SteelSeries 7G

Release Period - Unknown Release Date
SteelSeries 7G Review
Plain gaming keyboard with PS/2 and USB output possibilities, 2 USB ports, audio i/o. It has a 'SteelSeries' function key, that allows the gamer to use some of the standard keys as multimedia keys.<br />
What is a gaming keyboard? Up until the release of the SteelSeries 7G it was clear that in order to be considered a “gaming” keyboard it had to in some way glowed in the dark. Don’t take that the wrong way, we do like things that have lights and can be a bit flashy, but we don’t believe that’s what should define or set apart a keyboard for gaming. As we began to design the 7G, we wanted to offer a keyboard that would do more than emulate the bridge console on the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 and instead, we focused on raw performance and durability

SteelSeries 7G Technical Specifications

Keyboard Dimensions
Width -
Height -
Depth -
Weight -
Cable -
Wireless Wired
Battery Type -
Battery Life -
Macro Keys -
Profiles -
USB Hub 2
Memory -
Keyboard Features
Audio Out Yes
Mic In Yes
AntiGhosting Yes
MultiMedia Keys Yes
Ingame Macro Rec -
Mechanical Keys Yes
Backlight -
Touchpad -
LCD Info Screen -
Solar Panel -
Ergonomic -
Game Mode -
Avg. User Score

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