Roccat Ryos MK Pro

Release Period - 15 Oct 2013
Roccat Ryos MK Pro Review
The Ryos MK Pro offers totally customizable, ROCCATâ„¢-enginereed per-key illumination in two convenient modes: smart and manual. This means you can add awesome special effects to your keystrokes, configure your keyboard to highlight your in-game and application key bindings, your modifier keys, your macro sequences and cool downs, your system controls, and much, much more. The included software development kit ensures that only your imagination is the limit.

Roccat Ryos MK Pro Technical Specifications

Keyboard Dimensions
Width 508mm
Height 234mm
Depth -
Weight 1600g
Cable 1.8m
Wireless Wired
Battery Type -
Battery Life -
Macro Keys 8
Profiles 5
USB Hub 2
Memory 2
Keyboard Features
Audio Out Yes
Mic In Yes
AntiGhosting Yes
MultiMedia Keys -
Ingame Macro Rec -
Mechanical Keys Yes
Backlight Yes
Touchpad -
LCD Info Screen -
Solar Panel -
Ergonomic -
Game Mode -
Avg. User Score

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19:32 Nov-21-2015

You really can't go higher than this MONSTER. Either you buy something cheaper (but probably slightly inferior), or you buy this BEAST and forget about any other keyboards for -5 years straight. This keyboard is GODLIKE. Absolute top tier.

20:32 May-04-2014

I have it and Its real nice not that high of a price and its great for people that want a cool and confortable keyboard but have little money. I recommend!!!

08:50 Aug-08-2014

An awesome Keyboard with Equalizer :)