Corsair VOID Wireless RGB

Release Period - 01 Oct 2015
Corsair VOID Wireless RGB Review
Pros: - long battery life
- comfortable especially when you wear glasses.
- Doesn't feel cheap

Cons: - The mic part may be hard to move to the correct position and you will feel like you will break it but won't

Corsair VOID Wireless RGB Technical Specifications

Headset Details
Speakers 7.1
Volume -
Weight 2g
Xbox No
PS3 Yes
Connection Wired
Mic No Mic
Mic Noise No
Battery No Battery
Headset Features
Extra Vol No
Profiles 1
Compact No
Lighting Yes
Charging No
In Ear No
Cable -
Ear Pads No
Avg. User Score

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16:27 Nov-13-2017

Had it for a good 6 months now and its working very well. My only complaint is the software it uses is extremely simplistic.

Other than that, its a very sturdy build, comfortable with good airflow and sound quality. Would recommend.