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Well, this game is the right way to go if you want to give yourself a heart attack. Pitting players against each other, one player has to find hidden gems while the other has to scare the living bejeebus out of them.
Low vs Ultra Hide and Shriek Screenshot Comparison.
What FPS does a Titan RTX get @ 1080p?

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Hide and Shriek

Titan RTX

Low Vs Ultra Titan RTX Performance Review

Getting the Hide and Shriek running while using a Titan RTX can see it could return a consistently high 200+ frame rate. Which is at High settings on 1080p performance.

And so following those results you could of course play this at 1080p, but this GPU is somewhat wasted at that resolution. We would suggest running Hide and Shriek at 4K Ultra instead, where the Titan RTX would still get 93 FPS at these performance hungry settings and resolution. When considering the GPUs release price, this comes in at $26.87 per Ultra 4K FPS or $16.02 at 1440p Ultra.

This is a powerful graphics card for Hide and Shriek and we can certainly recommend it to deliver 4K screen res at ultra settings. Get a system with at least 4GB of RAM though.

In summary, the Titan RTX is clearly an overpowered bit of hardware for Hide and Shriek, but it certainly gives you the choice of desired in game visuals. With 1080p Ultra coming in at 200+ FPS, then you have 1440p Ultra with 156 frames per second and on up to 4K resolution Ultra will see 93 FPS.

Titan RTX Cost Per FPS @ 1080p for Hide and Shriek

Graphics Card price at launch: