AMD Radeon RX 570X 4GB

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How well can the Radeon RX 570X 4GB run games
AMD Radeon RX 570X 4GB
10 Aug 2021 - Graphics card reviewed

This Radeon RX 570X 4GB graphics card is considered budget with poor modern game performance when playing anything more demanding than indie game requirements.

Capable of running games with up to a DirectX 12 requirement.

Here is a quick game performance synopsis for the AAA games played in 2022. In particular we focus on how well the Radeon RX 570X 4GB runs at Ultra graphics settings and what frames per second it is getting at 1080p, 1440p and 4K monitor resolutions. Of the 1000 most demanding recommended specs found in game requirements today, this gpu is more powerful than the graphics requirement of 370 games in todays list.

Now onto the frame rates achieved at 1080p. We are seeing Back 4 Blood getting 39 FPS with the Radeon RX 570X 4GB, FIFA 22 getting 87 FPS and Resident Evil 8 getting 15 frames per second. All run on Ultra at 1920x1080 screen res.

With PC gamers looking for larger screen sizes like 1440p we tested the Radeon RX 570X 4GB by playing Back 4 Blood which yielded a playable performance. Its FPS results for the graphics settings are as follows - L: 78FPS, M: 61FPS, H: 41FPS, U: 29FPS. Another popular game we tested with this card was FIFA 22 and that was good. This graphics card delivered 66 FPS at Ultra 1440p. Another popular title was Resident Evil 8 which gets weak results with a 11FPS on Ultra 1440p. Looking at a few of these 1440p results for the Radeon RX 570X 4GB we get the impression that it is certainly a viable option for these higher gaming resolutions. Remember that if you suffer some 1440p FPS drops the you can usually tweak modern game graphics settings until you get a near High graphics setting experience with this Graphics card.

How many years will the Radeon RX 570X 4GB graphics card play newly released games and how long until you should consider upgrading the Radeon RX 570X 4GB in your PC? 12-18 months of top end gaming is still left in this graphics card

Whats a good PC graphics upgrade for the Radeon RX 570X 4GB? There are no graphics cards on the current market that would provide a big enough increase in performance to warrant upgrading the Radeon RX 570X 4GB.
FPS System Benchmark
64 FPS
The Radeon RX 570X 4GB was released on 18 Apr 2017
AMD PC game performance check Radeon RX 570X 4GB
GCN 1.3 Polaris 20 XL
Texture Rate
159 GTexel/s
Pixel Rate
40 GPixel/s
Shader Processing Units
Ray Tracing
Tensor Cores
Release Price
Direct X
DX 12.0
Open GL
Resolution (WxH)
4096 x 2160
Notebook GPU
Memory Speed
Memory Bus
Memory Type
Memory Bandwidth
L2 Cache
Display Connectors
VGA Connection
DVI Connection
HDMI Connection
DisplayPort Connection
Clock Speeds
Core Speed
1168 MHz
Boost Clock
1244 MHz
Max Power
120 Watts
450 Watt & 30 Amps
Power Connector
Recommended Hardware
Best CPU Match
Best RAM Match
8 GB
Best Resolution
1920 x 1080
GPU Upgrade
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Radeon RX 570X 4GB Game Requirement Analysis

The new AMD Radeon RX 500X series are an OEM version of the current RX 500 series. This RX 570X graphics card is one of the higher performance models from the new AMD Radeon RX 500X Series.

The AMD RX 570X 4GB graphics card released in April 2018 as an AMD performance gaming graphics card. This card competes against Nvidia's GTX 1050 Ti. As a Polaris refresh, the RX 570X runs at a slightly faster clock speed than the RX 470.
The specs of the Radeon RX 500X series graphics cards are identical to the standard Radeon RX 500 series.
It is powered by the 14nm Pollaris 20 GPU, which has 2048 shader processing units, 128 TMUs and 32 ROPs.

The central unit runs at 1168MHz and goes up to 1244MHz, when the boost mode is triggered.

The RX570X comes with a 4GB frame buffer of GDDR5, through a 256-bit memory interface, while the memory clock operates at 1750MHz.

Power Consumption
With a rated board TDP of 120W, it requires at least a 400W PSU with one available 6-pin connector.

The AMD RX 570X has been built as a Mid/High performance graphics card for 2018. It will run most triple AAA titles released during 2018 on medium to high graphics at 1080p screen resolution. Performance is exactly the same as the Radeon RX 570. With adjustments and lowering anti aliasing this RX570 4GB card can confidently maintain 60+ frames per seconds on high graphic settings at 1080p. Moving to 1440p screen resolution and the graphics card may need to be adjusted down to medium in order to maintain 50-60+ fps.

System Suggestions
The RX 570X is best suited for resolutions up to and including 1920x1080. We recommend a mid range Ryzen 5 processor and at least 8GB of system memory for optimal gaming performance from the RX 570X.

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