Skullcandy Crusher

Release Period - Unknown Release Date
Skullcandy Crusher Review
Rather than trying to fake a bunch of bass with digital signal processing, the Crushers use an individually powered second driver to trigger a proprietary (and rather hush-hush) vibration system. Even in the sub-optimal audio testing environment that is the parking lot outside of CES, we all walked away pretty impressed.

Skullcandy Crusher Technical Specifications

Headset Details
Speakers -
Volume -
Weight -
Xbox Yes
PS3 Yes
Connection Wired
Mic No Mic
Mic Noise No
Battery 40
Headset Features
Extra Vol No
Profiles 0
Compact No
Lighting No
Charging No
In Ear No
Cable 1.5m
Ear Pads No
Avg. User Score

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20:12 Jan-14-2014

I forgot to add a few things to these that might help out. Weight is 3.5oz and it has a mic integrated into the cable. And they are not wireless, they will not work without the wire. I have tried already to configure it, but without bluetooth it is almost impossible.