A4Tech G800V

Release Period - Unknown Release Date
A4Tech G800V Review
A cheap gaming keyboard that has worked great so far for me. There has never been any problems with it. It is big and durable.
The only cons about it is that there isn't any backlighting which is quite irritating when playing in the dark. It also looks quite cheap and plastic.

A4Tech G800V Technical Specifications

Keyboard Dimensions
Width -
Height -
Depth -
Weight -
Cable -
Wireless Wired
Battery Type -
Battery Life -
Macro Keys 15
Profiles -
USB Hub 1
Memory 0.09
Keyboard Features
Audio Out Yes
Mic In Yes
AntiGhosting Yes
MultiMedia Keys Yes
Ingame Macro Rec -
Mechanical Keys -
Backlight -
Touchpad -
LCD Info Screen -
Solar Panel -
Ergonomic -
Game Mode Yes
Avg. User Score

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06:59 Jan-01-2014

Have one and it's perfect!

12:04 May-12-2013

hmm i got this keyboard yet im having trouble using it now cuz when i reformat my PC to new windows 7 ultimate x64 bit, i cant use the MultiMedia Keys anymore and hope that i can have help or fixes to it.. T___T the last time b4 i format its working properly so i dunno what happened.. yet this keyboard rocks on some gamers who doesn't use much multimedia keys for musics and such