Logitech G105

Release Period - Unknown Release Date
Logitech G105 Review
Logitech G105 is a basic edition of the Logitech G105: Call Of Duty. The only real difference is the backlight color, which is blue instead of green (as in the Logitech G105: Call Of Duty edition).

Logitech G105 Technical Specifications

Keyboard Dimensions
Width 497mm
Height 224mm
Depth 40mm
Weight 1270g
Cable -
Wireless Wired
Battery Type -
Battery Life -
Macro Keys 18
Profiles -
USB Hub -
Memory -
Keyboard Features
Audio Out -
Mic In -
AntiGhosting -
MultiMedia Keys -
Ingame Macro Rec Yes
Mechanical Keys -
Backlight Yes
Touchpad -
LCD Info Screen -
Solar Panel -
Ergonomic -
Game Mode Yes
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17:00 Mar-31-2016

This keyboard actualy has Anti-Ghosting: "Press up to six keys at once, each registered perfectly. And the anti-ghosting means you never need to see a command you didn’t intend"
Source: http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g105-gaming-keyboard