AMD Radeon R9 FURY 4GB

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How well can the Radeon R9 FURY 4GB run games
AMD Radeon R9 FURY 4GB
10 Aug 2021 - Graphics card reviewed

Getting one of these Radeon R9 FURY 4GB graphics cards allows the gamer to run indie system requirements and some less demanding AAA titles. In today’s PC hardware terms these are considered middle range for gaming performance.

Capable of running games with up to a DirectX 12 requirement.

How well will the Radeon R9 FURY 4GB run 2023 games? We will take a look at the biggest releases and frames per second analysis on Ultra graphics settings. 592 games can be played by this graphics card of the 1000 most demanding games being played by PC gamers today.

With 1080p being the most common gaming resolution at the moment we explored how well the Radeon R9 FURY 4GB can run Battlefield 2042 at 1080p and saw it return weak frame rates at the following graphics settings - Low: 44 FPS, Medium: 34 FPS, High: 23 FPS and Ultra: 17 FPS. For performance contrast we can see that Dying Light 2 returns a playable 33 FPS at Ultra 1080p.

We move on to 1440p, and tested Battlefield 2042 which delivered weak FPS results. Here are the graphic presets - Low: 33 FPS, Medium: 26 FPS, High: 18 FPS and Ultra: 13 FPS. Next we have Dying Light 2 running on Radeon R9 FURY 4GB which gets L: 65FPS, M: 52FPS, H: 35FPS, U: 25FPS. And for performance contrast the popular Days Gone gets L: 106FPS, M: 83FPS, H: 56FPS, U: 40FPS at 1440p. Getting popular modern games to run at 1440p on the Radeon R9 FURY 4GB is a reasonable choice at this screen size. You can always tweak modern game graphics settings to help you get a better High graphics setting experience at 1440p.

How many years will the Radeon R9 FURY 4GB graphics card play newly released games and how long until you should consider upgrading the Radeon R9 FURY 4GB in your PC? There is still 2 years of top end gaming left in this Radeon R9 FURY 4GB

Whats a good PC graphics upgrade for the Radeon R9 FURY 4GB? There are no graphics cards on the current market that would provide a big enough increase in performance to warrant upgrading the Radeon R9 FURY 4GB.
FPS System Benchmark
74 FPS
The Radeon R9 FURY 4GB was released on 10 Jul 2015
AMD PC game performance check Radeon R9 FURY 4GB
GCN 1.2 Fiji PRO
Texture Rate
224 GTexel/s
Pixel Rate
64 GPixel/s
Shader Processing Units
Ray Tracing
Tensor Cores
Release Price
Direct X
DX 12
Open GL
Resolution (WxH)
4096 x 2160
Notebook GPU
Memory Speed
Memory Bus
Memory Type
Memory Bandwidth
L2 Cache
Display Connectors
VGA Connection
DVI Connection
HDMI Connection
DisplayPort Connection
Clock Speeds
Core Speed
1000 MHz
Max Power
275 Watts
600 Watt & 42 Amps
Power Connector
2x 8-pin
Recommended Hardware
Best RAM Match
16 GB
Best Resolution
2560 x 1600
GPU Upgrade
GD Official

Radeon R9 FURY 4GB Game Requirement Analysis

Radeon R9 FURY 4GB is an Enthusiast Graphics Card based on the Second Revision of the Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecture.

The GCN 1.2 revision of the Graphics Core Next Architecture improves memory bandwidth performance which allows AMD to produce Graphics Cards with smaller data transfer rates without causing too much impact on the overall performance. This is done by using lossless delta color compression.
GCN 1.2 also adds improved Tesselation and video encoding/decoding performance as well as DirectX 12.0 Support.

It equips a GPU Codenamed Fiji PRO which has 56 Compute Units activated and thus offers 3584 Shader Processing Units, 224 TMUs and 64 ROPs. The Central Unit is clocked at 1000MHz.

The GPU accesses a 4GB frame buffer of stacked HBM-1 memory, through a 4096-bit memory interface. The size of the frame buffer is adequate. The Memory Clock Operates at 500MHz.

Power Consumption
With a rated board TDP of 275W, it requires at least a 600W PSU with two available 8-pin connectors.

Radeon R9 FURY 4GB competes with GeForce GTX 980 4GB.
Compared to the latter, while it offers more or less the same performance at 1920x1080, it proves to be over 5% faster at 2560x1600 and more than the 10% faster at 4K. Even so, Radeon R9 FURY 4GB is still best suited for 2560x1600.
GeForce GTX 980 4GB is however much more energy efficient, consuming no more than 165W Under Load, while Radeon R9 FURY 4GB surpasses the 200W tier.
Because Radeon R9 FURY 4GB was released for $549 and GeForce GTX 980 4GB is available for $479, it doesn't shine as much as it could, making it only a better choice for those who game over 1920x1080.

System Suggestions
Radeon R9 FURY 4GB is best suited for resolutions up to and including 2560x1600. We recommend a Very Strong Processor (Intel Core i7 Quad Core/AMD FX Eight Core) and 16GB of RAM for Optimal Performance.

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