Genius Scorpion K9

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Genius Scorpion K9 Review
When I first looking for a led keyboard (more of a gaming keyboard type of thing), I always wanted to try something different. And here it is, the Genius K9 gaming keyboard. I’m always the guy that willing to try a different brand. This keyboard is available in red and blue LED, but I choose the blue version instead.

This is by far the affordable range of gaming keyboards, and may not be the best. But when I tried, the key press was sometimes sloppy, leaving me pressing 2 keys at the same time when is not required. Though, the key press were quite comfortable. I wouldn’t way was clicky or bounce as you found on other types of gaming keyboard, but was still make sounds with that key press.


When first arrived on my door step, it was presented in a simple cardboard box and what you find inside is some booklet, warranty, a Genius branded mouse pad and some extra translucent A, S, D, W, Up, Down, Left and Right keys that you can swap out later.


Since this is a LED type gaming keyboard, you can adjust the brightness of the LED with a knob on the top. What downside is that the knob only goes full brightness or none, maybe this is just happens to my perticular keyboard. Once when the lights are turned, you can see the blue LED lid up from the keyboard, this makes super easy to read.


Just like any other gaming keyboard, this keyboard has changeable keys that allows you to change the main keys that you’ve use in many PC games. This keyboard also have media keys on the top and some other keys makes easy to play music, access your mail, browser, my computer & calculator or search.

The keyboard itself works on any computer including Linux and Mac with a USB connector. If you have a OTG cable for your Android phone, you can plug the keyboard and control your Android phone. . All the functions from media keys are supported on all computers I’ve tested it on including my Android phone which I tested on. Apparently, this keyboard has no software to configure the keyboard itself, it just a basic plug n play keyboard.

For a $60 – $70 (depends where you buy it from), you not gonna expect something extraordinary from the keyboard. If you head to Genius’ website, there are many type of gaming keyboards available and the Scorpion K9 is the same as the regular K9 variant, but multi-colored.

In use, the K9 keyboard are designed to do what other keyboard to do. Certainty could’ve been better. As I mentioned above, Genius is a new brand that I tried for the very first time.

Genius Scorpion K9 Technical Specifications

Keyboard Dimensions
Width -
Height -
Depth -
Weight -
Cable -
Wireless Wired
Battery Type -
Battery Life -
Macro Keys -
Profiles -
USB Hub -
Memory -
Keyboard Features
Audio Out -
Mic In -
AntiGhosting Yes
MultiMedia Keys Yes
Ingame Macro Rec -
Mechanical Keys -
Backlight Yes
Touchpad -
LCD Info Screen -
Solar Panel -
Ergonomic -
Game Mode -
Avg. User Score

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