPG
Ampersat A shooty, slashy, RPG-y game mixing retro and modern sensibilities. A blend... Apr-01-21 RPG
Ancient Abyss Ancient Abyss is a 2D Zelda-like action game where you will explore mysteri... Jan-15-21 RPG
Anthology of Fear Anthology of Fear is the first-person psychological horror, focusing on the... 2021 Adventure
Aragami 2 Aragami 2 is a third person stealth game where you play as an assassin with... Sep-17-21 Action
Arcadegeddon Rise up and play with up to three friends in this ever-evolving cooperative... Jul-08-21 Shooter
Arid Discover the mysteries of the Atacama, explore the abandoned mining network... Jun-29-21 Action
Arkham Horror: Mothers Embrace Mansions of Madness: Mother's Embrace is based on the punishing Lovecraftia... Mar-23-21 Adventure
Arons Adventure Aron's Adventure is an Action Adventure RPG that takes place in a fantasy w... Apr-07-21 RPG
Ashes of Creation Ashes of Creation is a sandbox MMORPG with an open-world, dynamic city buil... 2021 Online
Assassins Creed: Valhalla - The Siege of Paris Players will journey to Ireland and unravel the mysteries of an ancient and... 2021 Action
Assassins Creed: Valhalla - Wrath of the Druids Players will journey to Ireland and unravel the mysteries of an ancient and... May-13-21 Action
Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All! is a 2d beat-em-up featuring the iconic F... Q3 2021 Action
Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey DX The definitive edition of the Atelier "Mysterious" series at a new price, w... Apr-22-21 RPG
Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings DX The definitive edition of the Atelier "Mysterious" series at a new price, w... Apr-22-21 RPG
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends And the Secret Fairy This story takes place three years after the events of the previous game “A... Jan-26-21 RPG
Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX The definitive edition of the Atelier "Mysterious" series at a new price, w... Apr-22-21 RPG
Atomic Heart Atomic Heart is an adventure first-person shooter, events of which unfolds... 2021 Shooter
AWAY: The Survival Series Play as a tiny sugar glider in your very own nature documentary. Glide amon... Sep-28-21 Action
Babylon's Fall Babylon's Fall is a new action game in development at PlatinumGames. Square... 2021 Action
Back 4 Blood Back 4 Blood is a new co-op zombie shooter from Turtle Rock Studios, the cr... Oct-12-21 Shooter
Bacon May Die Chaotic bacon-flavored beat'em up with plenty of enemies to smash around. Apr-15-21 Action
Balan Wonderworld Welcome to BALAN WONDERWORLD—a wondrous all-action show, the likes of which... Mar-26-21 Action
Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is an oddball of a 3D platforming game with colle... Mar-03-21 Action
Base One Base One is a space base builder game where you take control of a network o... May-11-21 Sim
Batman: Arkham Legacy Batman: Arkham Legacy is the rumoured fifth game in the Batman Arkham serie... 2021 Action
Battle Ball Battle Ball is a goofy online multiplayer game. Play with your team in a 3... Mar-12-21 Sport
Battlefield 2042 Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter that marks the return to the ico... Nov-19-21 Shooter
Beast BEAST is a role-playing game merged with turn-based skirmish strategy set i... 2021-12-31 Strategy
Becastled Becastled is about building and defending your castle from sieges in a fant... Feb-08-21 Strategy
Before Your Eyes Embark on an emotional first-person narrative adventure where you control t... Apr-08-21 Adventure
Beyond Good & Evil 2 Beyond Good & Evil 2 (working title), or BG&E2, is the sequel to the 2003 v... TBA Adventure
Biomutant Biomutant is a new action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic universe. From new... May-25-21 RPG
Black Book “Black Book” is a dark RPG Adventure, based on Slavic myths, in which you p... Q1 2021 Strategy
Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness Black Geyser is an isometric, party-based fantasy RPG inspired by genre cla... Aug-26-21 RPG
Black Legend A dark, immersive Turn Based Strategy RPG. Master tactical combat and the a... Mar-25-21 Strategy
Black Skylands Build your skyship and explore the open world, fight factions of pirates an... Jul-09-21 RPG
Black Steel BlackSteel stealth horror game taking place in a fantasy noir setting inspi... Feb-17-21 Adventure
Blockchain Tycoon Blockchain Tycoon is the cryptocurrency simulation game where you build and... Jan-20-21 Strategy
Blood Bowl 3 Blood Bowl 3 was announced on May 15th, 2019. Developed by Cyanide Studios... Aug 2021 Action
Blood Spear Blood Spear is a unique ranged action-adventure student game in which you p... Aug-13-21 Action
Bloodborne Remastered The rumored remaster of From Software's horror-fantasy RPG, Bloodborne: Fac... 2021 RPG
Bloodline Bloodline is a brutal horror film telling the story of lawyer Jim Card, who... Dec-10-04 Action
BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites Original developer WayForward upgrades its 2011 classic with new voice acti... 2021 Action
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, 1 second per second of advanced funkstyle. Start your... Future Action
Book of Yog Idle RPG The Book of Yog is a 3D idle RPG game presenting with Cel-Shading skills. Y... Jan-22-21 RPG
Boomerang X Harness the power of a mystical boomerang to fling yourself through the air... Jul-08-21
Bowlbo: The Quest For Bing Bing A sinister Witch has kidnapped your beloved Bing Bing. You must travel the... 2021 Action
Bravely Default 2 A new entry in the “Bravely" series! Four new Heroes of Light emerge in a n... Sep-02-21 RPG
Bravery Network Online Make friends, challenge strangers, and fight strategic turn-based battles... Feb-16-21 Strategy
Bright Memory: Infinite Bright Memory: Infinite is an all-new lightning-fast fusion of the FPS and... Nov-12-21 Shooter
Bro Falls: Ultimate Showdown Bro Falls is an asymmetric massively multiplayer party game with chaotic el... Jun-25-21 Action
Broken Thorns: West Gate A symbolic story where you play as a stranger who just came from cursed lan... Jul-20-21 RPG
Buddy Simulator 1984 Thanks to next generation AI technology, BUDDY SIMULATOR 1984 simulates the... Feb-18-21 RPG
Buildings Have Feelings Too! Buildings Have Feelings Too! is an exciting new city management game about... 2021 Strategy
Bulletstorm 2 The original Bulletstorm came out in 2011 and although it wasnt a complete... 2021? Shooter
Bully 2: Kevins Back Jack Rockstar Vancouver have shut down, implying this game will never be develop... 2021 Sandbox
Bum Simulator Bum Simulator is a sandbox game bursting with inappropriate humor and memor... Aug-26-21 Action
Bus Simulator 21 Become a bus driver and manage your own company in a huge open city. 30 off... Sep-07-21 Sim
Call of Duty 2021 As if anyone is surprised, Activision revealed a new Call of Duty game is c... 2021 Shooter
Call of Duty WW2: Vangaurd As if anyone is surprised, Activision revealed a new Call of Duty game is c... Nov-05-21 Shooter
Call of Duty: Vanguard Rise on every front starting November 5: Witness the origins of Special For... Nov-05-21 Shooter
Cannibal 2020 Based on the infamous Italian Horror Film, Cannibal Holocaust: take control... 2021 Adventure
Capcom Arcade Stadium Relive the Capcom classics! Get 1943 -The Battle of Midway- and game logo w... 2021 Action
Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Work your way to a service empire. Get your hands dirty in a highly realist... Aug-11-21 Sim
Car Wash Simulator Achieve your american dream as a small businessman in the car industry. Bui... 2021 Sim
Carrier Command 2 Carrier Command 2 is the real-time strategy game that puts you in command o... Aug-10-21 Action
Cartel Tycoon Cartel Tycoon is a story-driven business sim inspired by the ‘80s narco tra... Mar-18-21 Strategy
Castlevania Advance Collection Count Dracula is once more back from the dead... Join the fight against Evi... Sep-24-21 Action
Century: Age of Ashes Century: Age of Ashes is a free-to-play multiplayer dragon battle game. Mas... Apr-01-21 Online
Chair Simulator Buy chairs. Sit down. Accumulate Sit Points through the all-new Sit Point S... May-14-21 Sim
Chicken Invaders Universe A deliciously addictive core of finger-blistering shooting action, surround... Apr-16-21 Action
ChilloutVR ChilloutVR is a social sandbox game enabling players and content creators t... Feb-08-21 Action
Chivalry 2 Chivalry 2 is a 64-player online first-person combat game set in the mediev... Jun-08-21 Online
Chroma: Bloom And Blight Chroma: Bloom and Blight is a truly free-to-play competitive card game set... Jan-28-21 Strategy
Chronicle of Innsmouth: Mountains of Madness The second chapter in the "Chronicle of Innsmouth" saga. A team of scientis... Feb-16-21 Adventure
City of Titans City of Titans is a spiritual successor to superhero MMORPG City of Heroes... 2021 Online
Citystate 2 Build the cities of a new Nation and bring about your vision of the ideal s... Sep-23-21 Strategy
Classified Stories: The Tome of Myrkah Classified Stories: The Tome of Myrkah is a first-person, micro-adventure g... Apr-08-21 Adventure
Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues Choose a side, master your moves, and embrace your destiny in an epic beat... Jan-05-21 Action
CODE2040 CODE2040 is a teamwork-focused multiplayer online shooting/battle royale ga... Feb-02-21 Action
Commandos Return Just announced, a new Commandos game is being published. We are currently c... TBA Strategy
Conan Chop Chop Conan Chop Chop is a 1-4 player action-adventure game with rogue-like eleme... 2021 Action
Contraband Police: Prologue You are a border police inspector in a communist country of the early 1980s... Feb-16-21 Action
Core Core is a multiverse of free games to play and worlds to explore designed b... Apr-15-21 Shooter
Cozy Grove Welcome to Cozy Grove, a game about camping on a haunted, ever-changing isl... Apr-08-21 Casual
Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time Rewinding time back to the end of Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Crash Bandicoot... Mar-26-21 Arcade
Cris Tales Play the debut demo now! Cris Tales is a gorgeous, indie love letter to cla... Jul-20-21 Action
Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit Legends of the past come back to life in a charming mystery adventure. Pack... 2021 Adventure
Cruelty Squad An immersive power fantasy simulator with tactical stealth elements set in... Jun-16-21 RPG
CryoFall CryoFall is a sci-fi multiplayer colony simulation survival game set on a f... Apr-29-21 RPG
Crysis 2 Remastered From the makers of Far Cry, Hunt: Showdown and CRYENGINE, Crysis offers fir... 2021 Shooter
Crysis Battle Royale A rumored Battle Royale spinoff of the popular Crysis series set on the ori... 2021 Shooter
Cyanide and Happiness - Freakpocalypse From the creators of Cyanide & Happiness and I-Mockery, comes an all new po... Mar-11-21 Adventure
Cyber Emoji Tale 2099 CYBER EMOJI TALE 2099 is a classic RPG with elements of a graphic novel, se... Mar-01-21 RPG
Cyber Shadow he world has been taken over by synthetic lifeforms. A desperate plea for h... Jan-26-21 Action
Cyberpunk Online Cyberpunk Online is the standalone experience of the much anticipated Cyber... 2022 RPG
cyberpunkdreams 2090s America, torn apart by war and corporate greed. A lone traveller stan... May-14-21 RPG
Dagon Face unspeakable horrors. Succumb to madness. Welcome to a free daemonic na... Sep-24-21 Adventure
Dandy Ace Dandy Ace is an over the top action game that follows this fabulous magicia... Mar-25-21 Action
Dangerous Driving 2 Dangerous Driving 2 is a sequel to Dangerous Driving from ex-Burnout develo... 2021 Arcade
Dark Deity Command legendary heroes to reshape a land fractured by broken oaths, reckl... Jun-15-21 Strategy
Darkest Dungeon 2 Darkest Dungeon 2 is the sequel to the beloved roguelike RPG, Darkest Dunge... Oct-26-21 RPG
Darksiders 4 THQ Nordic has confirmed a new Darksiders game will be revealed during E3 2... 2021 Action
Days Gone Set in the beautiful, volcanic scarred high-desert of the Pacific Northwest... May-18-21 Action
DC Outlaws Outlaws is a rumoured live service game from Batman Arkham creators Rockste... 2021 Online
Dead Age 2 The successful indie survival RPG "Dead Age" (84% very positive) is back wi... Mar-12-21 Action
Dead Island 2 When it comes to the apocalypse, it’s all about your attitude. Dead Islan... 2021 Shooter
Dead Static Drive Grand Theft Cthulhu. Dead Static Drive is a horror survival adventure. You'... 2021 Action
Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise The unexpected return of a cult classic, Deadly Premonition ": A Blessing i... Jul-10-20 Adventure
Deadstick - Bush Flight Simulator Become a true stick and rudder pilot and master the backcountry in Deadstic... 2021 Sim
Death Stranding: Director's Cut The rumored Director's Cut of Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding which includes... 2021 Adventure
Deathloop Deathloop is a new first-person action game from Dishonored developer Arkan... Sep-14-21 Action
Deathly Stillness This is a boring third-person zombie game with no plot,Complete the quest... Sep-04-21 Shooter
Deaths Door Reaping souls of the dead and punching a clock might get monotonous but it'... Jul-20-21 RPG
Deepest Sword Venture deep into the Cavern of Longing in this short-yet-challenging physi... Jun-09-21 Adventure
Demeo RPG fans, unite… in virtual reality. A dark force has taken over the underw... May-06-21 Strategy
Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles, the official video... Oct-13-21 Action
Descent (2019) Dec-31-21 Shooter
Destruction AllStars Dominate the glittering global phenomenon of Destruction AllStars – the spe... 2021
Devil Slayer - Raksasi Devil Slayer - Raksasi is a top-down action game with procedurally generate... Apr-22-21 Action
Devilated Devilated is a brutal FPS-RPG experience. Survive and roast enemies on a jo... Jan-30-21 RPG
Devour DEVOUR is a co-op horror survival game for 1-4 players. Stop a possessed cu... Jan-28-21 Action
Diablo 2 Resurrected Diablo II: Resurrected breathes new life into Blizzard Entertainment’s accl... Sep-23-21 RPG
Dice Legacy Dice Legacy is a dice-based survival city builder set on a mysterious ringw... Sep-09-21 Strategy
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is a simulator game where you play as paleontologist... 2021 Action
Disjunction Disjunction is a cyberpunk stealth-action RPG set in the dystopian underwor... Jan-28-21
Divinity: Fallen Heroes Divinity: Fallen Heroes is a standalone turn-based tactical spin-off from D... On Hold Strategy
Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins Uncover the dark secrets of Wester Drumlins and confront a new evil in a th... Mar-19-21 Adventure
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Welcome to the club! Write poems for your crush and experience the terror o... Jun-30-21 Sim
Dolmen Dolmen is a third person action game with RPG elements, where Sci-Fi and Co... 2021 RPG
Dont Cheat On Me Don’t Cheat on me is a multiplayer game where players play as the Husband,... Jan-22-21 Action
DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2 The epic conclusion to the DOOM Slayer’s saga is coming soon. Your war agai... Mar-18-21 Shooter
Doors of Insanity Cards and Chaos await you in Doors of Insanity, a Deck Building RPG Rogueli... Feb-10-21 Strategy
Dorfromantik Dorfromantik is a peaceful building strategy and puzzle game where you crea... Mar-25-21 Strategy
DownWind 2021 Action
Dragon Age 4 BioWare guest writer Alexis Kennedy has confirmed the studio is working on... 2021 RPG
Dragon Call "Dragon Call" is a non P2W card game. In the ancient war, the demigods expe... Jan-18-21 Strategy
Dragon's Dogma 2 Development on Dragon's Dogma 2 was rumoured to commence after Devil May Cr... 2021 RPG
DRAMAtical Murder Aoba's vibrant cyberpunk world is one of contrasts: high-tech virtual reali... Apr-07-21 Adventure
Dread X Collection: The Hunt A horror anthology shooter in the Dread X Collection series. Co-produced by... Apr-13-21 Action
Dream Cycle Trapped in a cursed alternate dimension, arcane apprentice Morgan Carter fa... Sep-07-21 Action
Dream Engines: Nomad Cities Build and defend a flying city to survive in a wacky, nightmare-infested, p... 2021 Sandbox
Drive Buy: Delivery Battle! Drive Buy is a Delivery Battle. Collect Packages. Deliver them fast. Slow d... Mar-12-21 Action
Dropshipping Simulator Dropshipping Simulator, sell to customers by buying products cheaply! Earn... Mar-23-21 Sim
Dual Universe Shape The Universe, Leave Your Mark. Dual Universe is a gigantic multi-p... 2021 Sim
Dungeon No Dungeon A turn-based cult strategy game: Unpredictable expeditions that never end! Feb-05-21 Strategy
Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance Dark Alliance is a co-operative action RPG based on the classic Dungeons &... Jun-22-21 RPG
Dyson Sphere Program Build the most efficient intergalactic factory in space simulation strategy... Jan-21-21 Strategy
Earth Analog In this space flight game you take control of exploration vessel Eurisko XI... Feb-11-21 Action
Eastern Exorcist Eastern Exorcist is a stunning 2D side-scrolling action RPG set in a fantas... Jul-08-21 RPG
Eastward Eastward is a sci-fi RPG adventure inspired by 90s Japanese animation. It's... 2021 RPG
Ecosystem Grow and modify an ecosystem, with simulated evolution by natural selection... Mar-16-21 Strategy
eFootball eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 is the latest football simulation video... Sep-30-21 Sim
ElectriX: Electro Mechanic Simulator ElectriX: Electro Mechanic Simulator - a simulation game of electronic equi... 2021 Sim
Element TD 2 - Multiplayer Tower Defense Element TD 2 sees you combine powerful elements to create unique towers. Pr... Apr-02-21 Strategy
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Disembark, Commander, and leave your mark on the galaxy in Elite Dangerous:... May-17-21 Action
Elteria Adventures Craft! Build! Destroy! Jump on clouds and fight cute monsters in skill-base... Feb-01-21 RPG
Emergency Call 112 - The Fire Fighting Simulation 2 Emergency Call 112 – The Fire Fighting Simulation 2 is the consequent furth... Mar-18-21 Action
Emily is Away 3 Emily <3 is a brand new story set on an old-new social media. Customize you... Apr-16-21 RPG
Encodya Neo Berlin 2062. Tina – a nine-year-old orphan – lives with SAM-53 – her bi... Jan-26-21 Adventure
End State End State is a turn-based tactics game where you manage a mercenary company... 2021 Strategy
Ender Lilies: Quietus Of The Knights ENDER LILIES is a dark fantasy 2D Action RPG about unraveling the mysteries... Jan-21-21 RPG
Enderal: Forgotten Stories (Special Edition) Enderal: Forgotten Stories (Special Edition) is a total conversion mod for... Mar-18-21 RPG
Endless Legend - Monstrous Tales Endless Legend - Monstrous Tales delivers a raft of new quest lines, includ... May-06-21 Sandbox
Endless Space 2 - Dark Matter Endless Space 2 - Dark Matter views the Endless Universe from the underbell... May-06-21 Strategy
Era Of Newborns In Era Of Newborns we will survive with newborns. We will cut trees and exp... Sep-14-21 RPG
Erzurum Erzurum is a winter survival game which you will struggle against freezing... Feb-10-21 Adventure
Essays on Empathy A curated compilation of Deconstructeam's best efforts in seeking new narra... May-18-21 RPG
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Iberia The Iberian Peninsula is full of rich and diverse landscapes, from semi-ari... Apr-08-21 Sim
Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan In the Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan expansion, you get new tools to cen... Apr-27-21 Strategy
Everhood An UNCONVENTIONAL ADVENTURE RPG that takes place in an inexpressible world... Mar-04-21 RPG
EVERSPACE 2 EVERSPACE™ 2 is a fast-paced single-player space shooter with deep explorat... Jan-18-21 Action
Everwild Everwild is a new adventure game from Rare, the developer of Sea of Thieves... 2021 Adventure
Evil Genius 2: World Domination Evil Genius 2: World Domination updates the cult classic management formula... Mar-30-21 Sandbox
Evo\Wave EvoWave is a 3D platformer featuring LAI-6, an A.I. with a goal to restore... Mar-12-21 Action
Explorer of Yggdrasil After rescuing an armless mage during a chance encounter, the explorer Mei... Mar-13-21 RPG
EZ2ON REBOOT : R EZ2ON REBOOT : R – Renowned rhythm game franchise EZ2ON’s latest gem is to... Mar-17-21 Action
F1 2021 Every story has a beginning in F1® 2021, the official videogame of the 2021... Jul-16-21 Sim
Fable 4 Microsoft is rumoured to have greenlit Fable 4. Following the closure of Li... 2021 Online
False Myth The story is set in the city of Lylan on an isolated island. Everything see... Feb-20-21 RPG
Fantasy Mahjong connect Fantasy Mahjong connect is a tile-matching puzzle game. Simply connect pair... Jul-07-21 Puzzler
Far Cry 6 Embrace the gritty experience of an improvised modern-day guerrilla and tak... Oct-07-21 Shooter
Farm Manager 2021 Get ready for a logistic challenge in the new and even better Farm Manager... Apr-29-21 Strategy
Farm Manager 2021: Prologue Get ready for a logistic challenge in the new and even better Farm Manager... Jan-14-21 Strategy
Farm&Fix 2020 Farm&Fix 2020 it's a new farming simulator with three main unique features:... 2021 Sim
Farming Life Are you tired of corporate life? Create your own farm! Plant vegetables and... Oct-18-21 Strategy
Farming Simulator 22 Now with the exciting addition of seasonal cycles! New machine categories a... Nov-22-21 Sim
Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water “FATAL FRAME / PROJECT ZERO: Maiden of Black Water” comes to Steam for the... Oct-28-21 Adventure
Fears to Fathom - Home Alone Fears to Fathom is an episodic psychological horror game where each episode... Jul-02-21 Adventure
Field of Glory II: Medieval Field of Glory II Medieval is a turn-based tactical game set in the High Mi... Feb-04-21 Strategy
FIFA 22 FIFA 21 is the 2020 edition of the most popular football game franchise in... Oct-01-21 Strategy
Fights in Tight Spaces A stylish blend of deck-building, turn-based tactics, and thrilling animate... Feb-24-21 Strategy
Final Fantasy Origin A rumored soulslike spinoff of the Final Fantasy series developed by Team N... 2021 RPG
Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster The six original FINAL FANTASY® titles that inspired a generation of RPG Fa... Dec-16-15 RPG
Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Fantasy VII Remake has been announced by Square Enix at E3 for PS4. D... Dec-16-21 RPG
Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Endwalker brings the tale of Hydaelyn and Zodiark to a conclusion eons in t... Nov-23-21 RPG
Final Fantasy XVI The upcoming sequel to Square Enix's Final Fantasy XVI was revealed during... 2021 RPG
Fire Opal A nice and relaxing puzzle game with over 400 levels of varying difficulty.... Jul-06-21 Puzzler
First Class Trouble First Class Trouble is a party game where players must work together and ag... Apr-08-21 Action
First Feudal Become a real medieval feudal lord: start with a small village and build it... Apr-08-21 Strategy
FIST: Forged In Shadow Torch F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch is a Metroidvania action game featuring ex... Sep-07-21 Action
Fisti-Fluffs It’s gloves off and claws out in this adorable physics-based cat fighter. 2021 Action
Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach is an upcoming game that is curren... Dec-16-21 Action
Fleeting Iris Ayame is a beautiful girl from Japan that is living a carefree life in sear... Apr-24-21 RPG
Food Truck Simulator Buying, renovating and outfitting of food trucks. Create menus, cook the fo... 2021 Sim
Foregone Foregone is a fast and fluid 2D action-platformer packed with legendary loo... Mar-01-21 Action
Forgotten Fields Forgotten Fields is a cozy narrative game about Sid - a struggling writer w... Apr-14-21 Adventure
Forza Horizon 5 Nov-09-21 Racing
Forza Motorsport 8 Turn10 Studios has confirmed a next-gen Forza game is in development, which... 2021 Racing
FrostFall A story-driven, first person perspective, post-apocalyptic survival adventu... 2021 RPG
Furious Seas Furious Seas puts you in command as captain of a deadly pirate ship. Naviga... Jul-19-21 Action
Gal Gun Returns The infamous ecchi rail-shooter is back! Fight back with pheromones as girl... Feb-12-21 Shooter
Garbage: Hobo Prophecy Experience the struggle which a homeless man goes through in a humorous man... Jan-22-21 Strategy
Gas Station Simulator Buy an abandoned gas station and restore it to its full glory. Renovate, up... 2021 Sim
Gas Station Simulator: Prologue - Early Days The "Early Days" prologue to Gas Station Simulator where you buy an abandon... Apr-28-21 Sim
Geneforge 1 - Mutagen Unique, truly open-ended fantasy adventure in a strange, new world. Use bat... Feb-24-21 RPG
Genesis Noir A noir adventure spanning time and space. When a love triangle between cosm... Mar-26-21 Adventure
Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut Uncover the hidden wonders of Tsushima in this open-world action adventure... Aug-20-21 RPG
Ghost Recon Frontline Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline is a free-to-play, tactical-action, mass... 2021 Shooter
Ghosts n Goblins Resurrection Watch as this nostalgic yet completely reimagined storybook world unravels... 2021 Action
Gloomwood Trapped in a dark, Victorian city consumed by an ancient curse, you must pl... 2021 RPG
Gods Will Fall The gods’ torturous rule over humanity has lasted for millennia. Bent on cr... Jan-29-21 Action
Going Medieval Build a multi-story fortress out of clay, wood, and stone. Your villagers w... 2021 Sandbox
Good Night, Knight A dynamic sneak-and-slash RPG that mixes procedural generation with hand-ma... Feb-16-21 RPG
Goodbye Volcano High Goodbye Volcano High is a cinematic narrative adventure about love, change,... 2021 Adventure
Goose Goose Duck Goose, goose, DUCK? You and your crew on the SS Mother Goose must work toge... Apr-29-21 Strategy
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition Three iconic cities, three epic stories. Play the genre-defining classics o... Nov-11-21 Shooter
Greak: Memories of Azur Greak: Memories of Azur is a beautiful single-player adventure with hand-dr... Aug-17-21 RPG
Griftlands Griftlands is a deck-building roguelite where you negotiate, fight, steal o... Jun-01-21 RPG
GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- The cutting-edge 2D/3D hybrid graphics pioneered in the Guilty Gear series... Jun-11-21 Action
Gunslingers and Zombies Face Zombie Apocalypse in Wild West. Manage your crew in a Turn-based strat... Jan-15-21 Strategy
Hadean Tactics Hadean Tactics is a roguelike deckbuilding game fused with autobattler elem... Feb-25-21 Strategy
Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Half-Life 2: Episode Three is the third and final installment in the series... Cancelled? Shooter
Halo Infinite When all hope is lost and humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, the Master... Dec-08-21 Shooter
Halo Infinite Multiplayer The standalone Halo Infinite Multiplayer that is going completely free-to-p... Nov-15-21 Shooter
Heal Hitler POV: You are Hitler’s psychologist in 1925. Diagnose his complexes by using... Jul-22-21 Casual
Healing Spree Healing Spree is a tongue-in-cheek hospital simulator featuring co-op for u... Oct-20-21 Strategy
Hell Architect Hell Architect is a game about building and managing your own hell. You tak... 2021 Strategy
Hell Architect: Prologue Hell Architect is a hell colony sim. Build and manage your hell. Take care... Jun-09-21 Strategy
Hellish Quart A physics based, realistic, 3D sword dueling game set in 17th century. Feb-16-21 Action
Henry Mosse and the Wormhole Conspiracy *POW!* Join Henry and the Mosse family in a wholesome point-and-click adven... Feb-04-21 Adventure
Hero by Chance Hero by Chance is a tactical RPG with exciting battles and hot girls. Upgra... Jan-08-21 RPG
Heroes of the Three Kingdoms 8 The "Three Kingdoms Heroes" series is a classic horizontal combat perspecti... Jan-12-21 Strategy
Hitman 3 Hitman 3 is the dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy a... Jan-20-21 Shooter
Hobo: Tough Life Hobo: Tough Life is an urban survival role-playing game where you play as a... Apr-13-21 RPG
Hokko Life Hop off the train and into your new life in the village of Hokko! Take over... 2021 RPG
Home Behind 2 Home Behind 2 is a Roguelike RPG which takes place in Scaria, a country eng... Jan-22-21 RPG
Honey I Joined a Cult It's time to start working towards that ultimate goal of enlightenment, fai... Sep-14-21 Strategy
Hood: Outlaws and Legends In a violent, medieval world, outplay rival gangs in intense PvPvE multipla... May-10-21 RPG
Horror Royale Horror Royale is a split-screen and online multiplayer psychological horror... Jul-07-21 Action
Hot Brass Think before you shoot — all shots are fatal. As an elite SWAT operator, ma... Feb-26-21 Shooter
Hot Wheels Unleashed Collect the best vehicles in the Hot Wheels™ universe, build spectacular tr... Sep-30-21 Racing
HROT HROT is a single-player retro FPS set in a small socialist country neighbor... Jan-29-21 Shooter
Humankind Humankind is a grand 4X strategy game charting the entire history of humani... Aug-17-21 Strategy
Hundred Days - Winemaking Simulator Winemaking could be your best adventure. Make the best wine interacting wit... May-13-21 Strategy
HuniePop 2: Double Date Take a trip to an exotic island paradise for a steamy new adventure in this... Feb-08-21 Strategy
I Expect You To Die 2 Become an elite super spy ready for espionage, explosives, and gadgets galo... Aug-24-21 Adventure
Icarus ICARUS is a session-based PvE survival game for up to eight co-op players o... Dec-04-21 Action
Idol Manager Idol Manager is a business sim about conquering the entertainment industry... 2021 Strategy
Impostor Factory Impostor Factory, or To The Moon 3, is a time-loop tragicomedy murder myste... 2021 Adventure
In Sound Mind In Sound Mind is an imaginative first-person psychological horror with fren... Sep-28-21 Action
In the Valley of Gods In the Valley of Gods is the latest adventure game from Firewatch developer... On Hold Adventure
Indiana Jones 2021 A new Indiana Jones game with an original story is in development from our... 2021 Action
Industries of Titan Create a sprawling industrial city. Compete with the other Great Houses of... 2021 Strategy
Inscryption Inscryption is an inky black card-based odyssey that blends the deckbuildin... Oct-19-21 Strategy
Inspector Waffles Murder. Nothin’ nice about it. In this old school detective adventure, step... Mar-23-21 Adventure
Instruments of Destruction Instruments of Destruction is a vehicle-building sandbox featuring advanced... 2021 Action
Insurmountable Confront various terrains as a lonely mountaineer and endure the countless... Apr-29-21 Strategy
Into the Pit A fast-paced retro-FPS roguelite! As a member of a family of lore-hunting m... Oct-19-21 Shooter
Iron Conflict Fight for glory in Iron Conflict, an online competitive real-time strategy... Jan-08-21 Strategy
Isonzo Tannenberg is a standalone expansion for World War One multiplayer FPS Verd... Q4 2021 Shooter
It Takes Two Embark on the craziest journey of your life in It Takes Two. Invite a frien... Mar-26-21 Action
JETT: The Far Shore JETT: The Far Shore invites you on an interstellar expedition to carve out... 2021 Adventure
JUMANJI: The Curse Returns A game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind… roll t... 2021 Adventure
Jumpala Jumpala is a fast-paced action puzzler with heavy fighting game vibes. Whil... Jan-19-21 Strategy
Jurassic World Evolution 2 Jurassic World Evolution 2 is the much-anticipated sequel to Frontier’s hig... Nov-09-21 Sandbox
Just Dance 2022 Just Dance® 2022 , The ultimate dance game is back with new universes and 4... Nov-04-21 Casual
Just Die Already Just Die Already is an old people mayhem sandbox game created by the design... May-20-21 Sim
Kaze and the Wild Masks Go on a journey as Kaze in this 90’s classics inspired platformer. When the... Mar-26-21 Action
Kena: Bridge of Spirits Kena, a young Spirit Guide, travels to an abandoned village in search of th... Aug-24-21 Action
Kerbal Space Program 2 Kerbal Space Program 2 is the sequel to the breakout indie hit Kerbal Space... 2021 Sandbox
KeyWe KeyWe is a cute, co-operative postal puzzler starring Jeff and Debra, two s... Aug-31-21 Puzzler
King Arthur: Knights Tale A unique hybrid between turn-based tactical games and traditional, characte... Jan-26-21 RPG
King of Seas King of Seas is an Action Role playing game set in a procedural pirate worl... Feb-18-21 RPG
King's Bounty 2 Legend returns! King’s Bounty II is the long-awaited sequel to the legendar... Aug-24-21 Strategy
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX Experience the music of KINGDOM HEARTS like never before! Melody of Memory... Mar-30-21 RPG
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is an HD remastered collection... Mar-30-21 Action
Kingdom Hearts III Kingdom Hearts III is an upcoming action role-playing game for the Sony Pla... Mar-30-21 RPG
Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind Kingdom Hearts III is an upcoming action role-playing game for the Sony Pla... Mar-30-21 RPG
Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Mar-30-21 RPG
Kitaria Fables Action Adventure fused with RPG and Farming elements. Armed with sword, bow... Sep-02-21 RPG
Knight Squad 2 Knight Squad 2 is a chaotic arcade multiplayer game for up to 8 players. Pi... Apr-14-21 Action
Knights of Honor II: Sovereign Knights of Honor 2: Soverign is the sequel to a fairly niche 2004 real-time... 2021 Strategy
Knockout City Team up and duke it out with rival Crews in Knockout City, where EPIC DODGE... May-21-21 Action
Lab Rags Enjoy failure as it fuels your success in Lab Rags, where you get to use yo... May-16-21 Action
Lake It's 1986 - Meredith Weiss takes a break from her career in the big city to... Sep-01-21 Adventure
Lawn Mowing Simulator Experience the beauty and detail of mowing the Great British countryside in... Aug-10-21 Sim
Layers of Fear 3 Layers of fear 2 is a psychological horror game set aboard a terrifying shi... 2021 Adventure
League of Maidens League of Maidens® is a Single Player FREE TO PLAY online action RPG game f... Feb-25-21 Strategy
Learning Factory A factory automation game about machine learning and cats. Renovate a facto... Feb-18-21 Strategy
Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager Legend of Keepers is the perfect mix between Dungeon Defender and Roguelite... Apr-29-21 Strategy
Legend of Mana The Mana series, known as Seiken Densetsu in Japan, is a long-running actio... Jun-24-21 RPG
LEGO Builders Journey LEGO Builder’s Journey is an atmospheric, geometric puzzle game that asks u... Jun-22-21 Adventure
Lego Minecraft Lego Minecraft is purportedly one of the next franchise tie-ins, created by... TBA Casual
Lemon Cake Restore an abandoned bakery and prepare pastries from farm to table! Grow f... Feb-18-21 Sim
Life is Strange 2021 A new Life is Strange game is set to be revealed at the Square Enix Showcas... 2021 Sim
Life is Strange: True Colors Alex Chen hides her 'curse': the psychic power of Empathy, the ability to a... Sep-10-21 Action
Little Devil Inside Little Devil Inside is a truly engaging 3D action adventure RPG game where... 2021 RPG
Little Nightmares 2 Little Nightmares 2 is an atmospheric adventure platform and the sequel to... Feb-11-21 Adventure
Long Live Caesar 44 BC. Caesar, dictaror of Rome, finds out that the threat of conspiracy co... 2021 Strategy
Loop Hero The Lich has thrown the world into a timeless loop and plunged its inhabita... Mar-04-21 Strategy
Lord of Rigel Lord of Rigel is a turn based 4x (Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate... 2021 Strategy
Lords Of The Fallen 2 In an unforgiving world where no sin is ever forgotten, Harkyn, a convicted... 2021 RPG
Lost in Random Play the odds in Lost in Random, a gothic-fairy-tale-inspired action-advent... Sep-10-21 Action
Lost Judgment December 2021, Tokyo district court. Akihiro Ehara stands accused of gropin... Sep-21-21 Adventure
Lost Ruins Lost Ruins is a 2D side-scrolling survival action game, where you play as a... May-13-21 Action
Lucen Explore unknown lands and fight mythical beasts on a quest to ask the old g... 2021 RPG
Lunch Lady Lunch Lady is a 1-4 player online co-op survival horror game. The school fi... Apr-15-21 Action
Lust from Beyond A Victorian mansion. A cult worshipping an otherworldly erotic deity. Among... Mar-11-21 Action
M.E.A.T. RPG M.E.A.T. is a pixel art RPG game in a horror sci-fi setting, with renowned... Feb-14-21 RPG
Mad Games Tycoon 2 Start your own game development studio in 1976. Build your own offices, pro... Jan-22-21 Strategy
Madden NFL 22 Madden NFL 21 is the latest iteration of EA Sports popular sports game base... Aug-20-21 Sim
Mafia 4 Take-Two Interactive has filed a trademark for a new Mafia logo, prompting... 2021 Shooter
Mambo Wave Mambo Wave — a 2D Platform Shooter which takes place somewhere in Spain in... Jan-09-21 Action
Maquette Maquette is a first-person recursive puzzle game that takes you into a worl... Mar-02-21 Adventure
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Fire up a wild ride across the cosmos with a fresh take on Marvel’s Guardia... Oct-26-21 Action
Marvel: Future Revolution To stop this... we're going to need you. We're going to need every willing... Aug-25-21 RPG
Mass Effect 2 Remastered A remaster of the Mass Effect original trilogy with updated textures, shade... May-14-21 Shooter
Mass Effect 3 Remastered A remaster of the Mass Effect original trilogy with updated textures, shade... May-14-21 Shooter
Mass Effect Remake A remaster of the Mass Effect original trilogy with updated textures, shade... May-14-21 Shooter
Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered A rumored remastering of the trilogy of Bioware's iconic sci-fi RPG epic. I... 2021 Shooter
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition A remaster of the Mass Effect original trilogy with updated textures, shade... May-14-21 Shooter
Mech Mechanic Simulator Become a Mech Mechanic to deconstruct, rebuild, paint and fix gigantic iron... Mar-25-21 Sim
Mecha Knights: Nightmare Mecha action shooter, plunging the player into an apocalyptic war. Engage i... Aug-30-21 Action
Metal Dogs Set in the world after the destruction of humankind, the harsh battle of th... Aug-25-21 RPG
Metal Slug Tactics METAL SLUG is back with a brand new entry in the METAL SLUG universe. Disco... 2021 Strategy
Metal Unit Metal Unit is a sprawling side-scrolling platformer with roguelite features... Jan-28-21 RPG
METALLIC CHILD “Grab, hurl, and eliminate” Rogue-lite Core-Action!! A large-scale rebellio... Sep-15-21 Action
Metro 4 4A Games has confirmed it is working on a fourth game in the Metro first-pe... 2021 Shooter
Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition In Metro Exodus, Artyom and a band of survivors must flee the shattered ru... May-06-21 Shooter
Metro Sim Hustle Take the reins of an underground commuter train as you hustle your way to t... Jul-24-21 RPG
MidKnight Story MidKnight Story is a story driven adventure action-rpg set in a steampunk &... Oct-01-21 RPG
Mighty Goose Mighty Goose is a fast paced run & gun shooter starring a bounty hunter Goo... Jun-05-21 Action
Minecraft 2 Minecraft 2 is the expected sequel to the original Minecraft. Nothing has b... TBA Sandbox
Mini Motorways Mini Motorways is a strategy simulation game about designing the road map f... Jul-20-21 Strategy
Minute of Islands Explore strange and wonderful islands and dark labyrinths below in this nar... Mar-18-21 Adventure
MLB The Show 21 MLB The Show 21 is the 2021 edition of the annual baseball simulation serie... March 2021 Sim
Model Builder Model Builder is a game about building and customizing model vehicles. Asse... 2021 Sim
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 4 Cross is Super Again! The official videogame of the Monster Energy AMA Supe... Mar-11-21 Sim
Monster Hunter Rise Rise to the challenge and join the hunt! MONSTER HUNTER RISE, the newest en... Jan-12-22 Online
Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin A new adventure awaits you in this second installment of the turn-based RPG... Jul-09-21 RPG
Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 More Trucks! New Worlds! Monster Jam Steel Titans 2! Monster Jam Steel Tita... Mar-02-21 Sport
Monstrum 2 Monstrum 2 is a survival horror game for 2-5 players, set inside the proced... Jan-28-21 Action
Moons of Ventocia The lonely gnome-world Ventocia is threatened by the evil Eclipse, an other... 2021 RPG
Moss: Book 2 Quill is back—and she’s being hunted. Those who seek to unmake this world d... 2021 Action
MotoGP 21 Race with official 2021 Championship riders in MotoGP 21. Take your place o... Apr-22-21 Sim
Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 Become a motorbike mechanic and build your empire. Buy, repair, renovate, a... Jun-04-21 Sim
Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021: Prologue Become a motorbike mechanic and build your empire. Buy, repair, renovate, a... Jun-04-21 Sim
Mr. Prepper Mr. Prepper is about to be prepared. You know something is wrong, the risk... Mar-18-21 Action
Muck Muck is a survival-roguelike. Collect resources, find items & build a base... Jun-05-21 Action
Mundaun Mundaun is a lovingly hand-penciled horror tale set in a dark, secluded val... Mar-16-21 Action
Mushrooms: Forest Walker Mushrooms: Forest Walker is a Mushroom Picker Simulator. In the game we wil... 2021 Action
Mutropolis MUTROPOLIS is a lovely sci-fi adventure set on the abandoned Planet Earth.... Feb-18-21 Adventure
Myst (2021) Cyan, the indie studio that created beloved classics Myst and Riven, has re... Aug-26-21 Adventure
MythBusters: The Game - Crazy Experiments Simulator Let yourself feel the scientific madness! Use the simplest items or complex... 2021 Action
Naked and Afraid: The Game Enter the challenge for the true surivivors. Choose a contestant with uniqu... 2021 Action
Naraka: Bladepoint NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is designed to provide a brand new experience of combat... Aug-12-21
NBA 2K22 The sequel to last year's NBA 2K21 Sep-10-21 Sport
Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar is a classic isometric city builder game inviting players to... Feb-17-21 Strategy
NEKOPARA - Catboys Paradise When your grandfather passes away and you inherit his café, it's a tall tas... Jul-15-21 Adventure
NEOVERSE Neoverse is a beautiful, fantastic game consisting of adventures with thril... Feb-19-21 Strategy
Neurodeck : Psychological Deckbuilder Neurodeck is a psychological deckbuilding card game to challenge your fears... Mar-18-21 Strategy
New World Fate has summoned you to the shores of Aeternum, the Eternal Isle. Overcome... Sep-28-21 Sandbox
Ni No Kuni 3 Level-5 has confirmed Ni no Kuni 3 is in development and is due to launch a... 2021 RPG
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Brawl it out with your Nickelodeon favorites in epic platform battles. Oct-05-21 Action
NieR Replicant The upgraded prequel of NieR:Automata. A kind young man sets out with Grimo... Apr-23-21 RPG
NieR: Automata 2 Square Enix has confirmed that development of a Nier sequel is underway. No... 2021 RPG
NIMBY Rails Design and run your own railroads for the real world. Solve global transpor... Jan-26-21 Sandbox
Ninja Gaiden 3 Ninja Gaiden 3 will yet again feature Ryu Hayabusa as the main character. A... Jun-10-21 Action
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Ninja Gaiden Sigma, also known as Ninja Gaiden &#931;, is an action-adventu... Jun-10-21 Action
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 The game features new large-scale bosses, an online co-op mode and Trophy s... Jun-10-21 Action
Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection The long-awaited and highly-anticipated NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection for... Jun-10-21 Action
No More Heroes Fight your way to the top in this HD remaster of everyone's favorite assass... Jun-09-21 Action
No More Heroes 2:Desperate Struggle Continue the fight in the HD remaster of the second entry in everyone's fav... Jun-09-21 Action
No More Heroes 3 After a long, soul-searching journey, top-ranked assassin Travis Touchdown... Aug-27-21
No More Room In Hell 2 In the sequel to the 2011 award-winning Source mod, you and your fellow sur... 2021 Action
Noch Go alone (or with a friend) to find the girl who destroyed the world. An om... Jan-07-21 Action
Norega Norega is a game where you play as Kurt, a Knight in training, and your tas... Jul-06-21 RPG
NoseBound An adventure game like no other. A detective story in the vein of Film Noir... Jan-19-21 Adventure
NUTS A single-player surveillance mystery. Record the squirrels, report your fin... Feb-04-21 Sim
Oceans Heart Ocean’s Heart is an epic top-down action RPG in which you explore a beautif... Jan-21-21 RPG
Oddworld: Soulstorm Oddworld: Soulstorm is a follow-up to Oddworld: New n Tasty remake. Having... Apr-06-21 Adventure
OFF GRID: Stealth Hacking Scan, hack, engineer, win: manipulate the people and the world around you.... 2021 Action
Olija Olija is a game about Faraday's quest, a man shipwrecked then trapped in th... Jan-28-21 Action
Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game The Olympic Games are back, and this time it's your chance for glory! Wheth... Jun-21-21 Sim
OMFG: One Million Fatal Guns OMFG: One Million Fatal Guns kicks back into action in this fast-paced, ove... Jan-05-21 Shooter
Open Country Ok Scout, it's time to show us what you’re made of-break free from your cit... May-18-21 Sim
Operation: Tango It takes two to save the world in this cooperative spy adventure. Pair up w... Jun-01-21 Adventure
OPUS: Echo of Starsong Echo of Starsong is a Narrative puzzle adventure game. Eda, a girl who can... Sep-01-21 Adventure
Orange Cast: Sci-Fi Space Action Game As humanity’s elite space trooper, you take on a heroic, action-packed adve... Jan-21-21 Action
Orcs Must Die 3 Slice, burn, toss, zap, grind and gib massive hordes of repugnant orcs in t... Jul-23-21 Strategy
Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye A strange satellite photo that can’t be explained. A new museum exhibit tha... Sep-28-21 Sandbox
Outriders Square Enix and People Can Fly present OUTRIDERS; a 1-3 player, drop-in-dro... Apr-01-21 Action
Overboard! GET AWAY WITH MURDER. Highly replayable detective game where you're the one... Jun-02-21 Adventure
Overcooked! All You Can Eat Experience all the Onion Kingdom has to offer, infused with 4k goodness run... Mar-23-21 Strategy
Palia Set in a beautiful and inviting fantasy world, Palia is a community simulat... 2021 Sim
Paper Tanks The drawings in the notebook came to life and turned into a battlefield! 2.... Feb-15-21 RPG
PaperCraft (2021) The wilderness is full of paper mysteries and endless origami-like choices... Feb-25-21 Action
Paradise Lost It's winter, 1980. Szymon, a boy raised in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, fi... Mar-24-21 Adventure
Paranoid Paranoid is a horror that tells the story of Patrick who has been living in... 2021 Action
Party Animals Gang Beasts is a silly local multiplayer party game with doughy ragdoll phy... Aug-29-14 Online
Pascals Wager: Definitive Edition Pascal's Wager: Definitive Edition is a challenging action role playing gam... Mar-12-21 RPG
Pathfinder Online A lot of big picture work has already been done on Pathfinder Online, and i... 2021 Online
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is Owlcat's second Pathfinder game follo... Sep-02-21 RPG
Payday 3 Starbreeze has bought the rights to the Payday series and announced Payday... 2021 Shooter
Perfect Gold - Yuri Visual Novel In this short, coming-of-age yuri visual novel, play as Marion LaRue and Au... Apr-19-21 Adventure
Persona 5 Strikers Feb-23-21 RPG
Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Play Phantasy Star Online 2 and experience revolutionary combat in an actio... Jun-09-21 Online
Phoenotopia: Awakening Embark on a grand adventure in Phoenotopia! An action-adventure puzzle plat... Jan-21-21 RPG
Plague Inc The Cure Can you save the world? Take control and stop a deadly global pandemic by a... Jan-28-21 Sandbox
Planetside 3 Daybreak Game Company has confirmed plans for PlanetSide 3. Will feature ga... 2021 Shooter
Plasticalypse - Submarine Adventures A journey of the last ocean cleaner submarine that is tasked to restore the... Mar-04-21 Action
Playground VR Playground VR It is an open-world game where you can experience the beautif... Feb-26-21 Sandbox
Portal Reloaded Portal Reloaded is a free, community made modification for Portal 2. The mo... Apr-19-21 Action
Potentia Third person shooter action adventure game with post-apocalyptic theme. Wit... Feb-11-21 Action
Pretend An online and local party game of teamwork and betrayal for 4-15 players. Jan-06-21 RPG
Priest Simulator Imagine that you have divine powers. What do you do? Help people or take th... 2021 Action
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake Amidst the scorched sands of ancient Persia, there is a legend spun in an a... 2021 Action
Prison Simulator Prison Simulator is an opportunity to play the role of a prison guard! Will... 2021 RPG
Prison Simulator: Prologue Wanna find out what a prison riot looks like? Check a free stand-alone prol... May-20-21 RPG
Project: Mara Project: MARA will be a real-world and grounded representation of mental te... Q4 2021 Action
Psychonauts 2 Combining quirky missions and mysterious conspiracies, Psychonauts 2 is a p... Aug-25-21 Adventure
Pulsar: Lost Colony Team up to operate a starship and explore a randomized galaxy falling into... Jun-22-21 Action
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 Japan’s beloved puzzle game series Puyo Puyo and the world-renowned Tetris®... Mar-23-21 Action
Quake Developed by the award-winning id Software, Quake is the ground-breaking, o... Aug-19-21 Shooter
Quical This game was created by a Japanese student all by himself! It is a casual... Feb-23-21 Action
R-Type Final 2 R-Type has returned! The legendary side-scroller is back and better than ev... Apr-30-21 Action
Ragnarock Lead your viking ship to victory in this VR rhythm game! Pound your drums t... Jul-15-21 Sport
Rain Island: Orange Rain Island: Orange is a one small hold & Gun, boss Rush mini-game of Casua... Jul-07-21 Action
Rain on Your Parade You are a jerk cloud determined to ruin everybody's day. Use several differ... Apr-15-21 Action
Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan is a wholesome, non-violent 2.5D... Oct-05-21 RPG
Rainbow Six: Parasite Rainbow Six Quarantine is a rumoured co-operative spin-off to Rainbow Six S... 2021 Shooter
Rainbow Six: Quarantine Rainbow Six Quarantine is a rumoured co-operative spin-off to Rainbow Six S... 2021 Shooter
Ranch Simulator Builder. Farmer. Hunter. Trader. Ranching certainly isn’t your average job.... Mar-04-21 Sim
Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Go dimension-hopping with Ratchet and Clank as they take on an evil emperor... 2021 Shooter
Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne The popular light novel/anime series, Re:ZERO&nbsp;-Starting Life in Anothe... Jan-28-21 Strategy
Ready or Not Ready or Not is a realistic tactical first-person shooter with a single-pla... Dec-17-21 Shooter
Recompile Take control of a semi-sapient program and escape deletion in this atmosphe... 2021 Action
Red Faction Evolution Red Faction Evolution is a new game in the popular Red Faction action-shoot... 2021 Shooter
Redmatch 2 A free fast-paced online multiplayer FPS where you upgrade your stats with... Jun-25-21 Shooter
Redout: Space Assault Redout: Space Assault is arcade space battle, coupling the trademark Redout... Jan-22-21 Action
Reminiscence You've only precious moments before time collapses onto itself to save your... Jul-12-21
Remnants Tackle starvation, dehydration, thermal condition's, radiation poisoning, t... Feb-27-21 RPG
Reshaping Mars 「Reshaping Mars」is a colony simulation game on Mars, you will start by ga... Aug-26-21 Strategy
Resident Evil 8 Resident Evil 8, also known as Resident Evil Village, is the eight mainline... May-07-21 Shooter
Returnal Returnal combines action with roguelike gameplay into a third-person shoote... Apr-30-21 Shooter
Revolution: The Spark Fight back in Revolution: The Spark, a story-driven, turn-based tactical RP... Feb-23-21 Strategy
Rhythm Doctor Save patients with your rhythm mastery! Rhythm Doctor is a rhythm game wher... Feb-26-21 Action
Riders Republic Jump into the Riders Republic massive multiplayer playground! Grab your ski... Oct-28-21 Online
RiMS Racing The first motorbike simulation that combines a realistic racing challenge w... Aug-19-21 Sim
Rocksmith+ Learn to play acoustic, electric, or bass guitar with Rocksmith™+, the only... 2021 Arcade
Rogue Glitch Enter the world of Rogue Glitch - a colourful action-roguelite with a heavy... Mar-10-21 Action
Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos Rogue Heroes is a 1-4 player classic adventure game with modern rogue-lite... Feb-23-21 RPG
Rogue Lords A dark fantasy roguelike where you play as the Devil. Guide the most famous... Jan-01-70 Strategy
Rogue State Revolution Greetings your Excellency. Time to rebuild, reform and prepare for new chal... Mar-18-21 Strategy
Roguebook Embrace the challenge of a roguelike deckbuilder with unique mechanics from... Jun-17-21 Strategy
Ronin: Two Souls Create your own adventure with Kenji who wants to be a samurai and is train... Feb-18-21 RPG
Rubber Bandits A new day a new heist - put on your disguise, break in, and get ready to fi... 2021 Action
Rubber Bandits: Summer Prologue Rubber Bandits: Summer Prologue is a wacky multiplayer party brawler for up... May-28-21 Action
Rune Factory 5 Rune Factory 5 is an upcoming role-playing simulation video game being deve... May-20-21 RPG
Rustler Become a medieval thug in a crazy open-world action game, full of pop-cultu... Feb-18-21 RPG
Sable Embark on a unique and unforgettable journey and guide Sable through her Gl... Sep-23-21 Adventure
SaGa Frontier Remastered SaGa Frontier Remastered is a remaster of the classic 1998 JRPG featuring i... Apr-15-21 RPG
Saints Row 5 Saints Row 5 has been announced by THQ Nordic 2021 Shooter
Salt and Sacrifice The sequel to the soulslike cult favorite Salt and Sanctuary. Mar-15-16 RPG
Sapper - Defuse The Bomb Simulator Learn the ins and outs of one of the world's most dangerous professions. Se... Mar-11-21 Action
Saviors of Sapphire Wings / Stranger of Sword City Revisited In Saviors of Sapphire Wings, a fallen hero is reincarnated 100 years after... Mar-16-21 RPG
Scarlet Nexus Choose between Yuito and Kasane, elite psionics each armed with a talent in... Jun-24-21 RPG
Scavengers Prepare for the unforgiving frozen wasteland of Scavengers, a free-to-play... May-01-21 Shooter
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition Based on the 2010 “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” movie and the graphic novel... Jan-14-21 Action
SCP Strategy Take control of the SCP Foundation. For the general good, find, contain, an... 2021 Strategy
Scrapnaut Scrapnaut is a top-down, base building survival game with steampunk element... Mar-03-21 Sandbox
Senua's Saga: Hellblade II Senua's Saga: Hellblade II is the next-gen sequel to Hellblade: Senua's Sac... 2021 Action
Sex with the Devil What is forgiveness and what is a lie? Where does desire end and vice begin... Jun-04-21 Action
Shadow Man Remastered An upcoming remaster for the classic N64 game Shadow Man from Acclaim Studi... Apr-15-21 Action
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - Aiko's Choice Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - Aiko's Choice is a standalone expans... Dec-06-16 Strategy
Shelter 3 What happens when a leader falters? The matriarch needs your help to get to... Mar-30-21 Adventure
Sheltered 2 A brutal survival management simulator set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.... Sep-21-21 Strategy
Sherlock Holmes Chapter One In this story-driven detective thriller, a young Sherlock Holmes struggles... Nov-16-21 Action
Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster Reawaken your inner demon in a modernized version of the acclaimed Atlus cl... May-25-21 RPG
Shores Unknown A turn-based tactical RPG rendered in a rich, low-poly aesthetic. Build you... Feb-17-21 RPG
Siege Survival: Gloria Victis A medieval city under siege and a handful of civilians are all that keep th... May-18-21 Strategy
Silent Doom SILENT DOOM is an atmospheric first-person survival horror adventure set in... 2021 Action
Silent Hill 2021 The next title in the Silent Hill series is rumored to be revealed this Sum... 2021 Adventure
Siralim Ultimate Siralim Ultimate is a monster catching, dungeon crawling RPG with a ridicul... Mar-12-21
Skeletal Avenger A skill-based roguelite hack'n'slash rushing head first into battle! But ba... Apr-28-21 RPG
Skellboy Refractured Play as Skippy, the square, flexible skeleton in this cute Action-RPG, to k... Jan-13-21 RPG
Sky Climbers Sky Climbers will challenge your VR parkour abilities, while you play throu... Mar-01-21 Action
Skydome Choose a champion and sharpen your skills to win tower defense battles full... Jul-20-21 Strategy
Slappyball It's hands playing volleyball. Compete online against other humans that are... May-21-21 Sport
Slipways Weave isolated planets into a vast trade empire. Hatch plans. Research game... Jun-03-21 Strategy
SLUDGE LIFE SLUDGE LIFE is a first-person / open-world / vandalism-centric stroll throu... Jun-02-21 Adventure
Smoots Summer Games Smoot Summer Games is a sports arcade game for 1-4 players where you can pl... Jul-23-21 Sport
Smoots Summer Games - First Training Smoot Summer Games - First Training is a sports arcade game for 1-4 players... Jul-23-21 Sport
Sniper Elite VR Grab your rifle, gaze down the scope and take aim in this stealth-action WW... Jul-08-21 Action
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Jun-04-21 Shooter
Snowtopia: Ski Resort Tycoon Build the ideal ski resort. Satisfy skiers need. Improve your facility. Wel... Jan-26-21 Sim
Solar Ash Kingdom Solar Ash Kingdom is the second game from Hyper Light Drifter developer Hea... 2021 Action
Song of Farca Hack into crime scenes, look for evidence, analyze data, interrogate crimin... Jul-22-21 Sim
Soul Dossier (SOUL DOSSIER) is a realistic Chinese style, 1V5 asymmetric competitive ga... Jan-08-21 Action
Source of Madness Source of Madness is a side-scrolling dark action roguelite set in a twiste... Sep-22-21 Action
Soviet Space Engineers Become a pioneer of spaceflight. As an engineer in the Soviet Space Program... Dec-31-21 Sim
Space Mechanic Simulator Space Mechanic is mainly focused around repairing space stations, solars an... 2021 Sim
Spacebase Startopia A surprise sequel to cult management hit Startopia, Spacebase Startopia is... Mar-26-21 Strategy
Speed Limit Speed Limit is a non-stop genre-warping arcade experience that never slows... Feb-17-21 Action
Spellcaster University Develop a prestigious university of mages. Build rooms, train your students... Jun-15-21 Strategy
Splitgate Splitgate is a free-to-play, fast-paced multiplayer shooter that features p... May-24-19 Shooter
Squadron 42 Squadron 42 is a story-driven campaign set in the Star Citizen universe. Em... 2021 Shooter
Star Dynasties Star Dynasties is a role-playing sci-fi strategy game set in a divided gala... Mar-16-21 Strategy
Starcraft Universe StarCraft Universe is a Free to Play MMORPG, based on the StarCraft II engi... Unknown Online
Starmancer Obey protocol or go rogue as you take on the role of a powerful A.I. in Sta... 2021 Strategy
Starship Troopers - Terran Command Starship Troopers - Terran Command is the first new Starship Troopers game... 2021 Strategy
Steel Division 2 - Burning Baltics Steel Division 2: Burning Baltics is the latest History Expansion for Steel... Apr-29-21 Strategy
Stormdivers Stormdrivers will be the first title from Housemarque that isn't a top-down... 2021 Online
STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town Welcome to Olive Town, a peaceful community established by your trailblazin... Sep-15-21 RPG
Storybook Brawl Draft your favorite characters from story and myth in this 8 player card ba... Jun-18-21 Strategy
Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom is a history-driven turn-based strategy s... May-21-21 Strategy
Stronghold: Warlords Stronghold: warlords is the latest game in the long-running Stronghold seri... Mar-09-21 Strategy
Subverse StudioFOW blasts onto Steam with "Subverse" - a sexy new Sci-Fi parody wher... Mar-26-21 RPG
Succubus Become a demonic priestess of lust and use her unique skills to take reveng... Oct-05-21 Action
SuchArt: Creative Space Paint on any surfaces with numerous tools in Creative Space — a free sandbo... Jan-21-21 Adventure
Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Go Bananas with your favorite monkey gang in the ultimate Super Monkey Ball... Oct-05-21 Action
Super Seducer 3: The Final Seduction Super Seducer 3 is the ultimate realistic dating sim where you learn powerf... Feb-15-21 Strategy
Survival: Lost Way Survival: Lost Way - is a sandbox game survival in an open post-apocalyptic... Feb-04-21 Action
Sweet House This is a relaxing and casual little game. You need to help the beautiful g... Jul-21-21 Casual
Sword of the Necromancer Help Tama to save Koko using the powers of the forbidden Sword of the Necro... Jan-28-21 RPG
Swords of Legends Online Swords of Legends Online is an action MMORPG set in a breathtaking fantasy... 2021 RPG
System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition Specialised remake outfit Nightdive Studios has confirmed it's working on a... 2021 Shooter
System Shock Remake System Shock Remastered is a total reworking of Looking Glass' PC classic S... 2021 RPG
Tadpole Tales A tiny 2D Hand-drawn "Clean 'Em Up" game about a tadpole cleaning rivers an... Mar-12-21 Action
Tainted Grail: Conquest A unique, infinitely replayable, story-driven hybrid between a deck-buildin... May-27-21 RPG
Tale of Immortal Tale of Immortal is an open-world sandbox based on Chinese mythology and cu... Jan-27-21 RPG
Tales of Arise 300 years of tyranny. A mysterious mask. Lost pain and memories. Wield the... Sep-10-21 RPG
TaleSpire TaleSpire is a beautiful way to play pen and paper RPGs online. It's a plac... Apr-14-21 RPG
Tasomachi Yukumo is a young girl who travels around in her airship. When visiting a p... 2021 Action
TasteMaker: Restaurant Simulator TasteMaker is a restaurant tycoon/simulator game. It puts you in charge of... Feb-18-21 Strategy
Teamfight Manager Teamfight Manager is a simulation game where you are the coach of an e-spor... Mar-02-21 Sim
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge reunites Leonardo, Michela... 2021 Action
Terra Invicta An alien invasion has fractured humanity into seven ideological factions ea... Late 2021 Strategy
Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown An open world driving and lifestyle experience in a real-world location bui... Nov-09-21 Racing
Tetris Effect: Connected Tetris® Effect: Connected adds an all-new robust multiplayer expansion to t... Aug-18-21 Puzzler
The Anacrusis The Anacrusis is a four-player, cooperative first-person shooter set aboard... 2021 Action
The Architect: Paris The Architect: Paris is a construction game that allows you to shape the ci... Feb-25-21 Sandbox
The Artful Escape A teenage guitar prodigy sets out on a psychedelic journey to inspire his s... Sep-09-21 Action
The Ascent The Ascent is a solo and co-op Action-shooter RPG set in a cyberpunk world.... Jul-29-21 RPG
The Bus The Bus is the next generation of city bus driving simulation set in the ca... Mar-25-21 Sim
The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes At the end of the Iraq War, Special Forces hunting for weapons of mass dest... Oct-22-21 Adventure
The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark Delouse your room with sage and pack up your travel-sized ouija board, it’s... Apr-15-21 Adventure
The Day Before The Day Before is an open-world MMO survival set in a deadly, post-pandemic... 2021 Action
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Winner of more than 200 Game of the Year Awards, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyri... Nov-11-21 RPG
The Fabled Woods Welcome to The Fabled Woods, a dark and mysterious narrative short story. D... Mar-25-21 Adventure
The Fermi Paradox The Fermi Paradox is a choice-driven sci-fi narrative strategy game in whic... 2021 Strategy
The Good Life (2021) Enjoy everyday life while solving a murder mystery in Rainy Woods - known a... Oct-15-21 RPG
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Jul-27-21
The Gunk 2021
The Insight Project The Insight Project, an ambitious combination of technology, game design an... Unknown Adventure
The Invincible The Invincible is a first-person Sci-Fi thriller set in a retro-future time... Q2 2021 Adventure
The Invisible Hand Want to get rich, quick? Welcome to FERIOS, where you’ll be empowered to pu... May-06-21 Strategy
The Jackbox Party Pack 8 Plan your next game night! Jackbox Games is back with 5 hilarious new party... Oct-14-21 Casual
The Last Stand Legacy Collection Survive the zombie apocalypse and make humanity's last stand in this three-... Jul-15-21 Action
The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki III The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki role-playing game series is highly accl... Mar-25-21 RPG
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV The long awaited finale to the epic engulfing a continent comes to a head i... Apr-09-21 RPG
The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante A narrative-driven RPG set in a gritty world where a person's Lot is determ... Mar-04-21 RPG
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is a newly announced adventure game from Daed... 2021 Adventure
The Magnificent Trufflepigs The Magnificent Trufflepigs is a first-person, romantic, metal-detecting ga... Jun-03-21 Adventure
The Medium Discover a dark mystery only a medium can solve. Travel to an abandoned com... Jan-28-21 Adventure
The Miserable Crimson Hooded Girl Once upon a time, there was a miserable girl in a crimson hood. Her mother... Jan-06-21 Adventure
The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos 2021 Q2? RPG
The Outlast Trials Set in the era of the Cold War, human guinea pigs are involuntarily recruit... 2021 Adventure
The Red Solstice 2: Survivors Sequel to the best-seller ​The Red Solstice​. Plan your strategy, then infi... Jun-17-21 Strategy
The Riftbreaker The Riftbreaker™ is a base-building, survival game with Action-RPG elements... 2021 Strategy
The Room 4: Old Sins The disappearance of an ambitious engineer and his high-society wife provok... Feb-11-21 Adventure
The Settlers (2020) 25 years after the debut of The Settlers, the legendary build-up strategy s... 2021 Strategy
The Shore THE SHORE is a first person story driven game with an atmospheric environme... Feb-19-21 Action
The Sims 5 While developer Maxis has yet to confirm work on The Sims 5, its developmen... 2021 Sandbox
The Surge 3 The unannounced sequel to Deck13's sci-fi soulslike franchise The Surge. 2021 RPG
The Talos Principle 2 2021 Adventure
The Tenants Become a landlord and deal with problematic tenants as you build your renta... Mar-25-21 Sim
Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord The Last Warlord is a Turn-based strategy game. The game is based on the fa... Feb-05-21 Strategy
Til Nord Discover a sublime open world on your snowmobile! Drive among the frozen en... Jun-21-21 Sandbox
Timberborn Humans are long gone. Will your lumberpunk beavers do any better? A city-bu... Sep-15-21 Strategy
Tinytopia Construct charming toy towns and cities atop tiny terrain. Combine building... Aug-30-21 Strategy
Titanfall 3 Whether under EA or under Respawn, Titanfall 3 is very likely to be coming... TBA Shooter
Titanic: Honor and Glory April, 1912. Owen Robert Morgan, a young American who studied at Oxford. Wi... 2021 Adventure
Tohu Experience a brand new adventure game set amongst a world of weird and wond... Jan-28-21 Adventure
Tom Clancys Splinter Cell (2017) Ubisoft is rumoured to be working on a new Splinter Cell game for launch in... 2021 Action
Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Re-built for next-gen consoles, featuring an obsessively detailed Lara and... Mar-18-21 Action
Tomb Raider Definitive Survival Trilogy Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy is the complete edition of the awa... Mar-18-21 Action
Tormented Souls Survival Horror inspired by the original Resident Evil and Alone in the Dar... Aug-27-21 Action
Total War: Elysium Unleash your inner General in this brand-new strategy card game from the aw... 2021? Strategy
Total War: Rome Remastered Total War: Rome Remastered is the original, classic real-time strategy rema... Apr-29-21 Strategy
Total War: Three Kingdoms - Fates Divided Determine the fate of China in the new Chapter pack for Total War: Three Ki... Mar-11-21 Strategy
Toy Soldiers: HD Command antique WWI Toy Soldiers in the trench-filled battlefields of Europ... 2021 Strategy
Toy Tinker Simulator Have you ever wanted to be a toy tinker? Here you can take the first step t... May-21-21 Sim
Toys And Physics "Toys and Physics" is a side-view physics puzzle game. The goal is to col... Mar-04-21 Puzzler
Trashed Take over a disfunctional Waste Management Facility on a distant planet. Bu... Feb-15-21 Strategy
Trials of Fire A Tactical, Deck-Building Roguelite. Choose 3 Heroes and adventure into a p... Apr-09-21 Strategy
Tribal Hunter An action platformer with size-changing mechanics. Be quick and nimble or l... Feb-24-21 Action
Tribes of Midgard Heads up, the Giants are coming! Mythical creatures, deadly spirits, and gi... Jul-27-21 RPG
Trigon: Space Story Space roguelike adventure. Take a chance to become a spaceship captain and... Feb-04-21 Strategy
Trucker's Dynasty - Cuba Libre Start your own family and lead them into a secure future in Trucker's Dynas... 2021 Action
Tunic Tunic is an action adventure about a tiny fox in a big world. Explore the w... 2021 Action
Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail is a tactical wargame from the creators of th... Apr-07-21 Strategy
Ultimate ADOM - Caverns of Chaos Experience the sequel of a traditional roguelike dungeon-crawling classic.... Feb-18-21 Strategy
Ultimate Summer A mix of tower defense with classic shooter. Gather resources, place traps,... Jan-15-21 Action
UNBEATABLE [white label] A young girl learns a song. An exclusive side-story set in the world of D-C... May-07-21 Action
Undying Infected by a zombie bite, Anling's days are numbered. She must now fight t... Oct-19-21 Action
Until We Die Until We Die is a side-scrolling strategy game about defending your base wh... Jun-03-21 Strategy
Untrusted Untrusted is an online multiplayer (10 to 16 players) hacking / social dedu... May-09-21 RPG
Urban Explorer Urban Explorer is a first person perspective exploration game with parkour... 2021 Action
Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen The first game in the Utawarerumono trilogy of story-rich tactics RPGs. Int... 2021 Strategy
Valheim A brutal multiplayer exploration and survival game set in a procedurally-ge... Feb-02-21 RPG
Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong In this narrative RPG adapted from the 5th edition of Vampire: The Masquera... 2021 RPG
Vedelem: The Golden Horde Vedelem: The Golden Horde is a medieval Real Time Strategy and Survival gam... Jun-22-21 Strategy
Veneficium Stay quiet. Stay hidden. Watch your steps. If you don't, run. Play as Abiga... Mar-12-21 Action
Viking Vengeance Viking Vengeance is a Rogue-lite Dungeon Crawler ARPG set in a religiously... Apr-08-21 RPG
Voxel Tycoon Voxel Tycoon — a management sim set in the infinite voxel world. Mine resou... Apr-15-21 Strategy
War Mongrels War Mongrels is an isometric real-time tactics game that takes place on the... Oct-19-21 Strategy
Warehouse Tycoon Warehouse Tycoon is a business management game in which you control all par... Feb-26-21 Sim
Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. Experience every... Jul-22-21 Strategy
Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron - Flyboyz Edition Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron - Flyboyz Edition. Blazing, Ork aerial com... Feb-19-21 Online
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground The first strategy videogame adaptation of Age of Sigmar’s dark-fantasy uni... May-27-21 Strategy
Warpips Warpips is the ultimate quick to learn but amazingly deep tug-of-war strate... 2021 Strategy
Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline Watch Dogs Legion is an open-world action-packed sandbox set in a near-futu... 2021 Strategy
Wave Break Grab and grind to your heart’s content in Wave Break! Inspired by classic a... 2021 Action
Weird West Survive and unveil the mysteries of the Weird West through the intertwined... 2021? RPG
Werewolf: The Apocalypse Werewolf: The Apocalypse is an action-RPG set in a fantastical version of o... Feb-04-21 RPG
Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood A unique experience full of savage combat and mystical adventures. You are... Feb-04-21 Action
What The Dub?! What The Dub?! is a multiplayer party game where each player overdubs missi... Apr-08-21 Casual
Wigmund: The Return of the Hidden Knights Find your way through a medieval open-world, adventure RPG, uncovering anci... Feb-25-21 RPG
Wild Terra 2: New Lands Play your role in the life-filled medieval world controlled by players. Liv... Jan-28-21 RPG
Wildermyth Wildermyth follows heroes over their whole careers, from their pitchfork da... Jun-15-21 Strategy
Witchfire Witchfire is a radical departure for The Astronauts, whose debut game was T... 2021 Shooter
Wobbledogs A 3D pet simulation where you raise your own personal hive of mutating dogs... Jan-28-21 Sim
Wolfenstein III Bethesda has confirmed that work on Wolfenstein 3 is underway. It will be r... 2021 Shooter
WolfTeam: Classic Wolfteam is a game where you can enjoy a variety of team formations and bat... Feb-18-21 Shooter
World War Z: Aftermath World War Z: Aftermath is the ultimate co-op zombie shooter and the next ev... Sep-21-21 Shooter
WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship Hailed by reviewers and professional drivers, the standard-setting off-road... Sep-02-21 Sport
WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship WRC is the leading off-road simulation franchise. It returns with even more... Sep-16-21 Sim
Wrestling Empire The lightweight champion of wrestling comes full circle with higher resolut... Jul-02-21 RPG
Wushu Chronicles 2 ARPG "Wulin Chi 2" is a martial arts sandbox ARPG game developed by the ind... 2021 RPG
X4: Cradle of Humanity X4: Cradle of Humanity, the second big expansion for X4: Foundations, bring... Mar-16-21 Action
Yaga Play as Ivan, a one-handed blacksmith with incredibly bad luck, who must ta... Jan-12-21 RPG
Yakuza 3 Remastered Celebrate Kazuma Kiryu's saga with the beautifully remastered Yakuza 3, 4,... Jan-28-21 Action
Yakuza 4 Remastered Celebrate Kazuma Kiryu's saga with the beautifully remastered Yakuza 3, 4,... Jan-28-21 Action
Yakuza 5 Remastered Celebrate Kazuma Kiryu's saga with the beautifully remastered Yakuza 3, 4,... Jan-28-21 Action
Yakuza 6: The Song of Life The final chapter of Kazuma Kiryu, the Dragon of Dojima and main protagonis... Mar-25-21 Sandbox
Yakuza Remastered Collection Celebrate Kazuma Kiryu's saga with the beautifully remastered Yakuza 3, 4,... Jan-28-21 Action
Your Chronicle "Let's begin your own story." This is a text-based idle RPG game. There are... Apr-05-21 RPG
Youtubers Life 2 Become the trendiest youtuber in the world and live your dream. Make friend... 2021 Sim
Ys IX: Monstrum Nox While imprisoned in Balduq, Adol is cursed and becomes a Monstrum. With his... Jul-06-21 RPG
YUME In "YUME", a girl went to the abandoned Dance Hall to record a program in a... Jan-15-21 Strategy
Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol Enjoy 16-bit console gaming with the cult classic Zombies Ate My Neighbors... Jun-29-21 Action