Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Zotac 4GB Edition

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How well can the GeForce GTX 970 Zotac 4GB Edition run games
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Zotac 4GB Edition
10 Aug 2021 - Graphics card reviewed

This GeForce GTX 970 Zotac 4GB Edition graphics card is considered budget with poor modern game performance when playing anything more demanding than indie game requirements.

This card meets game requirements up to DirectX 12.

Here is a performance review on how capable the GeForce GTX 970 Zotac 4GB Edition is at running the more popular games of 2021. Specifically looking at this PC hardware’s ability to get suitable frames per second to play on Ultra game settings and what FPS it might get on 1080p, 1440p and 4K screen res. We look at 1000 of the most demanding games available today and this GPU is better than the recommended graphics requirement of more than 397 games in the list.

Running at 1080p this card is predicted to get a reasonable frame rate from Forza Horizon 5 with 50 FPS on Ultra. Then we take a look at Far Cry 6 which is predicted to return a weak 22 FPS. Another title that we looked at is the popular Resident Evil 8 which we saw getting a playable 29 FPS.

With PC gamers looking for larger screen sizes like 1440p we tested the GeForce GTX 970 Zotac 4GB Edition by researching Forza Horizon 5 leading us to predict a playable performance. Its FPS predictions for the graphics settings are as follows - L: 101FPS, M: 79FPS, H: 53FPS, U: 38FPS. Another popular game we researched with this card was Far Cry 6 and that was weak. This graphics card is predicted to deliver 17 FPS at Ultra 1440p. Another popular title was Resident Evil 8 which gets weak results with a 22FPS on Ultra 1440p. 1440p GeForce GTX 970 Zotac 4GB Edition PC gaming is a perfectly suitable selection of hardware for theis larger screen size. If a game at 1440p struggles a bit or experiences a frame drop then you can tweak settings in game to help get it stable. This might mean lowering it to medium or low in some specific options.

How many years will the GeForce GTX 970 Zotac 4GB Edition graphics card play newly released games and how long until you should consider upgrading the GeForce GTX 970 Zotac 4GB Edition in your PC? 12-18 months of top end gaming is still left in this graphics card

Whats a good PC graphics upgrade for the GeForce GTX 970 Zotac 4GB Edition? Are you looking to upgrade a GeForce GTX 970 Zotac 4GB Edition? Then we would suggest getting a 30 Series GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, as it can run 976 of the top 1000 demanding game requirements today with 67% increased graphics performance. Alternatively a good choice when looking to upgrade the GeForce GTX 970 Zotac 4GB Edition would be the R-500 Series Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB which meets 967 of the 1000 top game’s recommended system requirements and has 59% better performance.
FPS System Benchmark
63 FPS
The GeForce GTX 970 Zotac 4GB Edition was released on 19 Sep 2014
Nvidia PC game performance check GeForce GTX 970 Zotac 4GB Edition
Maxwell GM204-200-A1
Texture Rate
126 GTexel/s
Pixel Rate
68 GPixel/s
Shader Processing Units
(CUDA Cores)
Ray Tracing
Tensor Cores
Release Price
Direct X
DX 12
Open GL
Resolution (WxH)
5120 x 3200
Notebook GPU
Memory Speed
Memory Bus
Memory Type
Memory Bandwidth
L2 Cache
Display Connectors
VGA Connection
DVI Connection
HDMI Connection
DisplayPort Connection
Clock Speeds
Core Speed
1076 MHz
Boost Clock
1216 MHz
Max Power
150 Watts
500 Watt & 30 Amps
Power Connector
2x 6-pin
Recommended Hardware
Best RAM Match
8 GB
Best Resolution
2560 x 1440
GPU Upgrade
GD Official

GeForce GTX 970 Zotac 4GB Edition Game Requirement Analysis

GeForce GTX 970 Zotac 4GB Edition is a special edition of NVIDIA's high-end GeForce GTX 970 4GB created by Zotac. It features a new Cooling Solution and overclocking out of the box. Read below to know more.

Overclock Out of The Box
The Central Unit now runs at 1076MHz, instead of 1051MHz. Boost Clock is now of 1216MHz, instead of 1178MHz. The Operating Memory was left untouched.

Cooling Solution
The reference NVIDIA Single-Fan Cooling System has been replaced by Zotac's Dual Fan Cooling Solution. This means the card runs cooler under load.

Benchmarks indicate a 3% performance over the reference GeForce GTX 970 4GB.

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