Best Asus laptops list ordered by value and gaming performance

The laptop range by Asus is currently 1 on our Best Price to Performance rank chart for all laptops. With 1080p resolutions our gaming laptop model range also comes with 240Hz refresh rates measure 15.6 inch corner to corner across their screens.

The laptop graphics card this range has in its lowest priced gaming laptop can run 477 games, out of today’s top 500 highest demanding, recommended game specs right now. The lowest priced laptop (costing 2199) has a GeForce RTX 2070 card in it. Look to the Core i7-9750H 6-Core 2.6GHz laptop for the more powerful processing performance in this range. The range of RAM available in these laptops are 16GB. Now and for the next few years it looks like 16GB’s of system memory will be all game’s will need. So if you are looking at just gaming then it's probably not worth going for any more than the 16GB versions of the laptop range.

Looking at the weaker end of the laptop range, we believe they will run top end releases for 0 Years 0 Months from now. This is derived from our analysis of system requirements of modern AAA games and an assessment of what has been and what is still to come. This data will adjust over time.

The Asus i7-9750H RTX 2070 16GB RAM 1.0TB M.2 gaming laptop is currently offering the best value and most hardware performance for your money in the range in 2023. It has more hardware performance for less money than anything else in its range. As hardware performance is increased, so too does the price tag. And the price normally goes up faster. You can see a model list below to show you how they compare across the range for best value.

P2P score 70
Futureproof 0 Years 0 Months to 0 Years 0 Months
Gaming Laptop? Excellent

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Asus Model Range

High / Ultra: 0 yrs 0 mths Low / Med: 0 yrs 0 mths