Plantronics RIG

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Plantronics RIG Review
By Will Greenwald

Gaming headsets are usually just for gaming, or at least just for using when hooked up to your computer or game system. Normally, you put them on when you sit down at your desk and take them off when you leave, switching to your favorite headphones or earbuds for your smartphone. The new Plantronics RIG is different; it\'s a gaming headset that works well when tethered to a desk, but it\'s also built around keeping your phone connected to it wherever you are. At $129.99 (list), it\'s pricey for a wired gaming headset, but its flexibility and strong audio performance make it an appealing choice for gamers who want both a headset and headphones. Granted, you can find better-sounding and wireless dedicated options like the Editors\' Choice Skullcandy PLYR 1$177.54 at Amazon headset, but the RIG is an excellent compromise.

Plantronics RIG Technical Specifications

Headset Details
Speakers 2.1
Volume -
Weight -
Xbox Yes
PS3 Yes
Connection Wired
Mic No Mic
Mic Noise No
Battery No Battery
Headset Features
Extra Vol No
Profiles 0
Compact No
Lighting No
Charging No
In Ear No
Cable -
Ear Pads No
Avg. User Score

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