Razer Kraken

Release Period - Unknown Release Date
Razer Kraken Review

The Razer Kraken Analog Music & Gaming Headphones are made to accompany you wherever life takes you, withstanding the constant abuse of your everyday fun. Their rugged design and light-weight, foldable construction make them the ideal choice regardless of whether you are gaming at home or hitting the streets.

Packed with powerful, high-quality drivers enclosed in extra large circumaural ear cups for maximum comfort, they drown out the outside world while keeping your music pristine and precise.

Razer Kraken Technical Specifications

Headset Details
Speakers 2.1
Volume -
Weight 280g
Xbox No
PS3 No
Connection Wired
Mic No Mic
Mic Noise No
Battery No Battery
Headset Features
Extra Vol No
Profiles 0
Compact No
Lighting No
Charging No
In Ear No
Cable 1.3m
Ear Pads No
Avg. User Score

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