Gioteck EX-05

Release Period - Unknown Release Date
Gioteck EX-05 Review
The EX-05 comes with true-to-life sound acoustics that make sure you hear your enemy, before you see them. Providing high quality, true sound & using the latest cutting edge audio technology, the EX-05 comes with a lightweight headband, ergonomic adjusters and circumaural ear cups to provide outstanding comfort.

Gioteck EX-05 Technical Specifications

Headset Details
Speakers -
Volume -
Weight -
Xbox Yes
PS3 Yes
Connection Wired
Mic No Mic
Mic Noise No
Battery No Battery
Headset Features
Extra Vol No
Profiles 0
Compact No
Lighting No
Charging No
In Ear No
Cable -
Ear Pads No
Avg. User Score

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19:06 Dec-19-2014

It's a good headset, but i've encountered many problems, picked it up for £25, very good sound quality, problems set it back a lot.